Hail, Aurora of the Lord

Hail, Aurora of the Lord


On December 3, 2023, Our Lord said:

“Today, I am standing upon sacred ground, the ground that has witnessed the descent of the Mother of God, who brought Her Message of Healing to the whole world. And today, I Am also a witness of all this, all the Legacy that the Hierarchy has transmitted to you throughout the ages, and the time has come for the synthesis of this Legacy to be lived. (…)

Aurora, throughout the times, has offered, on behalf of the planet and humanity, to be the Great Spiritual and Inner Consciousness that impels the revelation of the end times, impels the definition of hearts, impels the revelation of the prophecies and last Words of the Hierarchies.”



may Your Light reign, despite the darkness.

may Your Sacred Sword cut the bonds with evil,
so that the souls in the world
may be liberated from spiritual captivity.

may Your Light be reborn in the thirsty hearts.

may Your Healing be fulfilled in those who aspire to find you.

open the doors of consciousness,
so that all may achieve relief and peace.

Hail, Aurora of the Lord!


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