Prayer to the Mother of Infinite Mercy

Prayer to the Mother of Infinite Mercy


For requesting the Grace and action of the Infinite Mercy of the Mother of God.

O Most Pure Mother of Infinite Mercy!
who consented to come from the Supreme Heaven
to our assistance,
help us to be free from ourselves.
Strengthen our faith
so that we may fulfill
the Sacred Purpose.
Protect, day and night,
the walking of our steps.
Liberate us from the bonds of evil.
O Sacred Mother of Infinite Mercy!
who revealed the Power of Your Face
upon the Sacred soils of Aurora.

May Your Most Holy Heart
be reborn in our hearts.
May Your Kind gaze of a Mother
guide the inner path that we must pass through.
May Your blessed Hands bless
the Greater Mission that we must accomplish.

O Mother of Infinite Mercy!
May Your Heart unite us
to the Glorified Heart of Christ
and may nothing separate us from You
so that, on the day of the Great Return of the Redeemer,
we may glorify forever the Grace of God.


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