Friday, May 19 of 2017

Apparition of Saint Joseph in the city of Lisbon, Portugal, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today the Kingdom of Lys expands beyond the forests, expands beyond the lakes, reaching the seas, the oceans, the rivers. Today the Kingdom of Lys shows its purity through the Kingdom of the Waters, so that in this way, it can help the Kingdoms that dwell there, that they may find peace and redemption with the assistance of humanity. Today the Kingdom of Lys extends itself here to cry out for help, so that its peace may touch the hearts of humankind, that they may recognize higher life, the truth that dwells in their hearts and calls them to communion with all the Kingdoms of Nature.

As a Sacred Family, today We reveal that the Sacred Hearts also dwell in Lys, and there find the fortitude to travel this world, to help those most in need, without ever losing hope that the Plan of God be accomplished.

Today the Kingdom of Lys stretches to the seas and the oceans so the mirrors of light, which reflect the Power of God, with the light of the sun that comes from the universe, are able to transmute and free this planet, especially this part of the world, so that it may receive a little more peace and have time to awaken, before the Justice of God descends.

Today, beside the Greater Mirror of Love of the universes, your Most Holy Mother calls you to awaken the mirror of your hearts, united with the Kingdom of Lys, to radiate to the world the love that it so needs.

In the waters of the seas, contemplate the purity that many have lost from within their being. Allow the Greater Mirror of the Heart of Mary to awaken the mirrors of your hearts, so the Kingdom of Lys may be able to also stretch through your souls, may be able to find in each of you an instrument to carry peace to the world.

Today you face the seas that are in such need of help and that, at the same time, sustain the planet. The human heart must be like that: in spite of all the help it needs, may it be able to surpass itself  through the love for God so as to sustain this planet, in communion with the Kingdoms of Nature.

The Kingdom of Lys stretches here to show you how grand the mercy of the Heart of God is for the human heart. And in this way, may you be inspired to transform your lives in likeness to the gifting of the Kingdoms of Nature, in likeness to the gifting of the Kingdom of Lys and of all the beings of light that dwell there and that untiringly serve humanity.

With simple words, I seek to awaken you to a higher reality, because hearts are asleep and, even though they express devotion, they have not expressed their true commitment to God yet.

The Divine Messengers travel through Europe in this time to awaken those hearts that committed to the Plan of God in the beginning, that committed to the Kingdom of Lys for this moment, when the Earth was most in need. The hour has come, children, to carry out that true commitment, somewhat setting aside the practical needs of your lives, those small inner problems that stop you from living love, because urgent matters are waiting for you, planetary situations that depend on the 'yes' of humanity, depend on the adherence of the human heart so the Law of Mercy may act.

Thus, today I come to meet with you, together with the Kingdom of Lys, so that in this way, you may recognize a spiritual service that you must awaken and fulfill in this time. I will not ask you for anything extraordinary because the Kingdom of Lys is the expression of simplicity, of humility, and of purity.

I will only ask you to enter the doorway that I open for you today, leaving behind all mental conceptions, all human ideas that you have cultivated until today, so that, entering this Kingdom, you may recognize the truth that you distanced yourselves from so long ago.

Why is it so difficult to live in fraternity and unity with each other? Why is it so difficult, children, for hearts to provide a need to a fellow being before their own? Will it be unachievable for your hearts to love and serve? Will it be unachievable to sit before an ocean and give thanks for its existence, contemplating its sacrifice and uniting with it so it may feel a relief, encouragement, support? Will it be impossible, unachievable, to come before a brother or sister to whom you owe a debt, and ask for forgiveness?

Will it be extraordinary, impossible, to listen to those that need to be heard? Pray with those that are in need of the Presence of God? Express your own faith to the world, without fearing human judgment? Those are simple things that make the difference in the history of humanity.

Expand the Kingdom of Lys, disseminating peace, humility, and unity with all the Kingdoms. Expand the Kingdom of Lys by being a little more fraternal, a little more human, that human being God thought of, the one in which He places His hope and from which He never desists, because He knows that truth, even though it hides from your eyes.

Let the Kingdom of Lys touch your hearts and your spirits, freeing you from evil, freeing you from illusion, so you are able to accomplish that purpose that God has had for you since the beginning.

Imagine a little mirror of light that ignites before your beings, before your hearts. Some of them need to be cleaned, purified and freed so they may become instruments of God. Feel the light that comes from the Celestial Kingdom and also from the Kingdom of Lys, and let that light purify your beings, renew you, and give you the impulse to be real servers of God, rather than of yourselves.

For an instant, yield to the unknown so it may act in your lives, and pray with Me for the Kingdom of the Waters, so that Lys may find a space in the essence of those Kingdom and is able to express itself.

Purity of the Kingdom of Lys, stretch out over the seas; purity of the Kingdom of Lys, light up the mirror of our hearts; purity of the Kingdom of Lys, make us pure and simple for the redemption of the planet; purity of the Kingdom of Lys, stretch out over the Kingdom of the seas; purity of the Kingdom of Lys, awaken the mirrors of our hearts; purity of the Kingdom of Lys, make us pure for the redemption of this planet.

Feel the Presence of Adonai, that today contemplates the world, and with His Holy Spirit, waits to descend over humankind and over the Kingdoms. Contemplate the Mercy of Adonai, contemplate His infinite Light, more brilliant than a sun or one thousand suns. Let this intense brilliance, that comes from the Kingdom of God, cleanse and purify the mirrors of your hearts, and through them, let it radiate to the world and to the Kingdoms of Nature.

With your heart united with the Heart of the Sacred Family, let us pray to God:

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy,
redemption, redemption, redemption
for this planet. (x4)

Now you will pray for all the Kingdoms and will ask for redemption for the Kingdoms of Nature:

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy,
redemption, redemption, redemption
for the Kingdoms of Nature. (x7)

Purify your lives and bring them peace through prayer. In this simple way, you will enter the Kingdom of Lys and will heal that which seems impossible to you. Today, children, I only want to make your lives simple mirrors of the Heart of God, extensions of the Kingdom of Lys for the world, for this is how your servers should be.

Perhaps you prefer what you experience in your lives over the Kingdom of Lys? Will you prefer the ignorance of humankind to living in the Wisdom and the Love of God? You must ask yourselves these things every day so that you move forward in spiritual life, and spiritual life will not be a theory to you, a book in the cupboard of your homes, but rather an experience, a living experience that uplifts humanity and allows it to return to the Kingdom of God.

In the Presence of the Holy Virgin, Who loves you and untiringly blesses you, in the Presence of the little Child Jesus, that today transmits His purity, His goodness to you, we will consecrate the elements that are the symbol of the Greater Grace and the infinite Mercy that comes from the Heart of God; may the Divine Humility of the Creator, that multiplies in the bread and the wine, enter into your hearts and invite you to experience this virtue that opens the doors of Heaven to you.

May all of humanity and also the Kingdoms of Nature spiritually commune of this great miracle of multiplication of God, and that united with Him, within Him, may you be inspired and guided to one day again live unity with the Father. Let us pray then, united with God, for the conversion of the elements, for the redemption of the planet.

Our Father (in Aramaic and in Portuguese).

Commune of the living Presence of the Heart of God and continue in peace, ready to unite with the sacred Kingdom of Lys, by the merciful Presence of God among humankind and among the Kingdoms of Nature.

We bless you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Go in peace.

I thank you!


At this moment, Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús shared the daily Message transmitted by the Virgin Mary on this same day, May 19, 2017.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús: We just wanted to add that it is very special to see all the Sacred Family, when possible, gathered together on the 19th of the month, because in some way, the divine codes that They bring us enter into our consciousnesses and also renew this spirit of fraternity and of brotherhood in all of us, making it possible through our efforts, as Saint Joseph says, for us to one day achieve the goal of being a true spiritual family.