Invocation to the Original Plan of God

Invocation to the Original Plan of God


This prayer is a spiritual and internal invocation for all those
who have been and will be self-summoned for the end of times.

The Celestial Powers
unite in the Universe and
the rays of Liberation
and Transmutation
expel the corrosive energies of evil.

The soldiers of Light
unite to the principle of Universal Love
and all uncertain doors
are closed by the Great Awakening of Humanity.

Peace is established
in all those who listen to the Divine Call
and the planet as a whole
receives the opportunity of Liberation.

The Celestial Masters
radiate the power of the stars
and all self-summoned
respond to the Greater Will.

The redeemed New Humanity emerges
because Christ, the Master amongst masters,
has returned to Earth.

All souls are responsive
to the fulfillment of the Divine Plan
and the new Suns participate
in the Great Current of Fraternity.

The Celestial Universe
descends to the planet
and all that has been created and thought of
by the Mind and Heart of God
receives the codes of Christification.

The soldiers become resplendent flames
and illuminate the darkness of this world.

The Great Master of Love,
Jesus Christ,
guides and accompanies
the evolution and the redemption
of all children of God.

The Plan of God is fulfilled in this era.

The Original Project
becomes possible and true
because the summoned respond to the
Universal Voice of Adonai.

Emmanuel becomes visible
amongst the creatures
and all human being
recognize His Spiritual Paternity.

The Divine Plan is vivified
in the existence of all beings
and the planet Earth enters into the thousand years of Peace.

The Universe manifests its true spiritual identity
and all of the living humanity,
in the four corners of the Earth,
receives in Glory the arrival of the Universal King.

All undergoes a new cycle,
all is transformed,
transmuted and redeemed.

Humanity is blessed
by the rays of Universal Love 
and all those who have awakened
commune again in the
Sacred Supper of Reconciliation.

Those who are oppressed
are liberated.

Those who are ill
are healed.

Those who are prisoners of themselves
become free.

Those who invoked the blessed name of God
are consecrated.

All is reconstructed.
All is restored.

All is elevated to the foot 
of the Greater Celestial Altar.

The forces of evil are redeemed
and removed from the entire sphere of the Earth.

The New Humanity breathes Peace,
Harmony and Love.

Now the original promise is fulfilled
under the Supreme Light of the Creator.


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