Charismatic Prayer to Our Lady Untier of Knots

Charismatic Prayer to Our Lady Untier of Knots


Lady of Celestial Power,
untie from our consciousnesses
all the knots that oppress us
and close our paths.

Lady Untier of Knots!
Cut and liberate the ties of our lives,
may Your Light of Divine Wisdom
banish and dissipate the abysses of this world.
May Your celestial mantle of protection and shelter
guard us eternally
under the power of Your Love and Your Guidance.

Sacred Mother, who unties all knots,
may our lives, together with Your Angels and Archangels,
be untied
by the imposition of Your sacred hands.

Pray for us
for all the days that will come,
so that, united to Your Maternal Consciousness,
we may see, coming in Glory, the day of our redemption,
the day of the Return of Christ,
our Savior.



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