Enter the precinct of your heart to understand that, in these times, the first law is love; love above all imperfections, defects, disagreements, prides and vanities.

The only tool that will be able to protect you from evil, child of Mine, is love; love to the neighbor, love to the Kingdoms of Nature, love to the Plan of God.

If you do not open your heart to learn loving things as they are – and thus, lead them to be transformed into what they truly must be –, you will submerge in the misunderstanding, in arrogance and in the permanent competition. You have before you two outstretched hands so that you choose a path to follow. There are no other options: one is the hand of God and the other, the hand of chaos.

Many have already chosen the hand of chaos and today they are found in the midst of a dark battle without rules; but you, child, have before you the conscious option of transcending the darkness of your interior through the triumph of love in your heart. That is why I call you to ask for forgiveness, to overcome your pride and to discover the grace of being humble and fulfill the designs of the Creator.

I ask you to reconcile yourself with the neighbor, in offer to the Middle East1, but also with your own heart, which in its immaturity and ignorance, has not learned how to love.

I ask you these things, Child of Mine, because you no longer have so much time to plant seeds in the flowerbed of your existence and of the human life as a whole. Soon the time will come in which you will only harvest what you have sown, and you will eat from the fruits of the trees that have grown in your garden.

When I tell you to ask for forgiveness and register what you have done, it is in order for you to deepen yourself into your exercise of humility and reveal to everyone your imperfections, so that thus, you give an example to humanity of how simple it is to take a step towards love.

Today I tell you, child, that I will not ask you only that. I will also ask you not to only make an act of forgiveness, if every day you live far away from fraternity. This act of forgiveness of yours must be permanent, constant and eternal, because the closer the Armageddon gets to the planet, the more you will have to forgive what happens in and outside of you.


Walk with bare feet, symbolizing the detachment of results and the surrender of all the goals in your paths.

Unite to the Purpose of God and to His Rescue Plan and let the Creator be in charge of everything else.

Be the proclaimer of the Mercy of Christ in all of your acts, thoughts, words, feelings and aspirations.  Never lose sight the fount of Mercy and be merciful, as a good and true disciple of Your Lord.

Do not let the daily demands prevent you to serve the others.  Do not let your rush close your eyes to what you have beside you and not allow you to see the Kingdoms of Nature asking for your assistance.

Live with attention and watch your steps, seeking, in each second, where God expects you and what is His need that you will supply.

Allow yourself to be a servant of the God that inhabits in all beings and in all Kingdoms of Nature and do not proclaim His Presence only with words, but, above all, with the pure example of your actions.

Seek to understand the others and live under the Law of Love or, at least, try to live it every day.

The world is collapsing, with a humanity that does not know how to love, even though it has a unique opportunity, in the whole universe, of learning about love.  Be, yourself, the one that impels the step of this race.  Do not wait for the transformation of others, but only remember yourself, every day, that the transformation of those who are around you comes from you.

Be what you seek in the others and, before demanding something from the other, demand it first from yourself and deliver to the other a loving and silent example of life.

Unite every day to those who are true from the heart.  Pray for this world and transform yourself also for it, because the Project of God needs to fulfill itself in you and in the whole planet. Today I ask that you unite to all Christians that, sincere in their hearts, aspire to find peace.

Pray and fast as you can on the day of tomorrow, answering to the Call of God.

Be true in your prayers and seek to pray not with emotions, but with the spirit and with the heart.  Feel, in the depth of your being, the Sorrow of God for all that happens in the world and let yourselves be impelled to a true transformation.

Peace expands itself in the planet by means of the peaceful hearts that can live it.

May all hearts of the world be united to proclaim peace.


Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.