Monday, November 19 of 2018


Today My Heart rejoices because of the response of My companions and friends.

Today My Heart lights up by the gratitude that I feel for each one of you, not just because you are here, but because that, children, is the reflection of a response of your inner beings, of the thirst your spirits feel for awakening, for drinking of the divine Knowledge that I, as your instructor, bring you. This Knowledge is beyond words and is radiated through My Heart, by My simple presence, because it is in Me and I in it in perfect unity, because this is the Will of God.

As an Instructor of this world, the Creator has placed in Me His Sacred Books, His divine and universal Knowledge, so that little by little, I may reveal It to you, and more than that, teach you to love this Knowledge, so that it may transform into wisdom, and in this way, your consciousnesses and spirits may be worthy of building the new life on Earth.

I am here to instruct you, to form you, not so that you may reach My Heart, but rather so that you may love this evolutionary path that leads you to the Heart of Christ, and, through Him, to the Father.

Today My Heart becomes not only a mirror, but a source of wisdom. I create a bridge to the Heart of God to bring this wisdom to Earth and radiate it to your hearts, so that you may receive this legacy and do not lose it, in spite of the events on Earth.

I come to place this wisdom within you so that when Our Voices no longer echo in the world, each one of you can look within yourselves and find this Knowledge to know how to act, discern, and move through the tests that you will experience as humanity.

Today, children, I come to teach you to love the higher life, the cosmic life, beyond the Christic life that is written in the Sacred Books of the Earth.

Today I bring you the Sacred Books of the Universe so that in them you may find your history, that which did not begin on the planet, but in the Heart of God, in the purest Essence of your Creator Father, which has been drawing itself throughout its evolution as essences, as consciousnesses, as spirits, and finally, as human beings.

This life that you live on Earth is a culminating moment of an evolution that has been building long before this planet.

Thus, children, now that you have learned to love the Wisdom that you have received on the planet, through the Sacred Books that the Creator transmitted to your different prophets, apostles, and disciples, now love the divine Knowledge attracted by the Mirrors of the Cosmos, by the celestial prophets and by the apostles who are yet to be known, the Lords of Wisdom that dwell in the Universe and who until today have accompanied you in a silent way, but now is the time for you to meet them.

I tell you all of this because evolution on this planet must take a step and it will happen through each one of you.

If you do not love the Knowledge of the Universe, the life held in the Infinite, how will you manifest the Kingdom of God on Earth?

The Kingdom of God, children, is not anything that you know with your minds; it is something that you know with your hearts, with your essences, because they come from the Heart of the Father and hold within them the purest Principles of God .

Thus, at this moment, open your hearts, let Me design in the mirrors of your spirits those which protect your essences, this moment of awakening.

Let the mirror of My Heart of Instructor be reflected in the mirrors of your hearts and in this way, show you the truth that is held behind My Words.

Just as there is a hierarchy on Earth, there is also a Hierarchy in Heaven, and eternal life is much more profound than what you imagine.

Over the course of your evolution as humanity, it was part of the Will of God that you live isolated from this higher reality, because in this way, you can live a unique learning experience, because the love that you must develop here does not exist anywhere else in the divine Creation, except in the Heart of the Father and the Son, and even there you must renew yourselves.

If you knew the Higher Truth from the beginning, you could never have a unique experience, because you would be influenced by everything that is experienced in the Cosmos.

But at this moment, children, all of the Universe learns from the Earth and the time has come to return, to have your final experience, not so that the planet may cease to exist, but rather so that it may truly exist, fulfilling the Will of God and the Purpose that was born of the Heart of the Father when thinking of the Earth.

In this end time of ignorance, of illusion, of veils over your eyes, the planet will be shaken not only physically, but also spiritually, so that those who have been summoned to have a Christic experience can live it, thus opening a new cycle, a new time walking the path in the Calvary of these times, in which the Earth will be able to return to the Time of God, to Higher Reality, because it has already fulfilled what the Father expected, it has already begun to take the first steps in the renewal of its Divine Love, and that renewal will be able to continue through all of its Creation, in all the beings that you do not know of, but who are waiting to be able to live that love that is unfolding on Earth.

At this time, children, when everything has passed, the Earth will receive a new name, a name that comes from the Heart of God, and each one of you will be called through the sacred sound that emanated from the sublime sources when you were created; there will no longer be personages who live on Earth through the personalities of humankind.

Each being will manifest what they really are, for this is the Divine Will.

I know that everything I tell you seems very distant, and sometimes unreal to you.

Remember that I am placing in you a truth of which you are not conscious, but that you must begin to remember, that is why I speak to you about it. Let it enter your heart and transform you, not so that you may be others, but so that you may be yourselves and stop sleeping in the sleep of the planet, with your eyes clouded by the illusion of the Earth, but so that you may awaken, because the time is coming and those who did not have the same Grace as you have today, of hearing these Words and receiving this Divine Knowledge within them, will awaken late and will not have time to repent of their errors and straighten their paths to reach God.

For those children, the reality will take them by surprise and they will not understand what they see in front of their eyes, they will not understand what their hearts feel, because the reality for their minds was life on Earth and not the truth that was coming from the Heart of the Father.

Receive today what I am telling you and know that there is much more to be revealed, but that your hearts must be prepared, like the earth you prepare to receive new seeds, which generate new trees, new fruits, new lives. This preparation, children, takes place through prayer, it happens by letting this old human who thinks and criticizes everything that God gives him, break.

Let your mind stop for a minute, let your hearts open to something unknown. Do not fear to feel the Love of God, because He will not hurt you.

The human heart suffers when it resists because, to enter into the Truth of God, you must lose that which you held as truth, and in this way, you also lose your human will, your personal will, because your plans will no longer make sense and they will only make sense again when you find the Will of God for your lives.

To experience what I tell you, you do not need to be in a different place; you need to let a hidden, inner chemistry take place in you, children. It is something that begins in your hearts and that many times, without you perceiving it, manifests in your external life; it is not the other way round, it is not by moving from your house, city, job that you will experience a transformation, because many times you do those things and keep on being the same, living the same illusion.

And so, on this morning, I come with this Divine Knowledge, I come with the light of the Mirrors of the Cosmos, to transform you within, to awaken you within.

Feel My Presence in your hearts; inwardly contemplate the Cosmos, which manifests through My Heart; contemplate the stars, lights that kindle in a deep blue; contemplate the sources of life that seem like celestial lakes, of a light unknown to you, because their colors can only be contemplated in the celestial life.

Let that image enter into your heart, deepen into it, reach the Heart of God, which is not a human being, but rather a Celestial Source, a Light that has no dimension, has no form, and has no color, but which holds in Itself all dimensions, all forms, all colors, all sounds.

See, My children, how all of what I show you is reflected in the mirror of your hearts. I am revealing to you the door to the Heart of God that is inside of you; I am revealing to you the key of the likeness with the Heart of the Father.

At this moment, contemplate your inner mirror, your divine essence, and see in it all that I say to you: the Cosmos, the stars, the galaxies, the planets, the Sources of Creation and the Creator. All of that is hidden inside of you and in that divine design, many more mysteries are kept: rays, divine and sublime energies, a higher life, planets, civilizations, beings in evolution.

In this way, children, see that the Father did not abandon you in the illusion of the Earth; He hid His Truth, His Presence, within you like in no other being in His Creation.

Do not seek to understand what I say to you; simply receive what I bring you with love, for this comes from God.

This Knowledge will be written in the Books of the Redemption of the Earth, these which are being written in this time, through the Words of the Divine Messengers, and which complete a unique legacy not only for this planet, but for all of Creation. That which is Sacred is not just Sacred for the Earth, but for all of Life.

Today, children, as humanity, you are experiencing something unique, a Celestial Grace that I know you do not understand, but you can be grateful for it, because this moment is written in the history of Creation, just like the moments in which the Son of God was on Earth were written.

You are here to prepare His Return, and even though that may seem something distant and that you will never see with your own eyes, with your hearts, alive, today I tell you that indeed, you will live it, that it is not something distant; it is an event that is already manifesting on Earth on the spiritual levels, that little by little is being drawn in the manifestation of Life.

This is why I tell you these things, so that you may live each day as if it were the day of the return of Christ. He can come at any moment, and you must be ready for that.

In your prayers, remember what I told you, remember that bridge that is in your inner world to the Divine Consciousness.

Contemplate your own essence as something sacred, real, and in this way, allow Higher Life to cease to be a Teaching, cease to be some instruction from which you drink and drink, but do not assimilate; see that Higher Life is something live, that you are Higher Life.

Together, let us say a prayer that, in spite of being small and simple, holds in itself the keys that you need to come to God, so that He may manifest His Presence in you, so that in this way, His Celestial Kingdom may also live on Earth.

"Lord, I who am nothing, surrender to You, so that you may make of me Your Dwelling Place." (7X)

I know that many do not believe, but the Divine Truth is in the Eucharist, because in that mystery the Creator gives you all that He is, so that you may be like Him and merge into Him at each communion.

Thus, at this moment, as a Priest consecrated by Christ since the beginning of My existence, I come to consecrate these elements, so that My Graces, which I bring from Heaven in the Name of God, may become matter in the Body and in the Blood of Christ, because what I bring you and what I say to you do not come from Me, but from God.

Each word pronounced by the Divine Messengers is manifested by the Divine Will; that is why they are sacred and must be eternally revered.

The remembrance of the Holy Supper is not only in the Sacred Books, but it deepens in the books of the Universe, because that event was and is much deeper than what you imagine.

When Your Lord lifted up the bread, blessed it and broke it, all Life revered It, civilizations bowed down, the Mirrors of the Cosmos turned toward the Earth, and God Himself became silent, manifesting His Gratitude for the surrender of His Son for the renewal of His Love in all of Life.

When Your Lord lifted up the Chalice, blessed it and shared it among His companions, as His Blood, as the symbol of His "Yes", it was emitted to God not only for the sacrifice He would experience on the cross, but also for a perpetual surrender, manifested throughout the centuries on the levels of Spirit, because up to today and everyday, Christ relives His surrender to be in all the shrines of the Earth.

In each moment of Communion, the Universe again reveres the Earth, the Mirrors turn toward the planet to radiate each code, each instant of the story of the sacrifice of Christ that was written in them, so that each moment experienced by the Lord may be impressed in the elements offered by humankind to be divinized and consecrated and thus, transformed into the Body and the Blood of Christ.

Just like all of Life, like all of the Universe, like the Divine Consciousness, which in this moment becomes silent again, you too revere the transformation of the elements into the Body and the Blood of Christ, and know, children, that this is the most Sacred Ceremony of your lives, because it does not matter where you are or who is officiating, because every priest at that moment receives the Grace of God and all of life reveres the surrender of Christ, so that love may be renewed not only in the human heart, but also in the Heart of God.

Let us pray together and in gratitude, let us feel the transubstantiation of these elements into the Body and the Blood of Christ:

"Our Father, Who art in Heaven, blessed by Thy Name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, forgive us our treaspasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, and not let us not fall into temptation, but deliver us from evil."

In Aramaic:

“Abvún debachmaia netcádech chmor teitê malcutar nerruei tseviánar aicána debachmaia af ba-ár há ravlán larma dessuncanan iarmana uachpoclan raubéin uartarréin aicána daf renan chuórren olrraiaben uela tarlan letnessiuna ela patsan min bichá metul delarre malcutá uarraila uatechpurta lar-lam almin, aamein”.

May Peace, Love, and the Life of Christ be in your hearts.

I leave you, My children, My profound gratitude for your lives, for your effort, and for your presence.

Do not cease to deepen on your inner path, because it only ends when you reach God and eternally merge with Him.

I leave you My blessing and My peace, and above all, My divine gratitude to your hearts.

I thank you.

I bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.