Tuesday, May 19 of 2020


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today I come with the little Child Jesus in My arms to carry you into a new state of consciousness, a state in which you can see the world, not with the limitations of humankind, but rather with the perfection of God, contemplating the true need of these times, contemplating the Laws that are moving, that enter the Earth, Laws that have never before been active on the planet.

Many believe that they have already known Divine Justice, from back when the era of the patriarch's God had spoken to them with Justice.

Throughout the centuries, this Justice gradually developed, deepened, and as the human consciousness transformed, all of Creation transformed.

The Laws and the Rays are no longer the same as those of the beginning times on Earth or the beginning times of this Creation. Each cycle is new, and even if it has similarities to previous times, everything is renewed.

The time of Mercy has come, the New Covenant between God and humankind, sealed by Christ on His Cross, confirmed by Him in His Ascension into the Heavens. And in spite of this Covenant being eternal, to live it you must respond to it.

So that you can be under a law, you must attract that law into your lives. When you do not do so, children, you do not justify the Blood that was shed on the Cross, and even though that Blood may be available, eternally given to all creatures, if your hearts are not open to it, it flows from the Heart of Christ and does not transform your lives.

The cycles will continue to pass by, and the Law of Justice has come, a Justice that is not the same as in the beginning times. It does not come with the wrath of God, because God is simply silent. The Laws work by themselves, because the time has come in which humanity itself, as a potential co-creator with God, may also be the one responsible for its own evolution.

In past eras, God spoke to humankind with Justice and with what you know as wrath, which is actually the profound Ray of Divine Will, which humanity could not understand. This Ray descended on Earth, with all its power, to break the hardest and most archaic structures of humanity. But when human beings began to open to love, the Laws began to work in a different way, and the Creator found room to transform the world in another way, through a greater Love, which transcended all laws, all forms, all life.

That was the Love of God in His Son.

That Love is still echoing in the four corners of this world and in all life. Many times it is poured out upon the Earth without you being aware of it.

God constantly provides opportunities for each being. He gives them His best, that which is most perfect in the universe, the best opportunities for the evolution of those who least deserve it, because His Love does not act according to the justice of humankind, but rather to the Mercy that is born of His Heart.

Today I come with the Child Jesus in My arms so that you may understand this new cycle in light of His Presence.

His Mercy continues to resonate; His Blood continues to be poured out over the world; God continues to give opportunities to humanity, but each being in these times must choose the path that they will follow.

Thus, children, this is a new era of Justice. Mercy will not cease to exist, but the Creator will no longer intercede for His children as before. He will remain silent, a silence that will speak deeply to all of Creation, because the silence of God means a profound prayer, unknown to all beings, including those who, in the dimensions of the angels and archangels, are constantly at the Feet of the Creator.

In the silence of God, His Love for creatures expands, and those who open to hear Him, to let His silence resonate within them, who open to that infinite Love, enter the dimensions of that Love and live an experience of unique transformation, recognizing the true potential of human beings, recognizing the unity that happens between the Creator and His creatures, understanding what it means to open the doors between dimensions and live in likeness to God.

All of this happens when beings simply respond to the Love of the Creator, setting aside their smallness, their imperfections, and strive to transcend themselves each day to leave the human condition and come to know the condition of the children of God.

Thus, you attract the sublime Laws into your lives and, taking a single step, these Laws lead you and elevate you to ever greater, broader and more profound steps.

But, when beings know that God is silent, when they already know His Mercy and ignore all the opportunities that He gives them, the laws that they attract to their lives are different: the law of justice, the law of suffering, the law of loneliness, of abandonment, of anguish, of hopelessness.

I want you to thus understand, children, that it is not God who is designing your lives, but you yourselves are doing so.

This is the cycle of the definition of humanity. You can no longer live as ordinary creatures, when you were designed to be children of God, in likeness to Him, co-creators, who bring within themselves, in their deepest essence, a possibility for transforming Creation, as not even the Archangels can do.

In this way, understand the responsibility that you have for all life and therefore, do not remain any longer in the small things, those that bind you and attach you to this world. Meditate on what I tell you and on what God says to you through each Divine Messenger.

We came to the world as an echo of the Voice of the Creator, which is speaking for the last time in this cycle of humanity. Not because He does not love His creatures and does not wish to speak to them for all eternity; but if it were not this way, you would never discover who you are, and this Earth will self-destruct through the ignorance of humankind.

It is possible to repair suffering, it is possible to awaken beings through love, service and constant prayer, but it is not possible to enter someone else's consciousness to define their steps according to Divine Will. Each being must experience their own definition.

The greatest service you can render today, in the name of all humanity and for the elevation of souls living in ignorance, is to take your own steps towards the Father, to live that infinite Love, discover this mystery that is hidden within you, let that Love expand and transform everything around you. Thus, give an example to the world through your own life, because in this way you will be generating an opportunity for redemption, not only for your own souls, but for all of Creation, for worlds and universes unknown to you.

You are a drop of water in the infinite ocean, but not just any water. A living water that, when it enters this ocean, is capable of transforming it, transforming all the other drops, seas and all the life that dwells within it.

I know that many do not believe in what I say and do not even believe that I am here; but I did not come for you to believe in Me, I have come to give you an instruction, that you live for yourselves the experience of attracting divine Laws or human laws toward your lives.

Go through the experience, children, of letting yourselves be transformed by the Love of God, which descends upon you when you pray, when you serve, when you are silent before something that causes you anguish, that wounds your human egos and contradicts your personalities.

When you allow someone else to express themselves, allowing some else to grow, you grow from the inside out, because when you renounce being a protagonist in the world, it is God who finds a space to be a protagonist within you, and no one will see you, but it is there that the true meaning of life is accomplished.

Give thanks for everything that you have received. Permanently thank the Creator and elevate your consciousness beyond human needs, beyond your aspirations and your wills, beyond your plans and goals for life on this planet. Elevate yourselves through gratitude.

Today the Child Jesus, in My arms, points toward infinity, and within it beats the Heart of God, which calls upon you to return, to return in essence, to return to Him without ceasing to exist, to return to God, being in the world and making this planet part of His Heart.

This is what you are called to live.

Today, on this altar, yet another mystery of God is revealed to you. A rarely understood mystery, because many do not know what a sacred object signifies. Many question and ignore the different Graces that God grants to humankind.

A sacred object, magnetized by the Creator, is something that constantly reminds you what your true mission is, what you are called to live and what the path might be for doing so. 

A sacred object is like a seal that makes you recognizable to the angels and archangels.

It is like a sign, a sign of light that in the darkness of the world will let souls recognize it and know the way.

It is a symbol of protection and of Grace, a symbol of adherence and faith. It strengthens your faith every time you put it on and believe in all the promises we have given you.

A sacred object is a symbol of healing, of reconciliation with God, when a lost, sick soul receives it and they believe that they have received a divine gift from the hands of their Creator, to remind them of how much He loves them.

A sacred object is a mysterious symbol of God drawing closer to the hearts of His children. He is silently there, in each little medallion, in each little scapular, speaking to your hearts, reminding your essences where they came from and to where they must return. That, children, is a sacred object.

For this reason, today, here on My altar, there are medallions of My Most Chaste Heart, which together with My little Son, I have come to bless.

This blessing will resonate and remain, forever and ever, in every medallion coined in honor of My Most Chaste Heart, and the mystery that I bring you today will remain in them and in all those that will come, strengthening the faith of those who believe that the Love of God is there.

With My little Child Jesus, I lay My hands upon these medallions and decree, in the name of Christ and by the authority that God has given me, that the Gifts of His Holy Spirit will remain within them.

May all the blessings and promises that I have given you be fulfilled. May all those souls who will receive them be strengthened, awakened and reconciled with the Father, finding their way through the darkness and no longer remaining lost. May their suffering turn into hope, may their pain turn into reparation for the greater and deeper pain that the Heart of God feels while contemplating the world in these times.

May the souls who receive them hear the silence of the Creator, feel his deep love and choose to live under the law of Mercy, rather than Justice.

May the souls who receive them draw the rays of Grace, healing and compassion to their lives, and may they be consistent with them in all their actions and thoughts.

By the Grace of My Son, today in My arms, I give peace to all those who carry this small medallion with them.

Listening to My words, I know that some souls have asked themselves how to attract into their lives what I have told them in order not to live under the law of justice, of suffering or of pain, but rather, of Mercy, of Grace and of Divine Love.

And I just say to you: serve, be grateful, live each word that we have already given you, study what we have said to you, because with a simple reading of them, each day, the vibration of our words alone will transform you. Adore the Eucharistic Heart of Christ and open the door for Him to express Himself within you.

Do not seek things for yourself, do not desire to accumulate the treasures of the world, but in the silence of your souls, in the depths of your hearts, in a dialogue and in a contact with God, let your celestial treasures manifest.

We have already taught you what to do, we have already poured out blessings, graces like rain over your lives.

You need only create the conditions for them to manifest each day, and I do not tell you to be perfect, but rather to observe yourselves and whenever you are leaving the path of fraternity and of love, stop, ask for forgiveness, and try to do it again in the right way; and it does not matter that you may fall many times, because the calvary of these times also has many falls; you just need to get up from them and continue walking toward the goal of overcoming yourselves in love, every day.

This is what I have to say to you today, but I must also fulfill a request of the Creator, that His children spiritually commune so that they receive His Graces and be strengthened, that they feel His Presence and commune of the Body and Blood of Christ, which manifests in all your cells at this time.

You may bring the altar and Friar Yesua here.

I would like one hundred of these medals to go to a daughter of mine who, trusting in my call, day after day, attracts the Law of Grace, not only to the country where she lives today, but also to the whole of Africa.

I would like two hundred of these medals to go to the House of Saint Isabel, carrying not only My protection, but the Love of God to those who generate merits for the salvation of so many children in this world, through their prayers and their purity.

I would also like the members of the Light-Community Fraternity to receive My medallions, because in their silence and striving, in spite of their imperfection, they also generate merits for the transformation of humanity. And, little by little, let each of the devotees who aspire to answer to this call and receive this teraphim from My Chaste Heart also be able to do so. This is what I most want for these medallions and for all those yet to come.

Just as God granted me the authority to pour out Graces onto the world, He also did so for every priest consecrated by Him. It is thus that in My presence and for the consecration of this Eucharist, you will pray for all the priests of the world, for all those who feel hopeless for not being able to share the Graces of God and for all those who ignore the Presence of the Creator in their vocation and the possibility that they have of drawing the Graces of God to the world.

Spiritually communing of the Body and the Blood of Christ, allow the Mercy of Christ to reach not only those who commune, but also those who share the bread and the wine transformed on the altar, so that this abundant life that is revealed in the Body and the Blood of Christ may permeate their priestly hearts first. Amen.

Friar Yesua:

In union with the Heart of Saint Joseph and the Heart of Our Lord, we unite with the Celestial Church of Christ and humbly offer this Communion to all the souls of the world, to all our brothers and sisters who at this moment are in need of the Love and the Presence of Our Lord.

We remember that moment when Our Lord took the bread, elevated it to the Father, giving thanks, and broke it and gave it to His disciples, saying: take and all eat of it, for this is My Body that will be given for each one of you, for the forgiveness of all sins.

We hear the three chimes, consummating the consecration of the bread into the Body of Our Lord.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.


And in the same way, Our Lord took the Chalice and, elevating it to the Father, passed it to His Apostles, saying: take and all drink of it, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the New and eternal Covenant, which will be spilled for the forgiveness of all sins and the salvation of all mortals. Do this in remembrance of Me until the end of times, until I return.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.


And together we revere the Presence of the Body and Blood of Our Lord and, in profound union with His Heart, together pray the Our Father in Aramaic.

(Our Father prayer in Aramaic).

May the Peace and Mercy of Our Lord descend to Earth at this moment.

And we ask You, Lord, that through this Communion, our brothers and sisters in the world may also spiritually commune of Your Body and Your Blood. Amen.

Sister Lucía de Jesús:

And all of us who are in their homes will, at this moment, visualize Saint Joseph with the little Child in His arms, and from the little Hands of the Child Jesus, we will receive the Eucharist, of which our souls commune in the name of all humanity.

May the Peace of My Chaste Heart, all the Graces and the Love that are born in the Heart of My little Son, the Son of God, reach all souls, transforming and healing hearts and spirits, their sick bodies, so that they may find peace.

With My words, I bless you and thank you for reflecting with your hearts upon all that I have said to you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

And with the intention that the Healing of God may reach the four corners of this world, we will end this prayer with a song that attracts divine Laws, Grace and the blessings of God toward the planet.

Sister Lucía de Jesús:

At the request of Saint Joseph, we will sing “Rains of Love”. Thank you all very much.