Sunday, August 18 of 2019


Each new cycle that comes is to bring you closer to God. The closer the purification of the planet is, and your hearts are called to live the Divine Instructions, the closer, children, you are drawn to God.

I came to the world to fulfill a mission: to prepare for the coming of My Son to this Earth, but as in other times, I cannot be here until the end, because this is His mission and that of His Most Holy Mother. I came to bring to the world the principles of humility that I learnt, of service, of unconditional surrender to God and, above all, of renunciation, because that is My first and last spiritual mission.

It is by the spirit of renunciation that I was sent to the world, and also by means of that spirit that God called on Me to return to His Sacred and Eternal Heart.

When I was on Earth, together with My beloved Son and My beloved wife Mary, all I wanted, children, was to remain by Their side, see that mission be concretized, My Son grow and express Himself as the Son of God that He was; but My Mission was to teach Him how to walk, how to take His first Steps, to protect His Birth and see with My own Eyes how God expressed Himself even through a child.

A time came in which the Creator called Me by My Name, by My true Name, and, showing Me the Doorways of the Universe and of the Infinity of His Heart – He called on Me to return, to tread a broad, unknown path. A path that would lead me to grow and evolve as His Child, and more than this, as a part of His Heart, as are all creatures, even though they may not know it or do not experience it.

Today, children, I come to show you that same Doorway to the Heart of God that I saw when – in the arms of the Most Holy Mary – She indicated to Me the Heart of the Celestial Father and told Me not to fear the unknown, the infinite, that which was mysterious, because the Creator was Infinite Love and Grace.

Today, I present you with this Doorway to Heaven, because the time has come for you, as souls and hearts, to also enter through this Portal, also recognize Infinite Life, which for so long lay hidden from humankind. The time has come for you to know who you are and what you came to do in this world, and that will happen first on the levels of spirit, by means of the silence and the will of your spirits to be different, to find the Truth, the Origin of the Origin.

Facing this Portal that leads you to the Cosmos, I come to place your Essences at the Feet of God, in the same way that I placed My small Child so that He could express Himself as the Messiah, as the Son of God.

I want you to love superior life, love to go deeper into Divine Knowledge, love to discover and read the history written in the mirrors of your hearts and of the Infinite Cosmos.

Love, children, to prepare the return of your Lord to the world, because He will come and you will be face to face with His Sacred Heart.

The prophecies will be fulfilled, that which was written will come out of the Sacred Books and will come Alive. And those Words that lay hidden, that humanity at some time tried to hide, will also be revealed, because, before the Son of God, nothing will be hidden any longer.

Feel that My Silence will reveal something deeper to you. Feel that My Voice goes silent to make room for the Divine Verb of My Son so that He may be known and exalted, so that you may discover His Existence and may receive Him in this world and beyond it.

The moment will also come in which your Divine Mother will become silent, but She will always be here because Her Mission is to accompany Her Son up to the last instant, up to the establishment of the New Life, up until the Gospel of the New Time, of the New Humanity, may be written by means of the facts of His Return to the world.

And everything that He will tell you, everything that you will experience together with Him, that story will be told in a new time, in a new world, which will be this one, but with a humanity reborn through the Love of God and of His Son.

On March 19, 2020, I will come to bless the medallions of My Most Chaste Heart and seven wooden reliquaries; I will bless them for the Marian Centers, those that have already been built and those that will be built.

For that time, prepare for My Coming with love and with joy, because in those reliquaries, as well as in the medallions of My Most Chaste Heart, I will place everything that I learned, the virtues that I lived and what I Am, as Spiritual Consciousness, as an Essence that came from Divine Essence and returns to It.

On March 19, 2021, I will come again to bless the book of My story, called: “From the Origin to the Origin,” because on that day, you will be ready to know it.

You will not recognize yourselves, just as I will not recognize you, because you will be closer to what you are, rather than to what you appear to be today.

For Argentina, I leave My Love and My Humility, so that you may learn, children, that will, as power and impulse of God, is only real when it comes from the Heart of the Father.  Yield your hearts to God and use that will that is born of your hearts to have the Heart of Christ triumph, with your heads on the ground and hearts surrendered before your Redeemer.

You will experience tests that will forge humility within you, but through those tests, you will reach to God, if you know to make of them the Doorway to your own Sanctity.

When you are faced with renouncing anything, do not be afraid, because each act of renunciation, when experienced with love, leads you to God.

My Heart and My Essence come from the Creator Father, just as all of you do, but I only discovered this truth when I renounced being in this world to live in a Greater Existence.

It was the power of renunciation that made Me return to God, and although My Heart was silent and unknown to many, it was not the knowledge of humankind what drew Me close to God, but rather the purity, the humility, and the renunciation that My Chaste Heart experienced.

Today, upon this country, I pour out an Infinite Love, which is My Love for the human heart, because I know what it is.

Love God above all things and love one another as your Lord loved you: this is the Law for the institution of a New Life, and the Law for unveiling the Celestial Mysteries.

You may be facing the Doorways of Heaven, you may see the lights that will manifest on Earth, and nevertheless, not go through its Portals because love does not reign in your hearts. For this reason, children, to know Truth and to live it, to discover the Infinite Cosmos that is hidden in the brilliance of the stars, and above all, to return to the Heart of God, you will have to love one another, and above all, your Celestial Father.

If you are humble of heart and faithful in the small things, all things will be revealed to you, and even though no Messenger of God speaks to you, a Greater Voice will echo in the silence of your hearts, because the Creator Himself finds in you His Dwelling Place and it is His Voice that will speak louder than all the voices that have echoed in the world. And I tell you this because it was what I experienced and what I today invite each one of you to experience.

You do not need to leave life on Earth to discover Universal Life and return to God; what you need, children, is to live the truth about yourselves, which is revealed through love; that is the effort you must make every day: to love unconditionally.

And you will not come to the Kingdom of the Heavens, but rather you will make It descend here; you will reveal that Kingdom within yourselves and you will discover yourselves to be parts of the Divine.

Read the words we have given you, pray with them, meditate upon each sentence, feel each impulse, and you will no longer have doubts: Wisdom will live in you and this very Word will transform you and make you experience everything that I said to you.

Today I will consecrate the elements for you so that you may commune of the Body, of the Blood, and of the Truth of Christ.

When I found My Son in the temple preaching among the doctors of the Law, I saw and experienced what it was to be a Priest. I saw Heaven descend to Earth, I saw humanity reveal itself to be sacred, I saw the human essence as part of God and, in that moment, My Son called Me and, explaining to Me everything He was doing, He consecrated Me not only as His Father, but as a simple and humble Priest so that, by means of all the actions of My Life, on Earth and beyond it, the Kingdom of God could be instituted in the world, and thus, the dimensions are united, the veils are torn, and there is no difference between life on Earth and life in Heaven.

You may kneel down.

When Jesus raised the bread and blessed it, He accepted before God His Offering of surrendering This Body not only on the Cross, but for all of the centuries that would come until His Return to the world, and in that moment, the Creator, Who was observing Him, blessed the bread with His deepest Love, revealing that in it dwelt not only the Body of Christ, but the Divine Body of His own God and Creator, because He is in His Son; in that bread, consecrated by Christ, was the Offering of His Lord and His Sacrifice on the Cross, just as was the Offering of His Father and of His Sacrifice, as He multiplied and became flesh, human and creature among His creatures. This is the Body of Christ given for you and for all the beings of the Earth and of the whole Universe. This is the element that divinizes Creation and makes you return to God.

When your Lord raised the chalice, He offered to the Father each Drop of His shed Blood, each Wound that would open in His Body, to pour out upon the Earth the Codes of a New Life, the DNA of a New Race, that one thought of by God since the beginning, and the Creator, Who was observing Him, blessed the wine and transformed it into the Blood of Christ, which is not only the Blood shed in the Calvary and on the Cross; it is the Perfect Code of the Love of God for His children. The Divine Thought that His Father emanated on thinking of the perfection of the body, of the soul and of the spirit of those who would become human beings. This is the Blood of Christ, this is the Truth that is revealed within you when you drink of His Codes and allow yourselves to be transformed by Him. Raise the Body and the Blood of Christ like a prayer of gratitude, making this memory alive, in the certainty that God, at this moment, observes you and upon these elements pours out His most Pure Love. Let us pray together as Christ taught us:

“Our Father Who is art in Heaven,
Hallowed be Thy name;
Thy Kingdom come;
Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven;
Give us this day our daily bread;
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive those who trespass against us;
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

And thus, the consecration is established and peace radiates to the world, because Christ is alive not only on the levels of spirit, He is alive transforming the elements, matter and life, and just as He converts the bread and the wine, may He convert your bodies, your blood, your flesh, your hearts, and your consciousnesses.

Believe, children, that if the elements, fruits of the earth and of the work of humankind, receive the Body and the Blood of Christ and transform into a unity with Him, you, before the yielding of your hearts, can experience this same Divine Alchemy and transform into a Unity with Christ.

Thus, I bless you and accompany you in silence, just as I always accompanied your Divine Mother, Her child Jesus, and all of His disciples, apostles, and companions over the course of time. I will always be here, and in the silence of your hearts, you will be able to hear Me.

I wait for you for the anniversary of My Apparitions. Go deeper in your surrender and in your union with God. For this, I bless you and upon you I pour out My most pure Humility, My most simple Love.

By the Authority that God granted to Me, as His servant, friend, and companion, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I thank you.

And just as our Lord taught us and as Saint Joseph requested of us, to establish the Peace of Christ in us, in this nation, and on the whole planet, let us give each other the greeting of Peace.