Prayer to live in Humility

In the Extra Apparition of the 4th of April of 2015, during the Sacred Week, in the Marian Center of Aurora, Our Lord Christ Jesus transmitted the following prayer:

Prayer to live in Humility


Supreme existence of the humble love,
Supreme consciousness of the universal Creation,
descend upon Your Immaculate spirit
and incarnate now in this little heart,
so that Your selfless purpose
may be fulfilled in the mission that you have entrusted to me.

Erase from my heart all arrogance,
clean my soul of all stain,
and dissolve with Your divine light
all debt in my consciousness,
because free from myself
I will be able to help You, beloved Father,
to fulfill Your infinite Will
in all that has been manifested.

Unite me to the spirit of humility,
consecrate me to the essence of Your Truth,
raise me to Your Kingdom,
so that this being manifested by Your Origin
may fulfill with Your Angels
the purpose of the glorious coming of Christ.


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