When a door of evil is closed by the presence of the sublime and wise Love of God between the brothers and the sisters of humanity, the Holy Spirit of Christ again fully organizes the consciousnesses, carrying them one more time to the encounter with the true spiritual mission that My Father has entrusted to them.

For this do not fear that your vestments may fall from your beings or that they may be taken off, as they were from My Glorified Body because from you will be taken off the old so that you may be covered by the Holy Spirit.

When My Heart communicates to you the hour of changes it is so that the hearts may be prepared for the path of transcendence and of purification. Whoever drinks from the bitter chalice of the emptiness of oneself will afterwards be with Me to drink and to dine of the chalice of Reparation and of Redemption.

But it is urgent that the past be transmuted by My Merciful Rays so that your beings may receive absolution and forgiveness. I know that sometimes My Disciples feel lonely before so much dryness of the desert and, out of instinct seek to quench their thirst in other fountains that could be dry.

But I tell you that the true Christic and chaste love between beings is born when the truth is revealed between them, because there is present the wisdom of God and the love that may be able to exist between souls that will be able to be purified so that you may love each other in spirit and in fraternity.

For this I have asked you to love each other. I have asked you to love one another as you are so that you may learn to love the soul of each consciousness, because this is your inner goal.

When the love of My Heart is present between beings will be lived the pure Love of God, as My Mother Mary and the Most Chaste Joseph lived it on the Earth. Believe in this love and nourish yourselves through spiritual love, in this way your sensation of emptiness will disappear. I am returning as the renovated source of love that is absent in all of humanity.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living in the Source of My Christic Love.

Christ Jesus.


Day by day I see with love, in My Source of Mercy, the roses of the prayer that your essences donate to Me in humility and faith.

This is the true miracle of love for these times, that My Unfathomable Mercy may be seen reflected in the hearts of all of the beings that, with ardent desire, seek this opportunity.  

For this I tell you, My Companions, do not fear to see your face from the past reflected in My Source because I am here to pour the Grace of liberation and of consecration into your hearts.

My Heart conducts you in this time through a path unknown to your intellect, My Path leads towards the Eternity of My Father. For this cultivate a patient heart, full of love, hope and mercy because in this time of great definitions the souls of the entire world will be able to be sustained by the pure faith that they may sow in their consciousness.

My rays that penetrate the crust of the Earth come from the universe to awake those who sleep the dream and the game of constant illusion. For this I make use of simple shepherds and of humble disciples who are willing to be apostles of My savior Message by means of charity and of the example of the life that they live with Me.

For this, in this time of lack of peace in the world, My Consciousness comes from the Kingdom of God directly to form and to organize again the life of all of the flocks. For this My Light removes the impurities and imperfections so that, transfigured by My Love, they may be in service to the Supreme Will of the Plan of My Father.

For this I ask you to not fear. You already knew that the time of purification would come at the end of a cycle, for in this way will begin a coming cycle of peace for the world. Above all things I sustain you between My arms, mainly those who allow Me to do so and who trust in My redeeming Call. At the end all will be understood.

Under the victorious Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for reflecting My words in the essence of your hearts!

Christ Jesus.

Daily Messages

And the Lady dressed of Sun will pour the Crown of Stars, so that a path may arise from the bowels of the Earth and through which will walk the new redeemed flocks.  Each one of Her stars will be the visible sign of a new cycle and each soul, according to their choice, will enter through a path that will be able to bring them to the Kingdom of the Lord.

At the Greater Door of Heaven, the Beloved Lord will wait for His beloved soul, so that together in victory, they may consecrate the spirit to the Eternal Love of God.  The Lady dressed of Sun will manifest Her universal symbol and this will be the sign that will announce the next coming of the King of the Universe. 

Blessed are those who will be waiting in joy for the coming of the King of the Patriarchs, because they will be participants of the Good News for the world.

Blessed are those who have given of themselves, in order to transfigure in Christ their lives, because they will recognize the rays that come from the Heart of the Son of God.

And the New Boat of life and of prayer, will sail in deep sea and many will see it arising by the efforts of the little beings of Christ.  The New Boat will not be from the past, it will be born as a new child from the womb of His Immaculate Mother.

Many will not understand this mystery and not many will feel the brightness and the strength of its light, that which comes from the Boat and the new flocks.  These are the ones brought together for the redeeming mission, those who silently will lift high the torch of light, to show to the world the path of the true conversion.

No one will remain without knowing where to go, because the Boat is already sailing by means of the impulses that it receives from the favored fire of prayer.  Those who are curious will want to know the essence of this great food for the spirit, but because they do not know themselves they will see too late that everything starts and ends in the prayer of the heart.

The workers speed up the work of the great bridge to the Great Spirit of God; time flies and the souls slow down their steps towards God.  The Bird of the Holy Spirit announces a new call and only will follow in flight the ears attentive to the voice of the heart.

A New Humanity awakens in the south of the world.   On the horizon the Aurora breaks radiant, in order to open the cycle of purification.  All of the universe comes together so that the Divine Purpose may reach its reality in the sleeping consciousnesses.

Compassion for those who will cry for having depreciated the instruction of Heaven!  The Voice of the Great Master will continue to resonate for some more time, while His Light illuminates with love the pace of the New Boat.

The old will be knocked down, because the pillars were not based in living the Law of the Lord. It is time to recognize the Time and to live in the wisdom of the Lord.

The Doors of Heaven are opened to welcome all of those who have been separated from God.

Penance for the proud ones!  Redemption for the timid!  Mercy for those who do not tire of serving the Great Lord!

The Star of the Universe will announce the great moment for the world, while the New Boat sails to the south of the world; its passing knocks down with love the structures that are already expired.  No one will be able to oppose it, because it is filled by the Light of the Great Universal King.

Recognize with faith all that you receive in your hands, because for the expected time there must exist a repentant heart, so that it may be healed by God.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for meditating on My signs with the heart!

Christ Jesus, Master of Love


The merciful rays of My Heart are poured mainly upon those who most need of My Redemption and Compassion.

For this, every day I count on those servers who are willing to be available to all, to throw the nets so that others may also be saved.

You, with Me, live in a different time, which you witness day by day, because the time that My Heart radiates upon My Followers is a time that prepares, redeems and advances the steps of those who are less prepared.

Seek the time to be with Me because in this way My Heart will use the spontaneity of those who, risking everything, love those who most need My Peace and Love. I just want that for this time that you live with Me, that you be transmitters of My Voice and of My Word, of My Love and of My Peace.

I just ask you this because if you do like this the world as a whole will see itself more relieved and the hearts of all of the souls will liberate themselves from the path that takes them to constant sin and perdition.

I need, in My special Time, neutral soldiers who may be able to deal with the reality of the consciousnesses who most need help for these times. And you have as a primordial key love and prayer, because love and prayer are only one inseparable path that your consciousnesses must strengthen in the inner.  In this way you will learn to live My Laws and you will answer to the needs that My Father will reveal moment by moment to each one of the souls.

Bring in your heart a humble and noble spirit that may truly radiate what it is in life because above all things I know you very well and I know what it is that each disciple of Mine needs.

Know that I love you as you are and I guide you from the heart.

Under the Mercy of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for meditating My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus. 


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón: Today, after having prayed for a while, I saw beside the prayer room altar a door of light opening, which showed Heaven. From this door Our Lord appeared as He did yesterday, although today His Face was closer and more resplendent.

When Christ Jesus appeared, He placed His left Hand upon His chest and from within His Being a pinkish Heart of intense light emerged. When the Heart of Christ lit up there appeared twelve golden stars around His Heart, which became illuminated at the same time. At that moment, Jesus said, 

“Look, this is My Glorified Heart.”

Then, He started to transmit to us:

My dear ones,

I promise those who trust in My Mercy that they will not perish, that they will see Me in Heaven with My Face of Glory, and they will stay with Me, serving, for the good of all souls of humanity.

Allow My rays to enter your beings so that My Fount may be visible for those who are blind and do not see Me, even when I have many times been in their lives, with love and redemption.

Be One with Me, I promise to save you in My Second Coming. However, you must live the tests of life as an absolute confirmation of faith in My Redeeming Pathway.

In silence, I accompany you. In silence, I listen to you. In silence, I observe and watch the steps that each sheep takes towards the Light. Do not let the world embrace you, pray for the world to be filled with the merciful fountain of redemption.

I come back for all. I await everyone. I wait for all.

Take the steps toward Me so that I will be able to sustain you in this world. Live the paradise of My Heart within your hearts. I am your beloved Shepherd of Love.

Under the Grace of God, be blessed.

Thank you for holding in your hearts My final Redeeming Call.

 Christ Jesus

Moments later He told us:

“I want you to paint the image of My Merciful face of the Second Coming, just as you saw it, so that it may be venerated by those who, coming to know Me once again, may find Me as their true refuge and relief of life.

To those who contemplate and carry this Glorified Face of My Second Coming, I promise to safeguard them, just as God guarded My Being during the flagellation of Calvary. Whoever venerates Me will not feel the nails received by Me on the Cross, rather they will feel roses at the Altar of the Throne of My Lord, the Almighty God.

Then He added:

"Propagate Mercy.

Live the Peace of the Redeeming New Age.”

And then the image of Glorified Face of Christ appeared, once more, with His Heart surrounded by twelve stars, and at the bottom of the image of Christ was written:

“Propogate Mercy.

Live the Peace of the Redeeming New Age”.


Dear and beloved children of the Father,

All the offenses that are generated in the world are forgiven day by day through the Unfathomable and Powerful Divine Mercy that springs as a fountain from the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Therefore today, My little ones, you must surrender in faith to the infinite mystery of forgiveness and of reparation for the hearts that have fallen into the faults that offend God.

So that the world and the souls may achieve peace and universal harmony necessary in this end of times, My Son needs humble and spontaneous soldiers of Mercy.

Dear children, the Universal King of the Love of God, Jesus Christ, awaits daily that through prayer, service and frater- nity new soldiers are able to be His instruments so that His Mercy may be propagated through the world. The hearts still have not understood the true mystery of the merciful Rays of Jesus; therefore today I invite you to propagate this important Grace that My Son is pouring over the whole world.

My children, in His Sorrowful Passion were radiated the highest States of Love that flowed out from the wounded Heart of Jesus. Now resurrected, He calls you to the conversion of your lives and to drink from the Fountain of Christ Itself, which heals all and cures all.

Dear children, it is time to awaken before that magnificent and splendorous Grace of Redemption and Forgiveness in which My Son is calling you to be participants.

May your lives be only Mercy. May your actions be merciful. May your words and thoughts be impregnated by Divine Mercy. May the Fire of the Love of Jesus convert you into instruments of His Unfathomable Mercy.

Dear children, you still have time!

I thank you for responding to My call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Children, I lift you in My arms as I did with the Child Jesus.

Dear children,

Today I bring all of you to the Heart of My Son who, having resurrected, comes in His Glory to bring you His Peace and His Divine Mercy. Thus, today, through the spirit of prayer, you will be preparing yourselves to receive the Rays of Mercy, an infinite source that you must accept. You must also live in the love for My Immaculate Heart.

Your hearts must convert into little flowers for the Creator. In this way, My dear children, your lives will become more peaceful because you will be in prayer with God.

My children, the primordial mission of My Immaculate Heart is to rescue all of My children, even more those who are blind, who are far away from God. Therefore, dear children, I await so that from each one of your little hearts may flow a fount of living prayer, truthful and humble, that may help the world of today.

Dear children, the one who walks confidently along the way of prayer will be together with My Son, adoring Him and contemplating Him in simplicity. I want to take you each day towards the Prodigious Heart of Christ because in this way your hearts will be inside the Kingdom of God even if you still remain on the Earth.

Today I call you to deepen into My daily messages because in them you will find the keys that the Lord, through His Faithful Servant, is giving you.

Little children, those who live My daily message will be on the right path of conversion. Know, dear children, that humanity lives today the cycle of the possible and total redemption of the heart and of life. Therefore, live with the heart the Grace that the Heavens are pouring to you.

Be fair and simple.

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


My children,

Do not be afraid of darkness because the triumph of My Immaculate Heart will guard each one of your lives.

Dear children, never lose the path of faith that you have built through prayer.

Today I am among your hearts so that you may feel Me as a Mother of Love and Peace. Never be afraid of what has not yet happened. Know that through My Son you will be able to find the strength to walk through the world. Therefore you must secure prayer in your hearts so that the fount that comes from the Divine Source may descend over the hearts of the world.

Beloved children, the alliance of your hearts with Christ will permit you to see the horizon of light that is approaching. Wait daily for the presence of My Son and know that we are still in a time of Grace. Walking in prayer, humanity will reach triumph in the Love of God, although for this to happen, it is necessary that many hearts liven up their lives through prayer. Thus all of them will be able to renew the life of the heart in love and forgiveness.

Dear children, accept and live the forgiveness of My Son. In this way you will receive the Rays of His Divine Mercy. This is the path that you must travel together, imitating the pilgrimage of Joseph and My Heart towards Bethlehem.

Why do I tell you this? Because your lives must be born as Jesus was born, who awoke in Mercy for the world. I need you in purity so that you may feel through My Heart.

My dear ones, I hope that through prayer you may be forgiving everything with your heart. Thus the suffering of the world will be less, because if souls pray with the heart they will be able to be saved.

Dear children, feel My Peace and live My Peace. I need you firm in the heart.

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mercy and Peace for humanity!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


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