Saturday, August 18 of 2018


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

As quickly as the days pass on Earth, thus pass the cycles in this time. And in spite of everything, the Voice of God does not get tired of pronouncing itself to the hearts of humanity, the Voice of your Father and Creator keeps echoing within each creature through His Messengers.

And when everything seems to be about to end, this is when, children, everything begins. Your mission on this Earth begins, the true Work of the Divine Messengers, within each one of you, begins. 

It is when the world agonizes before your eyes and this reality is no longer spiritual, but also physical, this is when your hearts must be prepared. It is in the apex of the inner purification, not only of the self-summoned, but also of each being of the planet, purification that reflects on the planetary life, that the servers must give their 'yes'.

I know how difficult it is to feel agony within oneself and also to feel the agony of the planet, but today I tell you that it is precisely at this moment that you must reconfirm yourselves before God.

It would not make sense to call these times “planetary passion” if you would not live each step of this passion imitating the Steps of your Lord, imitating His 'yes' before each probation that He was led to live.

To awaken in your hearts a Love similar to the Love of Christ, you must live tests similar to His, and in your agony, you will not sweat blood, but you will need to transpose inner and spiritual obstacles that will lead you to overcome yourselves and the human tendency.

Jesus did not live under the same influences that you live in these times. Thus, at that time, His tests were different. But now, children, you must accept your own inner agony, you must accept the agony that the planet lives as the first step of this planetary passion, as the first opportunity of saying 'yes' to God, to reach the end of the end of times.

That which for Christ culminated in His crucifixion and death will also come to each one of you and it will be unknown.

Today I only ask you not to recognize this inner agony as only a personal test, as a personal moment of definition. May you live this test as something that, as humanity, you must face at this time, because it is necessary.

It is necessary to feel that you tear apart within and, even then, to know how to say 'yes' to God. It is necessary to feel that you cannot overcome yourselves and, even then, open for God to be the One who overcomes Himself within you.

In spite of every agony and every test, this moment also reveals to you the divine Presence within you. Because those who open themselves will be able to recognize the divine miracle in their own heart, and they will know that healing does not come from themselves, but from God; they will know that Love does not come from themselves, but from God; they will know that the victory of Christ on His Cross was not a personal victory, but it was God Himself surrendering to the world through His Son.

Each one of you also bears within you this mystery, which you must discover and come to know in this time. When you open yourselves to know the mysteries of your own heart, you will then be able, children, to unveil the celestial mysteries. God begins to reveal Himself within humankind, God begins to reveal Himself within each one of you when you are open to this.

I know it is difficult to surrender the human condition, I know it is difficult to believe that God will reveal Himself within you, when what you know of yourselves are only miseries and some skills.

Let God reveal to you your virtues.

Open yourselves to divine humility, in order not to be ashamed of expressing something new. Do not be ashamed or afraid of being what you do not know; do not be ashamed or afraid that humanity may look at you and not find what you built throughout your existence, throughout this lifetime.

God, within you, reveals something new. God, within you, is unknown.

Today I come to begin a new cycle of Instruction, because humanity needs it, the planet needs it and the instruments of God need it.

If the Divine Messengers are not with you every day, in these times, you will not be able to overcome the times that will come. We will accompany each step of this planetary calvary, so that you may take safe steps, so that you may renew yourselves, so that you may stand up after each fall. 

Our Presence will bring to the world the angels and the archangels, which will lead you when God silences His Voice. Just as the angels and the archangels accompanied each Step of Christ with the Cross, they will also accompany your steps. Thus, do not fear.

The triumph of God must be a certainty within each one of you, but it is not obtained by itself. It is built with persistence, humility, resignation, surrender, the strength that is born from the union with the Heart of God, so that you may live His Plan, even without understanding it; so that you may always say 'yes', even without knowing where He will lead you.

Just as Christ and Mary, your Most Holy Mother, My Chaste Heart will accompany you again every day, not by merit of humanity, but by the necessity of the planet.

Today I want you to understand that the planetary passion is no longer spiritual. It manifests itself within and outside of you, and now, children, the moment has come to drink of the chalice that God offers you and not to leave it aside.

I recognize that this path is difficult, that these tests are incomprehensible and, sometimes, seem impossible to overcome. But God offers you all of this because since your origin you made a commitment with Him to renew His Creation, to renew Him. 

In order for you to fulfill this Purpose, the Creator granted you many Graces, offerings and gifts that are kept within you.

He granted you the example of Christ, alive amidst humankind, alive before your eyes, accompanying each one of your hearts. He granted you the example of your Most Holy Mother, silent and humble, so that you could learn to make silence before the greatest trials and to be humble when the human condition seems that it will win within you.

God granted you to build His Work together with His Messengers, with His angels, with His archangels and with a Hierarchy of Light, of sublime Consciousnesses, of infinite Wisdom, which, in the silence of their hearts, accompany each step of humanity and just wait for the hearts to open for them to be able to reveal themselves, so that their Wisdom ceases to be hidden.

Recognize in this cycle that the human condition is not only miseries.

Recognize that in your hearts there is something greater than human desires and aspirations.

Recognize that a spirit that unites with the Power of God can defeat all the power and judgment of their conditions; retrograde conditions, conditions of sin, conditions of illusion.

Let your agony be defeated by a love that makes you overcome yourselves. Let your human vanities and pride be defeated by the Truth that comes from the Heart of God and that unmasks all of your lies. I call lies that which you are not and you believe you are.

Make of these times a sublime time. 

Put your eyes inside the Eyes of Christ, of the Christ of the Calvary, the Christ that carries the Cross; Who not only lived the suffering and the agony which overflowed from His inner world, but Who, at each step, lived the revelation of a greater Love, which awakened in His Heart, which revealed itself within His Cells, so human and so divine at the same time.

These new cycles will be marked by the choices of each being.

Everything will be offered to you, by both the world and God. The things of the world will be offered to that within you that belongs to the world, and the things of God will be offered to that within you that belongs to God. 

Each one will know what to accept, each one will know what to make grow within themselves. Each one will know if they will want to build, within themselves, a divine triumph or a defeat.

My Voice will be pronounced again every day to your hearts, for one more cycle, as a symbol of the infinite Mercy of God. Because at the same time that humanity overflows miseries, indifference, God overflows Mercy.

And just as Christ, on that Cross, discovered Love within His Heart, your Father and Creator is also living a revelation of Himself in these times; a revelation of His Mercy, a revelation of His Grace, so that each human heart may know how to find the mirror of this revelation within itself, and, through the Words of the Divine Messengers, they may not only recognize this revelation, but also live it.

Let God renew Himself within you. Receive His Grace with love.

Thank the Father for the chalice that He gives you to drink and do not feel what He offers to you as bitter, because He not only gives you sacrifices, but also the possibility of living an infinite Love.

With these Words, I open this new cycle and I thank you for accompanying Me in these times.

Humanity needs that the Voice of God reach the four corners of this world, because many are dying of thirst for not knowing the Source, the Source of Love, which springs from the Divine Word.

I thank you, I bless you and I bless the little Reliquaries that the children of the Community of Figueira prepared for Me.1 Through these Reliquaries, I give a special Grace for your families and for all the children of the world.

Those children who pray before the Reliquaries for the families and children who suffer on the Earth, will generate merits for a special Grace to descend in these times upon those who need the most. 

I thank you and bless you. 

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


1. The children from the Light-Community of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, built small reliquaries of paper, similar to the Reliquary of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, as an offering to Him.