Thursday, October 19 of 2017

Apparition of Saint Joseph in the city of Mendoza, Argentina, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

Today I am not alone here, I am with the whole Brotherhood. I call Brotherhood those beings, those consciousnesses who, in spite of not having the need to be in this world, continue here to serve humanity.  Their eyes are not visible to the human eyes, because they do not belong to this world, but they are here for a higher apprenticeship, of humility, of surrender and of service.

I call Brotherhood those brothers of yours who, in the invisible worlds, sacred places unknown to humanity because of its ignorance and indifference, there, children, they serve tirelessly, where the Kingdoms of Nature protect them, where the greatness of the mountains keeps a still superior greatness, that makes itself small and humble, for being unknown to humanity. In spite of all the insults committed by humanity, the Kingdoms of Nature persist in a service that is also unconditional and, together with their Greater Brother and Sisters, help this world and sustain it so that this Project does not get lost, so that hope in the Heart of God does not disappear.

I know that many will ask what I am talking about.

I come to reveal a mystery, to speak to the ears that want to listen to me, because, in this way, I bring meaning to your lives, beyond your material existence, beyond this constant fight for survival in the world.

You are, children, in a sacred place, but sacred has been hidden in the human heart, because they did not want to see it. The resemblance to God hid itself within your hearts to give way to what you have made grow century after century and that, in truth, does not resemble what you really are. If the human being is similar to God, have you never asked where this similarity is? Could God have sent the human being to the world to do what he does, to live as he lives, between wars and conflicts, amidst ignorance, pride, vanity? Could this, children, be the resemblance to God or is there something within you that you do not know, that you do not seek and that, often, you do not believe exists?

I come with those who represent the truth, for it to be reflected in your hearts and place you before a new cycle. In these times, not only chaos will be visible to the human heart, not only evil will be able to freely act upon Earth. Light will also shine, truth will also emerge within the human beings, within the Earth, from the invisible worlds, from superior realities, and this is what I bring you today, because, although it may seem otherwise, although you do not know it, this place which I come to is a sacred place. These mountains that surround you keep the mysteries that you do not know and that today I came to make known to you.

Because there you must find your fortitude. When nothing upon Earth makes sense and the Plan of God seems to have failed, just as in the Cross it seemed to many that the Son of God had failed, it will be in these mountains that you will find relief and, in what lives in them you will find your fortitude and your protection.

When this world shakes with an unknown tremor, never seen before, it will be in these mountains that you will find the fortitude not to fall, not to tremble and not to lower your arms before the redeemer arrives in this world. Because He will come. Yes, He will come.

But it will be when humanity has given all, when your heart discovers the hidden potential that exists within you, when inertia gives place to service, to transformation and to unconditional love. When you, children, discover the potency that exists within you and the spiritual immaturity disappears, it is then that the Son of God will return.

Before this, everything will happen and you must not fear. These moments with the Divine Messengers prepare and strengthen you. Hold on firmly to each impulse we give you, place it deep in your heart and make it flourish, transform it into seeds, so that the others who are not here and will not be in Our Presence may receive them.

The Graces we bring from Heaven are to be multiplied every day by each one of your hands, by your hearts, by your words and by your thoughts.

Today God brings forth, from the interior of these mountains, His mirrors of peace that are not only in the lakes, in the oceans, in the rivers, but are also in the mountains and in the hearts of the human beings; they are in the universe, as well as on Earth, attracting peace and redemption for those who want to receive them.

Through My Words, that enter into your consciousnesses, I bring the redemption that comes from the Heart of God to the human heart.

This way, I place you before a great service for the whole planet, even though you are here, in this very small place.

How many souls are passing on these streets and do not see me? How many families, how many hearts in need of peace are not feeling the peace of the mirrors of the cosmos, of the sacred mountains, that are opened and revealed today, but the eyes do not want to see?

With this, children, I want you to go out on these streets and let your witness be a light in the world. May your examples draw the eyes, awaken the hearts to the supreme truth that I bring you today.

The words that comes out of your mouth can be heard by many ears, but the true examples of your actions transform the hearts of this world. Therefore, I ask you to speak, to announce, but most of all to be the Divine Message.

Today the chain of the Andes shines in gratitude, because the mineral kingdom, can see Me. And so they are renewed in tireless service for sustenance and rescue of the human hearts. Just like the Kingdoms of Nature are renewed, children, also you today must renew yourselves to know that I called you here, in the Name of God, for you to become instruments of the Divine, and not of your own lives anymore.

Within these mountains, as with so many other ones, there is a mystery, a world so real as this one that you see, touch, feel. There the souls unite to God and their hearts can reach out when they pray, when they work in silence for the peace of this world. Today their doors are opened for the light to radiate to your essences and bring you new codes, for you to take new steps and, this way, help in the consecration not only of Argentina, but of this world.

We are in a definitive time and your souls already know it, otherwise they would not be here and would not listen to these Words. As much as many doubt and many do not believe, your souls do know it, because they have not ceased to listen to Me.

God expects a definitive change from you, because Argentina needs it and so does this world. If you want to build here a new reality, as similar to the one I present you in the invisible worlds, you must work tirelessly and, even if your eyes do not find any result in this life, you should never stop. The results of your actions are not for you, but for the universe.

All the stars you see in the sky, when it grows dark, wait for the redemption of the world, and it is for them and for that Supreme Heart, that lives beyond all things, that you will experience your transformation and will transform, with you, this world. It is by the renewal of the Heart of God and of the whole universal evolution that you are on this Earth. Perceive how small all the difficulties of the human heart are, all the aspirations, all the desires. All these, children, must disappear.

When you are possessed by selfishness and cannot experience fraternity, look at the starry sky, let your heart go beyond the stars and find not only your brothers and sisters of the Cosmos, but the Heart of God, that waits for you to take this step.

It is in the simple things that greatness is built. It is in the invisible that what will become visible in the New Humanity is built. It is with faith that arrogance and human ignorance are defeated.

It is not phenomena that will build redemption in this world, because this convinces the mind, but does not transform the heart. So many phenomena were already manifested on Earth, and humanity remains the same. This is the time of faith and that is why we are here, that our voice echoes through a human voice and your eyes cannot see us, unless you look at us with the heart.

Awaken the faith within you and your brothers and sisters and all that I tell you will be understandable. All the mysteries will be revealed and you will find peace, even if this world lives in chaos. That is what I am here for today, that is why I tell you this.

Re-consecrate your hearts today because you need to do it every day, even more in the Presence of God and your Bigger Brothers and Sisters. Remember that there is a superior plan to be fulfilled and that it starts within each one of you. The New Human Being is born from the transformation of your lives, therefore, do not fear to be broken within and die so that something new can be born.

This morning, I thank you for your presence and, before so many mysteries, I deliver you a truth: the Communion with the Body and Blood of Christ. This is the greatest mystery revealed in the Creation, when God merges, in an always new alliance, always eternal, with the hearts of the human beings, so that this little piece of bread and this wine reveal to you your similarity with God.

Sister Lucía de Jesús: can the group from Mendoza come here?

I call you because I want to thank you and place this sacred mountain, that shelters you, within your hearts, for you to take the definitive step and become soldiers of this time. And, beyond this world, may your redemption announce to the cosmos the greatness of the human project and the triumph of the Heart of God, through the Redemption and the Mercy of Christ for all souls, today and always.

By the power that My Son granted Me, I consecrate these elements, as He consecrated them one day, sharing the bread and the wine with His companions, saying: "Take, eat and drink it, because this is My Body and My Blood that shall be given for you."

Christ surrenders to humanity every day, in all the Tabernacles on Earth, in all the Eucharists. This is the symbol of the Renewal of God and must be the symbol of His permanent renewal for a superior plan that is manifested in the Heart of Christ.

Let us pray together Our Father in Aramaic, as He taught us, so that this sacred prayer does not only transform these elements, but transforms your hearts, transmutes and redeems this place and makes you able to be consecrated, a possible cradle of the New Humanity.

Abvún debachmaia
Netcádech chmor
Teitê malcutar
Nerruei tseviánar aicána
Debachmaia af ba-ár há
Ravlán larma dessuncanan iarmana
Uachpoclan raubéin uartarréin
Aicána daf renan chuórren olrraiaben
Uela tarlan letnessiuma
Ela patsan min bichá
Metual delarre malcutá
Uarraila uatechpurta
Lar-lam almin

With these words, I thank you, bless you and ask that you not only seek to enter into the heart of the Aconcagua, but let the heart of the Aconcagua enter into you and remain there, for you to be part of this Brotherhood that I bring you today, eternally.

I bless you with the Power of God, for My humility and simplicity, that united My heart to the Heart of the Father as a symbol of what is possible for every human heart, to experience this unity with the Creator, and placing upon you the Gifts of the Spirit of God and the presence of the Hierarchy, for you to be consequent with all you receive at this time and to be worthy of being called companions of Christ.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Once more, I thank you and ask that while I rise, leaving the Peace and Mercy of God upon the Earth, sing and let your souls express themselves, for them to command your lives. Cry out for peace and let it be extended beyond Argentina, may it penetrate these cameras, these technologies and reach the four corners of the world, beyond the eyes that see us and the hearts that feel us.

Everybody cry out for peace!