Friday, October 19 of 2018


May the Grace of God be in your lives. May the Holy Spirit dwell in your hearts.

Today I come, children, not only to give My blessing to this community, to this Marian Center, or even to this nation.

I come to strengthen your spirits, as well as the spirits of each human being, as well as the consciousness of the Kingdoms of Nature so that in this way, you may be ready to carry the cross of these times.

Sometimes I insist on telling you certain things because many have not yet understood the urgency of these times. They live as if their lives were going to remain the same, as if their plans were going to be accomplished exactly as they expect.

But today, children, I open before your eyes and your hearts the doorways to Heaven, to the Celestial Church of Christ, to the supreme altar of your Creator Father, so that you may place your goals and aspirations there and receive from Him the Plan that is to be accomplished in these times.

I come, again and again, to uplift your consciousnesses to a higher reality so that, in this way, as adults in the spiritual life, you may be with your consciousness in what is real, in the truth of God that you already know, but that you often do not live.

If you do not seek the higher reality that surrounds you and that is hidden in matter, in human life, how will you be able to love it?

I lived on Earth, I was a human being like each one of you, and many times I doubted the greatness of God, because it was unknown to me. But I knew that life did not begin or end on this world, because I felt this in my heart.

When I met the Most Holy Mary, the mystery of God was revealed before My eyes, in Her womb, through My Son.

And after doubting, I surrendered, I gave My human condition to the Father so that He might accomplish His Will in Me, and I never regretted it, because the love of God began to overflow in My Chaste Heart, and all the greatness that manifested before Me seemed little, because His Love was infinite and His Truth was also infinite.

I knew that nothing that could be before My eyes limited the Creation of God; there could be a single cell of His celestial body, of the sublime spheres that in that moment were descending to Earth to reveal His existence to us.

I tell you this because I know that many still doubt a higher reality, a sublime existence that palpitates in this world, as in Heaven.

If you yielded to the Truth and loved it from your heart, you could discover, children, as I did, that life on Earth is not the only reality that exists.

To reach Heaven, all that is needed is to have your heart in God, it is enough to yield, to surrender your own human condition and not limit the divine work within yourself.

I know that many listen to Me and do not understand Me, because in truth, they do not want to hear Me, because they do not want to believe that it is simple to transform this life on Earth, to transform the human condition and establish the Plans of God in this world. Because if you understood that it is simple, you would have to give up your own plans, your own life, and your own heart before the Father.

Heaven is descending to Earth so that reality may cease to be a mystery, so that the truth may no longer be hidden.

The stars that encompass the Earth will be revealed as such a sublime and perfect life.

Before your eyes, you will see the revelation of your own ignorance.

Human science will lose its meaning and all the knowledge acquired throughout the centuries will become small.

You will see how until today you were children in the kindergarten of this Earth, and yet you carried within yourselves the greatest treasure of this Creation.

I tell you these things so that you may place your hope there when everything begins; that you will not feel you do not know what to do if over the last few years We have taught you this.

Place your hearts in God and in divine Truth; place your hope in your celestial origin; place your faith in what you truly are, because your bodies may pass, but the truth that dwells within you will remain.

Occupy your time and your attention in learning to love and to serve, not for you, but rather for an Infinite Creation, that awaits the multiplication of love in your essences.

If you set your heart to Love, everything we can reveal to you will be simple.

That is why I come to urge you to simply learn to love, to love the unknown and the truth.

I come to place the humility of My Chaste Heart in your hearts so that, in these times of revelations, you may dispel doubts in the certainty of your ignorance, in the certainty that an infinite God inhabits the Cosmos, as well as the Earth, and has not yet revealed Himself to humankind.

The Truth of God is not complete in any sacred book because it has not been revealed to any human being.

The Son of God was the living Truth, and although He was on Earth in a human body, He did not reveal Himself completely to the world, because they did not understand Him nor could they understand Him.

His Truth will be revealed on His return to the world, because that moment will be the last chance for humanity to yield to the true purpose of its existence, and the veils will fall from their eyes, the walls that separate them today from a higher life will cease to exist, and the reality that is invisible today will become visible, and the instruments of God, His divine tools, such as the mirrors of your hearts, will become palpable.

You will no longer touch what is invisible, but you will be able to feel, touch, and unite to Supreme Truth.

Today you are in the school of faith, because you must continue forward despite any conflict or incomprehension. Those conflicts, children, do not come from God, but rather from your human resistances.

Reconcile with the Father and with His Messengers, crying out to Him to teach you to surrender your resistances and know yourselves before anything else.

Today I tell you all these things because, with the truth impressed upon your inner world, you must defend your own faith, first from yourselves and then from the world, because the purification of the planet will move the faith of many human beings and will bring them doubts about the existence of God; for they will not understand His Justice, because they did not want to know themselves to know that they were mistaken, and never cried out for Mercy to be deserving of it. They will believe that the world will end, that the Earth will cease to exist, but that is not the truth.

If you keep your heart in God, the nations will shake and hope will seem to disappear, but after everything happens and you strengthen your faith, Heaven will open again through the doorway of your hearts, and the living God will return to the world to establish, with His companions, a new life, that which has been here since the beginning.

Be guardians of this sacred ground, so that the Creator may find here a seed to manifest the new, His true purpose.

Look at the world and understand that what I am telling you is not a Utopia. Everything has already begun; thus, within you love must be stronger than ever, the unity among your hearts must be stronger than ever.

Defeat yourselves. Defeat the need to stand out in relation to your brothers and sisters. Defeat the need to experience human power and, on Earth, only manifest the Power of God, which is not built with the destruction of a fellow being, but rather through unity among brothers and sisters, with love and understanding.

Feel in your hearts the need to love, to be different, because a day may come in which you will no longer have the opportunity to do this.

Live each day as if it were the last, as if on this very day Your Lord returned to the Earth to look into your eyes and ask you where are the gifts that He gave you and what you did with so many graces that He poured out upon the world through His Wounds.

That is what I want to tell you today so that you may reflect, meditate in your heart, and decide to be instruments of God.

You have My blessing for that.

My Chaste Heart fits in this small reliquary because with God I learned to make Myself small through love for human beings and for the Divine Purpose. Before it, let not only the children pray, but also their families.

Pray for a new life, for a new humanity, so that the virtues of My Chaste Heart may reach each human heart. Pray for the Kingdoms of Nature, for the elements and for the consciousness of the planet, so that they do not give up sustaining humanity.

Pray with sincerity, not only for your friends, pray for those who sleep, for those who have become enemies of the human heart, for their misunderstandings, for their ignorance, for not knowing God and His love.

Today I place a part of My Heart in each one of these little reliquaries, even though I know that you will never understand the Grace that I grant you today.

Through this reliquary, I will protect the hearts of  the children so that they do not lose the will to be on Earth and may understand why they came to the world at this time.

May parents know to teach their children that despite the trials that occur in the world and the chaos that seems to be established, those small hearts came to the planet to institute a new life, in which love will triumph and faith will be a reality.

I consecrate these elements in memory of My Son and by the Grace that He granted Me of being Father and Priest for this Earth. Today Heaven is already manifest among you and divine blessings permeate the elements as well as the hearts of humankind.

Feel the Angels of the Presence transubstantiate this matter, carrying within themselves, in the radiance of their hands, the Blood and the Body of Christ, which are eternal - in eternal surrender and in eternal sacrifice - so that each being that communes of Him may strengthen their own faith and receive a new opportunity of becoming the Christs of the New Time.

Like My Son, today I share this Bread and I say to all that you eat of It, for this is the Glorified Body of Christ. And in the same way, I distribute this wine to your hearts, so that it may be new genetics of humanity - the one that God thought of since the beginning and which manifested in the Blood of Christ - so that you may drink of It and transform into a living imitation of your Lord.

So that the Body and the Blood of Christ may truly act within you, you must say "yes" to Him and let Him act, not only in a miraculous and unknown way, but let His action manifest through your will and persistence, because when you take a step toward the Father, His Hands stretch out to you and He can lift you up to that which He expects of each one of His children.

Let us pray together to the Lord so that His Blessing today may go beyond this place, touch the soil of this nation so that its people will not lose the hope of seeing a new life manifest.

"Our Father Who art in Heaven; hallowed be Thy Name; Thy Kingdom come; Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen."

With this, I bless you,

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

May you continue in peace and do not forget My Words.

I thank you!