Wednesday, October 19 of 2016


May peace be in this place, in this city and in the whole world.

May peace expand through your hearts, lighting up every dark space in this world, for this is possible when you are true of heart.

May peace illumine your minds, bring you harmony, balance and discernment for these times of tribulation.

May peace take away your doubts, convert your errors and lead you onto the path of Christ.

Today, with My Holy Wife and Queen, I bring you peace, a peace greatly missing in the world and in the hearts that live in it.

I come once again to awaken you to the higher reality, prepare your consciousnesses for the times that will come, so that you can grow, mature your spirits, experience redemption and manifest the perfection of God in your lives.

Children, many are still confused with the things of the world, because it is still necessary to live in it, but not to adhere to its tendencies, but rather to transform it.

Since the beginning of this human project, the Creator allowed the two opposites of the duality of the universe to exist here: great darkness, a great evil, but also a great love, an infinite light, which comes to the world not only through Christ, but also through each heart that awakens to express that light which dwells in the depths of your essence and which, even though it is darkened, it is because of the things of the world, and not by the Will of God.

You still do not know, children, the perfection that dwells within you and within your brothers and sisters.

In their hearts, many ask Me how to reconcile the life of the spirit with their family life, their work, and their daily activities.

I want each one of you to be an example for your fellow being, an example of persistence, of perseverance, of love for the Plans of God.

To love another is not to be consequent with their errors. To love another, besides accepting them as they are, is also being able, when you see an error, to give an example of something that will balance them and do the opposite, for in this way, you will convert, not through judgment, nor through the criticism of your minds, but through the example of your hearts.

In these times, children, the minds are very confused, and even though they recognize they are not on the correct path, they do not know where to go. Within their beings, the darkness that permeates the world is much stronger than the love that tries to appear. For this reason, on this day, I ask you to give true examples to your families, in your day to day, in each instant of your lives. If you want to transform your fellow being, transform yourselves, for that is the only way this world can be transformed in a true way.

You will be able to understand the celestial mysteries and experience them when within you, there is a determination to follow the Plan of God. This does not mean hurting the other, for you will neither judge, nor criticize anyone; you will simply give pure examples of your union with God, and the union with the Creator, in itself, will transform all things.

As always, I would like to talk to you about divine universal matters; I would like to tell you the true reason why your spirits came to the world, reveal to you that this is not the first time, nor the last time you are on the Earth.

I would like to show you, to your hearts, how many lessons, how many triumphs and how many mistakes you experienced throughout your existence so that you could learn that you are not perfect, but that not all is lost, for an experience of true love exists within your beings, for if this were not so, you would never be here.

Those who are listening to Our Words today in the four corners of the world, throughout the history of humanity, have already heard the echo of the Voice of God many times, be it through prophets, patriarchs, saints, My Son Jesus, be it from the Creator Himself, Who breathed the essence of a truth into your heart so that simply with that breath, you might commit to Him during the whole history and, in this end of a cycle in which humanity must definitely manifest His Will, you could remember and finally fulfill the Divine Purpose.

I tell you these things because while I speak, I show your heart these truths, I attract your souls and your spirits so that you, children, may recognize that you are not just this matter, this mind that listens to Me, this heart that feels Me.

Something exists between you and Me that is unique, that unites us, that makes us in likeness to God.

Your essences left a Divine Origin, but never lost the link with the Origin, never lost the link with the Creator. A part of your consciousness remains in the Source, as a promise of your return to the Heart of God.

For this reason, today, for those who open their hearts, I have you feel that essence. I rebuild the thread that unites you with God and I promise the Lord that I will take care of you always, so that this thread does not break again, but rather, that the light of divine essence can flow more and more within your hearts.

Today I come to the world not only to talk with you, but to give you a spiritual impulse, which will resound in the whole human consciousness. I want you to leave here filled by the Spirit of God, so that you lose the fear of announcing the Return of His Son, and, more than that, of preparing the dwelling place of Christ within yourselves, because your Christic Essence is already before your hearts. Open your arms, open your heart and let this Christ express Himself and dissolve from your beings all links with evil.

Today I show you the Kingdom of God, which few know, for many seek to understand with the human mind something that is divine. The pride and vanity of humanity do not allow it to knock on the doors of Heaven, for they still prefer to feel self-sufficient rather than ask for the help of God.

Children, lose your fear of feeling the joy and wholeness of finding the Creator. Lose your fear of saying 'yes' to a new way of uniting with God, which is not to be found in any religion, in any belief; it is to be found in the depths of your beings. It is a union that has always existed, but that humanity has never wanted to see.

Religions are a doorway so that you can find the Father, but the time has come for you to cross the limitations of all the teaching you have received up until today, so as to learn from the act of reconnecting, which exists within you and that no institution can teach you. Religions exist to congregate souls, form the flocks, awaken them and lead them on a unique path, which is the Love of the Creator. If you experience a true love, love your neighbor as yourselves, and God above all things, it does not matter where you go, because you will find the Creator, and He Himself will show you His Truth, dissolve illusions, break the barriers, and transform human understanding of His Truth, of His Kingdom, of His Origin.

Today I come with My Holy Wife Mary so that you may receive a special Grace, a divine atonement, for We do not tire of giving Graces to the world; on the contrary, Our arms are always full, but the human heart is also full of itself.

Empty yourselves of all concepts, of all ideas about God; empty yourselves of all comprehension, become nothing, for, in this way, everything will be comprehensible to you.

The greatest mysteries of the Creator are kept in the simplest things; that is why we came to the world, because humanity was seeking great teachings, great insights that aggrandized itself, and not unite it with God.

This is why we came as the Sacred Hearts, for that was the expression of simplicity on the Earth, and it is in this way, with this example, that you will come to know divine mysteries, and will be capable of living them. In simplicity, all instructions will come alive, and you will not need to read so many books, because the greatest book is written in the history and experience of humanity. That is the book of those who are dressed in white garments. That is the most sacred book that they write and rewrite every day. If you want to read a great history, write it and you will read it in the Universe.

Bring the communion here, the symbol that the greatest mystery can be found in the least things. Would you be capable of believing that in this little piece of bread and in this fruit of the grape is hidden the Presence of God, the sacrifice of His Son, each of His steps with the Cross, His Blood, His Water poured out to the last drop for the salvation of humanity?

Will you believe, children, that by eating this bread and drinking this wine you will unite with this sacrifice of Love and will be invited to renew it in each small sacrifice of your lives? For this is the greatest truth that I bring you today. And as a symbol of this truth, I show you that grandeur in the change experienced each day by those who commune of the Body and the Blood of Christ.

By the authority given to Me by God, today I dress as a Celestial Priest, because before My Son experienced it on the Cross, I already contemplated His surrender and communed each day of His permanent sacrifice. I learned with Him to convert matter and place His Divine Presence in these elements.

Pray with me an Our Father in Aramaic, as in other times when you prayed with My Son, and thus, once again, you resume your commitments with God, disconnect from all evil, free yourselves of all pain and find peace in union with Christ.

Our Father in Aramaic.

Commune of these elements as you communed in other times. Lose your fear, as you lost it in other times, surrender your lives, as you surrendered them in other times. In this world there are now not so many deserts, but your voices must echo now among the cities, in the hearts of the men and women of this world, so that all may come to know the greatness of God and all may prepare for the Return of His Son. Let all know that His Spirit is already on this Earth and the time has come to awaken.

With this I thank you, and with Our hands upon you, We leave you Our blessings. Receive them and hold them in the depths of your beings, so that they may be a divine nourishment that gives you the impulse to always walk, to transform, to change into a living image of the likeness with God.

By the blessing and the redemption granted to you by the Sacred Hearts, I free you, cleanse you, wash your souls, and leave upon you the sign of the Holy Cross.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Continue in peace and renewed.

I thank you. 

At that moment, Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón shared the daily Message transmitted by the Virgin Mary on that same day, October 19, 2016.