Monday, March 19 of 2018

If you wish to be tested, transformed into that which God expects of you, He will test you. But He will give you everything, so that each test may have its grace, its merits, and its reason for existing.

I was not only tested by God. From Him, I received the greatest treasure of His Creation, which was His Son and His Servant, Who taught me to be tireless, just as today She teaches each one of you.

She also taught Me love, just as She teaches you. She opened My heart to a truth which was unknown to Me, in spite of My knowing that God was preparing Me for something since the beginning of My life in this world.

God will test you, He will purify your consciousnesses, and will cause to surface in you that so hoped-for new human for which you cry out every day in your prayers.

I too cried out for a new man, because I did not feel worthy of being part of this so sacred family, divine on this Earth.

But I learned, children, that human dignity does not come from its human condition; it does not come from what humankind has built on this Earth. This is not being a human being.

The human being is that one prophesized in the Scriptures. Clay which issues from God, deeply like unto His Heart, to His Divine Fount. And this is what, little by little, I come to reveal to you.

Today I humbly reveal My Aspect to you, so that you may also see Me, just as I want to express Myself to the world in these times.

I do not come to be worshiped.

This image exists so that you may unite your hearts with Mine. So that you may recognize this moment, in which My imperfection moved aside to give room to the perfection of God.

This image exists so that you may understand the essence of human existence and the path that you must follow in this end of times.

I am not the Way, the Truth, and the Life. I am on the Way, in the Truth, in the Life. I feel Myself to be part of the Heart of My Son, because His Mercy opened the doors to me so that I could enter His Heart.

This same Mercy presents Itself in your lives. This same path, this same truth. This same life, which transcends the life in this world, is also here, available to your hearts, to your spirits, to your human condition.

This image represents the impossible. The moment in which this dried, dead, staff blossomed.

Humanity is also like this. It seems dead, dried. But in truth, children, unique seeds of flowers which are still unknown in the Universe are held within of you, so that they may blossom in a truth which should no longer be unknown to you.

May this image be the water poured out over the seeds in your hearts, so that in light of it, truth may flourish and each one of you come to know your true self.

May this reliquary, small and simple before the Greatness of Creation, be the symbol, children, of the treasure which is held inside each one of you.

Today I bring the patterns of a new life, which in truth, is that which God thought of from the beginning.

Today the Creator observes you with joy, with deep happiness, because He will be able to awaken His gifts within those who say “yes” to Him.

His heart is offered to the world through the humble reliquary of my Chaste Heart.

This wood allowed itself be transformed. In spite of its imperfections, it gave its life for something perfect, to a new life, which will revive those who have died, even though they still walk on Earth, because their spirits are empty and their lives have no meaning.

From all over the world they will come to contemplate this reliquary. Because its graces will speak through the testimony of the transformation of beings. And that which seemed impossible, will manifest.

The Creator granted me the grace of placing part of My Heart in this small reliquary, because all that I received belongs to God.

And today He wants to give it to humankind, to His children, to create a bridge with His Divine Heart.

The Creator gave me a part of the Heart of Mary, a part of the Heart of Jesus, so that I could transcend My human condition, grow in spirit, manifest His Will, multiply His graces, and today could be here, uniting these three parts into a single Heart, which in truth is His Heart, which today is kept as a treasure in this small reliquary. Believe this.

Believe that this heart is a bridge to the Heart of God and pray before it for the world, for peace, for the end of wars, for the union of religions, for an understanding among cultures, for a respect among all beings, for love.

Pray that the children of this whole planet may accomplish their mission in this time and do not lose their purity.

Take from this sacred reliquary the purity of My Heart, so that it may reach those who have lost it for some reason.

Let the service multiply through sincere prayer. The Father will thank you.

I shall ask you now, for an instant, to sing again this little song, which you very happily prepared for Me, to honor the reliquary of My Heart.

If you sing with love, you will demonstrate to the world and to God that you have understood the greatness of the grace that He grants you through the intercession of My Chaste Heart.

In the same way that the tests of this world will be unknown, so also shall be the graces.

Just as you will not believe the atrocities which you will see on Earth, the greatness of God which is expressed among humankind will also be unlimited.

For this reason, do not think it is too much if the Father wishes to place His Heart in a little reliquary on this Earth. Through the intercession of My Chaste Heart, let God express His greatness, because He can do all things, just as He could give His Son on a Cross in the Calvary of this world.

Sing and let the portals open to the Heart of God, of Mary, and of Christ. Because I am a small part of each one of them and it is with these rays coming from the Sacred Hearts that I complete this grace given today to the world.

I hear many minds sometimes thinking: “How is it possible that the greatness of God places itself in material things, such as images, such as this reliquary?” Do you by any chance doubt that God is in all things?

Sometimes I help you with such simple, everyday things, not because of these things, in and of themselves, but because I learned with the Child Jesus to transform this material life and awaken faith with small services, the little things. He opened My Heart when He helped me in the carpentry work. He, who was a child, taught Me to be a carpenter while it seemed as if it was I who was teaching.

In this same way, I come to the world to bring you these graces and teaching you material things.  Being in your day to day, I gradually transform your lives, like Christ and the Most Holy Mary transformed mine.

Who knows, one day, children, in the new humanity, you may be helping others who will be learning about life, about the restoration of Divine Consciousness.

And you will remember this moment, when you were small children in human evolution and I had to come to the world to teach you these things.

In the simplicity of My Heart, a greatness is held, which is the same greatness which is hidden inside of you.

Let yourselves be guided by My simple words. Let yourselves be guided by My silence, just I did with the Most Holy Mary.

Today I bring you the memory of My life as the Most Chaste Saint Joseph to place it in this reliquary, as in this image. And in its multiplication throughout the homes of this world, the same grace which I grant you, I will multiply every time that you multiply this image.

Believe this.

Today I had you understand with the sun and the rain that I need you to expand My House. I hope you have understood My message.

I want many more than those who are in it today to fit. Because they will arrive here as pilgrims and will need to be welcomed.

They will transform your lives as much as I have transformed them.

Some day, among them, I also will arrive. I hope that you will give Me welcome, as I have today welcomed you.

Give thanks to God for sending His Messengers to the world. Do not be like humanity in My time, when the majority did not understand the grace they were receiving.

And the human indifference was so large, that today the world is how it is, asleep.

Let yourselves become new apostles, renewed in your faith. In a faith which is built in silence, in the invisible. A profoundly spiritual faith, the only miracle of which is a transformation of consciousness.

I thank you for expressing devotion to My Heart. May this devotion transform into a source of redemption and salvation for the souls that today are being withdrawn from the abysses of this world, even though no one sees it.

Keep in your hearts a little reliquary of My Chaste Heart, a grace which is born of the gratitude which I feel for your being here, and for listening to Me in the four corners of this world.

Receive this grace with faith, for the gratitude of My Spirit unites me with God, and this grace which I give you I received from His Heart.

Keep My words within yourselves, as well as all the impulses which I have brought you today.  And as if this were not enough, I grant you something greater: Communion and union with Christ through the priestly intercession of My Spirit.

Let us pray the Our Father in Aramaic together, offering the Father not only these elements, but each one of the graces which he has given you today.

‘Our Father’ in Aramaic.

Through the priestly intercession of My Chaste Heart, may the angels of the presence come to convert these elements, fruit of the land and the work of humankind. The true perfection of the human heart in the Body and the Blood of Christ.

Through your spirits, may peace come to this world. With this I thank you for being here, for listening to My voice, for bringing My presence to life.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Multiply these graces in the world and sing so that I may rise up to the Heavens. And may the reliquary of My heart expand so much that it will not fit on Earth and reaches the four corners of this Universe.

I thank you.