Wednesday, July 17 of 2019


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

May the blessings and graces from the Kingdom of God permeate your lives.

In the name of Christ, I bless you, so that, as your Father and Instructor, I can lead you to a new cycle. Many wonder what these cycles are in which the Hierarchy places you, time and again.

What are the spiritual cycles?

In these times, children, the impulses that descend from the Heavens are infinite and, each time these impulses arrive upon Earth, this represents a new cycle for your lives, a new opportunity for you to begin again.

This means that, much beyond your faults and sins, much beyond the past and the experiences that you have lived upon Earth and beyond, in these times, in this world, the Creator offers to you new opportunities to be clean, with the heart pure and willing to be renewed before God, and participate in this evolution, as His worthy children.

This cycle in which you enter as humanity represents a unique opportunity for awakening.

Many believe they already know everything we tell you, that they already know about higher life, the Centers of Love, of Light.

But I come to tell you that what most of humanity has is a piece of information, information from the mind which lacks experience, lacks wisdom.

If human beings really knew the Centers of Love, if they were permeated by the Centers of Light, the planet would not be in this point that it is in, humanity would no longer be living in illusion and would participate with Me in the celestial dimensions.

Therefore, you enter a new cycle, a cycle that is no longer of information, but rather of experience.

A cycle that will forge true companions of Christ within you so that you no longer live spiritual life in a passing way, while you are tired of being distracted by things of the world.

Each day more, children, this higher life must become your reality, and I know how difficult it is to walk upon Earth with the consciousness in the Infinite, in the Universe of God, but this is what is necessary in these times.

Not that you should cease to do things in the world and participate in the human experience as it is presented today on the material levels, but you should be aware that the true reality has not been revealed to you.

Each day that passes, the Time of God approaches the time of this world.

What was invisible will become visible, what was incomprehensible will become knowledge. What seemed part of the imagination of a few will be revealed as the reality of everyone.

Your history and your origin will no longer be in the sacred books as half-truths.

So far most human beings walk as children in evolution, but this period of spiritual childhood has ended.

Now, children, the planet no longer waits, the souls make their definition by themselves because the very impulses that descends from the Universe is what leads them toward definition.

The ones who planted light will flourish in light, and those who planted darkness will grow in darkness.

Therefore, the world will be unbalanced in a way that will be unacceptable for many and, at the same time, truths that had never been told will be revealed.

Beings will awaken to their true mission and many of those who were distracted with the world will feel within the anguish of the need for higher life, for inner life, for spiritual life.

With this, you must be attentive, because they are thirsty and need to know the Source that lies in the Heart of the Father.

Never leave someone thirsty for spiritual life. Give to drink to the souls that awaken, give to the world the knowledge of this path, because many have lost hope and must again find it.

Many think that I do not tell you anything new, that My impulses are repetitive, but I touch your hearts like the untiring water that hits the rock to mold it.

I knock on the door of your hearts to open them, because not even you know your own inner world, the true composition of human consciousness, the science that hides, the truth, the essence.

Therefore, I am still here and I will remain here as long as God allows.

I do not tire of telling you, to come to meet you and to do this, every day, if it is necessary, crossing the layers of the lower dimensions until I arrive upon the Earth, opening the path in Heaven for souls to reach God, because I came to know the wonder of unity with the Creator and I want to lead you to live this experience, of being fully in God, in His Truth, in His Heart.

But for this, children, you must first live sacrifice, effort, the forgetting of self and of your own wills. You must serve in that which is necessary, when it is necessary and where it is necessary, because your evolution can no longer be molded to personal will but to the need of this planet.

You are no longer here just to live an experience because, in this cycle, the evolution of the Earth is defined and there will no longer be experiences to make, just a Plan to fulfill, which is the Plan of the Creator.

Centuries and centuries have passed by now; you have experienced a lot in this world. Now the moment has come that you so much waited for, as consciousnesses and as souls, as beings coming from the Universe of God.

The moment has arrived to see divine thought manifest and that which was incomprehensible for the whole Creation will become visible.

The Universe did not understand God's Love for the Earth. As such imperfect creatures, you carry the Divine Perfection hidden within and you have not discovered it, have not felt it, have not experienced it.

The time has come to discover it and to live the consequences of Its manifestation in your lives.

The consequence of the divine presence in you is the renewal of the Love of God. It is the cycle that is beginning, and it will be in the little things, in the little efforts to love, to serve, to transcend, on behalf of your neighbor and for the need of the planet, to be an example for humanity and of the Love for the Plan of God.

This, children, is what will awaken higher life within you; this is what will make the Light of the Sacred Centers radiate to the world, because humanity no longer has references of evolutionary life and, even though you may think that no one sees you, the experience that you live here, that you live in the Light-Communities and in all homes consecrated to God, will radiate to the world, will shine like a Light in the darkness, it will dazzle the eyes of those who are in darkness, and even if you are in silence, your example will cry out loud to the world’s ignorance.

Higher life does not manifest only when you pray, when you meditate and when you enter the inner universe. It also manifests when you transcend, overcome and express Love. It manifests when you defeat personal will and affirm love for Divine Will. It manifests when you tear out the roots of retrograde life and choose the new standards of human life, those which will manifest in the New Humanity and which already exists within you.

This is what will open your eyes to higher life, this is what will make you see the Light of the Infinite manifested on Earth, the reality of the Hierarchy, that which was hidden.

This will be the carpet that will extend upon the Earth for the arrival of Christ; your sacrifice, your effort, your love, your surrender.

Do not forget what I tell you. Let yourselves elevate to the consecration of life so that you many learn to make life sacred upon the Earth.

This is the experience that I bring to you, this is the legacy that I deliver to you, because this is what I learned in this world and this was what made Me return to God and arrive today to meet you, to teach you these things.

Feel My paternal love, feel how I live this sacrifice together with you, because I will not cease to come to the world as long as humanity needs it, as long as God allows me to be here.

Elevate a thought of gratitude toward the Universe for always keeping open the doors of God's Graces, of higher help. As long as you are striving and thankful, the Father will always come to meet you.

I would like to say many things today, but this is what you need at the moment. Make of your lives opportunities to be in God, and God is Love.

When you express love, you are within Him and find the truth about yourselves.

You have My blessing for this.

Receive My Peace and My Grace.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.