Act of Consecration to the Sacred Family of Nazareth

Act of Consecration to the Sacred Family of Nazareth



Prayer to be recited especially during the Christmas Eve of the Lord
and at the end of the Holy Rosary of the 24th of December.


Divine Rays descend from Heaven
over the dear city of Bethlehem.

The Angels announce to the shepherds
the Birth of the King of Humility.

Jesus is known by His Sacred Name,
He is the Prince that was born from the family of King David
but His identity does not belong to this world,
His Wise Spirit comes from the Holy Spirit of God.

The Jesus Child has arrived to the world
to liberate it from error.

He is the Savior of all the races,
He is the Messiah of the Celestial Annunciation.
The Angel Gabriel has dictated His Sacred Name.
The Most Holy Virgin has sheltered in Her bosom the Creator Power,
from Her most pure womb has been born the Savior,
from the Most Holy Mary has awakened the Redeemer Christ.

Before this great universal mystery
our hearts consecrate themselves
because the prophecies of the Patriarchs have been fulfilled
and the Son of God has defeated death with His Divine Passion.

Every race has been renewed
by the victorious coming of the Son of God.

From Bethlehem has emerged the Eternal Light for the dark world.
The Orient has been united to the Occident
and nothing will ever more  be separated
because we have received the Mercy of God.

We are sheep of the Great Shepherd Child.
We are redeemed stars upon the Earth.

May this Holy Birth of Christ impel us to continue walking.
Nothing shall detain us.
Nothing shall torment us.
Nothing shall separate us from God.
We are members of the Sacred Family.
We are children of the Most Holy Virgin.
We are faithful companions of Saint Joseph.

In Christ we shall fulfill the Will of God
as it was in the beginning,
now and forever.


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