Who perseveres and does not get tired of being tested by Me, because of their sacrifice and surrender, will achieve the Kingdom of the Heavens.

For this today I invite you to walk in the trust and in the faith of consecrating your lives to Me and of leaving completely the illusions from the past. In this way you will always have a firm heart and the decision to live the Will of God.

Wait with joy for My Silent Arrival because now time is calling you quickly to the purification and to the redemption of your beings. When your hearts become clean and pure of every stain I will take you to Paradise so that you may glorify My Father eternally, as do the Saints and the Blessed that honor the Glory of God and His Perpetual transforming Love.

But you will still find stones on your paths. I invite you to walk over each one of them so that in you may awaken the hope for liberation and peace. Tests exist to be lived and to define the advent of the new being, redeemed and forgiven by My Eternal Light.

I forgive you and I renew you all of the days by means of merciful prayer.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My messages in the heart!

Christ Jesus, Your Faithful Shepherd. 


When lives are on the edge of the abyss, crossing the dark night, I present Myself as Light and the absolute and safe exit for each being. I come to the encounter of those who decline from various plights on the spiritual path.

My Mercy comes to the world to rescue them from the path of mistakes and of blindness so that they may awaken aspects of life, manifested in a consciousness that has decided to follow Me.

But faith and constancy to be with Me will be, in these unpredictable times of the world, what will define if a soul will be consecrated in spirit to My Heart or if it will live the life that the world offers to it through illusions and fantasies.

The path towards the Light is as straight as a staircase that ascends towards the High. In My Pathway does not exist two paths to get to Me. The soul, during the course of life has the opportunity of recognizing My evolutionary Path and, from then on, to define whether it will follow the Shepherd or its own king.

I am giving to all the same opportunity that I gave during the time of My Passion. The world is at the point of its own game and of its spiritual definition for the Divine or for the worldly. My Heart shelters all of the offers of the souls, but some have told Me from the beginning that in these times they would be with Me to fulfill the purpose of Redemption and of the conversion of the consciousnesses.

For this a boat will not move without the help of the oars. It is necessary to understand the point in which you find your little consciousnesses. I radiate to you My Peace and My Light to strengthen them.

It is time to define with which king you wish to remain: with the Eternal King of the Universe or with the king created by the world?

For this My Spirit comes to liberate souls and to show them the path towards the Lord. Trust in My Mercy.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for understanding My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus.


At each step taken by each one of My Companions I, as Son of God the All Powerful, conquer many souls, those that through My Redeemer Love find the path of Reconciliation with My Eternal Father.

Today I want that you open to Me the door of your consciousnesses to be able to enter and, through each one of you, to arrive to more souls, above all those which lose themselves in the midst of illusion.

I want that those who already let Me inhabit their inner worlds follow Me in all, without fear, without vacillating, because it is in them that I am depositing the inner strength that will give the sign so that other children of My Flock may be encouraged to walk with Me through the paths of this world.

I need those who do not aspire to anything else but to live of My Love in this Celestial Fire that My Father ignited in Me and that burns eternally in the Universe.

I want that you learn to serve this Fire that redeems, that forgives, that transcends all of the barriers of the minds and finds real space inside of the essences of humans.

I want that you burn in this Fire that is My Fire of Love which comes from My Father.

I do not offer you tranquility, only the infinite and glorious security of My Love.

I do not offer you a future, only the eternal present to eternally serve together with Me the Universe and the Plan of My Father.

I offer you sacrifice, renunciation, surrender, so that in this way you may help Me to save this, our humanity.


The deserts, child, are experienced in different stages of the surrender and transformation of humankind.

During inner growth, the Creator brings His children into the desert many times. Sometimes rapidly and simply and, sometimes, in a deep and prolonged way, which seems to never end.

The desert is an inner state of emptiness in which the Creator takes from His children and friends all the consolations of Earth, every feeling, every affection, all that which the spiritual being creates as a support, and sometimes this acts as a springboard upon their path toward inner life.

All of that is taken away so that, in this way, the consciousness may learn to be supported purely byspiritual foundations, in the knowledge and experience of God, which is born from faith and the experience of the void.

Consolidate your union with God through the simple certainty that He is present, even though He does not make Himself felt, heard nor seen.

The desert can be seen as rough and painful but, in truth, child, the desert is the invitation of God for souls to achieve a profound and direct union with Him, far from the illusions and the senses, far from the dimensions of matter and all they are made up of.

The desert is an invitation to what is real; but to cross this desert, it is not enough to have knowledge. The science of humility must be discovered, of yielding and of surrender, the science of launching oneself into the Divine Hands and knowing that His Will is perfect, both in the oasis and in the desert, in the temples full of souls that awaken as well as in the calvary full of souls that despise.

That is why I speak about the desert, so that you may learn to love it and to aspire to it. Not to aspire to suffering, but rather aspire to a direct, profound and real union with the One who created you and invites you to express the likeness to His Heart.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Every time you get tired of something in you which must be transformed, and you finally surrender your being, realizing that your actions are fruits of your own inner world and not the consequences of attitudes of your neighbor, then, child, you take a new step towards spiritual maturity.

Even though it may seem that you always repent the same things, it is never the same. Transformation keeps deepening within your consciousness.

May your heart not be anguished for confessing the same things, but rather may your soul rejoice for perceiving that which is there to be transformed, not remaining in ignorance, in illusion nor in darkness.

Do not grieve when perceiving the same miseries that need to be liberated, but rather pull more deeply at the roots of human atavism which dwell in you, until this can be liberated from your consciousness and, in consequence, from the entire human consciousness.

I do not say that you will find joy as you perceive the mud that exists within you, but it will relieve your soul and your heart with the determination of transformation and the victory of surrendering to God.

Walk with love towards the goal that you see before your eyes. I will always help you get there.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Message of Saint Joseph transmitted in the city of Augsburg, Germany, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

Perceive the Heart of God within your heart and let yourself be transformed by His Presence. Allow, child, only Him to grow and to expand within you.

Allow the Love of God to take the place of your ignorance and to make of you an instrument of His in this world. Concede to the Father the possibility of acting, thinking and feeling through you. Allow the Father to shape your human condition and release the roots He is tearing out of your consciousness.

Realize you are nothing without God.

There is no life except in the Father; there is no truth outside of Him. When you are not in God, you only walk around in your ignorance and illusion, without finding the correct path of your evolution.

Thank the corrections of life, which make you more humble. Thank your mistakes, which show you your imperfection and how much you have to learn, to grow and to transform, in order to become what God expects from you.

Cross the doors of the trial that He sends to you and, in each fall, let it be His Divine Hand to raise you up, and let it not be your pride that rises even more before your eyes, preventing you from knowing the truth and from experiencing it.

Embrace with gratitude this cycle of inner maturation and be able to recognize, child, that all the best you express comes from God, and that in order to fulfill His Plan you must seek in Him the Love and the Grace you need in order to manifest His Will.

Go and do what I tell you. You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Contemplate the Consciousness of God as a great Kingdom of infinite proportions and beauty, and each of His Aspects as a gateway to a state of consciousness of that Celestial Kingdom.

Contemplate the Aspects of God as a great path of ascension built by the Father Himself so that His children may reach Him.

Each Aspect of God is a bridge of upliftment to a higher dimension, and the gradual contact with Them causes you to return to the Source of Unity, where everything becomes One again.

Each Aspect of God, besides being a bridge, is also a Kingdom that is revealed when the heart opens to discover it.

Within the human heart lies a unique key, which opens the doors to each one of the dimensions of the Kingdom of God as this heart lives greater and higher degrees of Love.

The Kingdom of God on Earth, still unknown to humankind, is the manifestation of an Aspect of the Father that can only be revealed to hearts that love. To experience the Revelation of Life on this world and come to know what is hidden both within the Earth and in the invisible of the surface that you can see with your physical eyes, you must first learn to love that which is accessible, palpable, and visible to you.

To access a higher state and experience a Divine Revelation, you must first learn to manifest Love at the level you are on.

Manifest a Love for life, for your brothers and sisters, for the Kingdoms of Nature, for the consciousness itself of the planet, and you will see how your hearts and your consciousnesses will access the dimensions of life that have always been here, but which you could never see.

You will thus find the true expression of God on Earth, a Revelation of His Kingdom and of the Sacred that Adonai manifested in material life as part of Himself, as a dimension of what He is and was given to humankind so that, in communion with the God that manifests in matter, they would be able to renew Divine Consciousness though Love.

While the world shakes, God calls upon you to wake up your consciousnesses to the true meaning of life, and through the Love that is born from your hearts, to access what is Real and transcends all knowledge, including all human wisdom.


Go and seek the Heart of God beyond the human miseries.

The errors are a way of recognising your own imperfection and seek, beyond the superficialities, that which is real, which is true.

God, child, offers you to learn through the knowledge of His Grace, awakening in your heart a profound faith in your Father and Lord Who, from the beginning of His Creation, until today, finds ways of demonstrating His Love to His children.

But it is also possible to know God through tiredness, through the constant errors, through the miseries that overflow the human condition without an apparent solution.

There the heart seeks a hope, something that is more real than its miserable condition, something that dissolves, with its truth, the illusion and the mirage of the labyrinth of vanities.

There is when the heart halts and thinks: God.

There is when the consciousness, that knows the occult meaning of life, finds a space, between the distractions of the personality, so that it descends over the being a drop of Grace, and this drop starts to transform everything it touches.

A drop of God satiates the thirst of the souls and gives them back life, but a river of the Divine Presence turns them into His instruments, living sources in a world that has thirst for Truth and that dies for not seeing the source before their eyes.

He who was thirsty and was satiated can no longer see the thirst before his eyes and do nothing, because he knows the emptiness and the illusion, and this makes him despair.

But know, child, that everything has its time and freewill gave men the election of knowing God through love or clamouring for Him in the deepest of the one own miseries.

Know, however, that the Gaze of your Father is always attentive on His children, it does not halt and it does not get distracted. A simple movement is enough for Him to respond with a river of Graces to those who deserve Justice, because the Creator of the world is the God of Mercy and His Heart is renovated and it rejoices in the awakening of each human heart.


Cry out, little soul, for your sister souls who sleep in the illusion of this world.

Cry out so that the night may be deep, but not eternal. May it forge within beings the fortitude that will help them overcome greater tests than the darkness of the Earth, but that this night not be so intense that it darkens the hearts of men. 

Cry out for Mercy to descend on Earth in times of Justice.

Cry out so that no punishment may be eternal and so that souls condemned by their own ignorance may be able to get out of the abysses of illusion and lack of love.

Cry out, soul of God, so that your Father, Who is Eternal and is full of Love and Grace, does not tire of pouring over the world these Gifts of His Heart, so that they be an eternal bridge between His creatures and the Source of Life.

Cry out, soul of God, so that your Father, Who is in the Heavens, but Who is in all things, listens to your prayers, and being sincere, they are attended to.

Cry out for those who sleep in the dream of this world and cry out for those who believe they are awake, but are lost on confused paths that do not lead them to God. 

Cry out for the One Truth to reveal itself and for Unity to emerge as a need in the hearts of men.

Cry out, little soul, for the soldiers of Christ to persevere in the four corners of the world. That they proclaim Love more than a doctrine, that they proclaim Love more than a religion, and that they recognize themselves in the Love that dissolves differences and reveals souls as sisters under a same purpose.

Cry out  so that this Plan be fulfilled. Feel yourself a living part of the human consciousness, and being part of the heart that pulsates on Earth, raise your voice to the Heavens and cry out to the Father for the establishment of His Will, for the rebirth of His Love, for the consolidation of His Word, for the institution of His Laws, for the fulfillment of His Promises, and at the end of everything, so that His image and semblance be reflected in the faces, in the hearts and in the consciousnesses of all His children. Let your cry be eternal and true.

He who blesses you and cries out with you for this world and for creation,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Learn to be in My Peace, in spite of the chaos and the conflicts of the world. Learn to look at the events with eyes of mercy and with a heart full of pity.

Learn to be before a planet in transition, maintaining the harmony and the peace of your small heart, because – even if the “stage of horrors and of human fear” - is formed on Earth, your heart must be in peace.

Learn, child, that you are in the world at this time to be the instrument of a Higher Will, of a Greater Life, which will be instituted on Earth once it has been purified. This Life will emerge from within the beings and will spread around them. It will be the result of the fortitude of the human heart that knows how to express what it truly is: a small living part of the Divine Consciousness.

Each day will forge, within beings, a greater fortitude. Everything will happen, for some, little by little, and, for others, abruptly, but the changes and the tests will dictate the growth of the hearts and the strengthening of their commitment to the Plan of God.

Each day it will be more necessary to serve and to donate from yourself that which seems not to exist in your own consciousness, because there will be those who will urgently need of the donation from the servants of God. For this, child, prepare your hands and let your heart grow without fear.

It will not always be simple, easy, or pleasant for you to serve. sacrifice removes the human consciousness from its point of comfort and spiritual childishness, the so-called “world illusion”; however, this same sacrifice elevates the human consciousness and leads it to the Will and to the Divine Thought, to what it is in essence and in spirit.

Let yourself, then, be elevated and guided by the changing of the times, because the very consequences of the transformation of the Earth will make you take steps, if you do not resist and if you do not close your heart.

I will be with you.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Children, the larger the commitment of a soul is, the larger will be the challenge of its consecration, because more souls are linked to its step and so being, its definition will result in the awakening and redemption of many beings.

The larger the commitment of a work is, the larger will be the challenges to manifest it, because the adversary of God will not silence before the echo of the Voice of the Creator.

I ask you to be firm, brave and united in heart; that you maintain your strength in Christ, in the Universe and in all the revelations you already know so that in this way you will understand that the triumph of God goes beyond this life.

Humanity lives extreme opposites of awakening and of profound ignorance, of love and of much evil, and the battle between the establishment of peace and darkness will take place on all levels of consciousness.

What should never exist in your hearts is rage, because all rage that comes from the human heart only feeds what the adversary is trying to build.

You will not be indifferent to what happens in the world and, facing the attacks of the adversary, you will increase in yourselves the power of peace, of unity and of love. You will take advantage of each test to grow and to strengthen your own faith and thus you will not allow the adversary of God to find fuel to continue lightening the fire of illusions, perditions and mistakes.

Each being will be known for their own fruits. This work will be recognized by its fruits because it will sow peace and will make it flourish and multiply in the hearts.

While the falsehood emerges from the beings and all the lies become visible to everyone, the virtues must also emerge. Unite only to the light and do not see the lies of others as a form to defend and to justify yourselves, because this battle must not be competitive on your side, not even in your mind.

To dissolve darkness and to let evil poison itself, it is necessary not to drink from this poison but rather to drink from the Fountain of Christ that in silence and on the cross wins the battle of falsehood, attacks and defamations.

Children, pacify your interior and pray for your brothers and sisters. Today the Heart of God is more wounded and Christ prays before His Father for the ignorance of those who once more allow themselves to be instruments of evil.


To transform the human condition, it is necessary to know it profoundly.

Since its creation, children, since you arrived on Earth with veils covering your eyes, your consciousnesses, humanity got used to live one illusion after the other, and not only ignored its past and future, but also believed to be something it was not.

Because of the present planetary situation of chaos and perdition, not finding a meaning for their own lives, many search for the truth, and the unbridled thirst makes them drink of the water from any fountain that may show up as if it were the purest and most crystalline of all.

You must take care, children, of the water you drink, of the knowledge you search for, because all waters can satiate the thirst of who was dry in spirit, but if you continue drinking of water contaminated by the power and human vanity, you might end up dying in spirit, diagnosed by ignorance, when you believed having found the truth.

Drink of the water that God sends you through His Messengers and trust that it has all you need. The once who drinks of two fountains – sinning by the desire for power and possession of new knowledge – might drown in their anxiety.

Drink of the water that washes, transforms and purifies you and not of the water that makes you greater and brings vanity to your souls, confusing them.

True knowledge nourishes the consciousness and matures the spirit and not the personality. I also tell you that often an instruction will come from God that you will understand with the soul, not with the mind. Even so, even if it is incomprehensible to you at this moment, it will transform you and lead you to new steps, in which one day you will be able to understand what has gotten you there.

Drink from the fountain of love, of sacrifice, of service, of prayer. In it you will find all sciences.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


To be nothing is to discover the truth about yourself. To lose your own identity or individuality is to reach the Origin of all, where there is no other thing but the unity with the Whole.

To come to be nothing is a great challenge because the individual identity of each consciousness was built beyond this world and this life, in others experiences of the soul and of the spirit that transcend what you know about yourselves today.

Great, children, is the mystery of the Divine Will because the Creator, who was One, divided Himself into three and, thus, in many others particles of life, whose true mission is discovering themselves in unity with Him again.

The Creator multiplied Himself in the universes, in the galaxies, in the constellations, in the stars, in the planets, in the beings, in the Kingdoms of Nature; He created the evolutionary scale that it is nothing more than the path of return to the Origin. The Creator opened the dimensions from matter to the superuniverses, and closed –from the top down– the doors that lead to Him. And the only key that opens these doors is love.

To be nothing, children, is to discover the truth about yourselves. To be nothing as individuals, as personalities, as separated particles of God, is to know that the Creator is who lives within each being; He is who animates life.  The one who discovers oneself in God and God in oneself lives the plenitude.

Lose the fear of losing yourselves, because it is lost from yourselves that you will find yourselves. To be nothing is to discover the truth about yourselves.

The illusion of the illusions is to believe that you are something, to celebrate merits and to cry the defeats. God is the one who lives in each creature; His is the victory of Your lives and to Him belongs your evolution, towards Him is the path of the return, in Him are enclosed all the sciences, all the rays, all the worlds, all life.

The Creator emanates life, which must return to Him: it is the eternal cycle of building and believing yourself to be something to, then, deconstruct yourself, know that you are nothing and in the nothingness discover the Whole, God, the One and Only and Immutable in His Infinity, static in His permanent movement.

The quest of nothingness is not sad. To lose yourself is not to die, it is to find yourself. To die is not to end, it is to start over again.



When I talk to you about universal life, many look around and see an abysmal distance that exists between what I say and what you live as humanity.

The approach to the universal life must be first in consciousness because I tell you that, for many, from one day to another the barriers of illusion will fall to the ground and Truth will become visible to the human eye. Those who always ignored it will fear and will think they are crazy; those who had a mere idea about it will fear and will not enter the portals that will open in front of their eyes; and those who know it and live it will wait for it and, anxious for finding it, will recognize it before their eyes and will cross without fear the portals that will lead them to a new life.

Believe that what I tell you, children, is not a tale or fantasy. Blessed are those who launch themselves with their hearts into the unveiling of the celestial mysteries and who, in humility, empty their own interior to become the vessels of the universal Truth.

Be attentive to the celestial guide and try with dedication and hope to live what we tell you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


For the divine Life to find in your heart a door to enter into humanity, you must have the manifestation of this life as priority.

When you are conscious that the most important is the union with God, you do it at each moment and you do not need to be closed in a chapel for this, because there are many forms to be united with the Father and one of them is to be His worker and building in the world His Work, so that not only you, child, but many others, unite themselves with Him.

You would not have to lose the opportunity to contemplate the Heart of God and to be perfectly united with Him, but as long as your tasks are still for yourself, they will separate you from God and, even if you believe that you do it for Him, you will not be able to find this union in your work.

The depth of the consciousness of each one is only known by themselves, and if you search it within you, you will know if your intention is to build something for God or if you are searching to big up yourself and receive the merits for fulfilling these tasks that you help to manifest.

Why did Santa Teresa of Jesus attain contemplation, if she spent so many days and so many hours occupying herself with foundations, constructions, with forming consecrated beings, with contacts in society?

Because she knew that what she was doing did not have any other end but to manifest a work that allowed the union of the human heart with God.

How could Father Pio contemplate if he was so busy with confessions, with administrating the construction of a hospital, with the pain that the wounds on his body caused him and also the wounds of his heart, caused by the incomprehension of beings?

Because he knew that everything he did had no other end but to expand a divine reign whose king he was not, it was Christ.

Child, if you want to grow as a soul, as a consciousness and as a servant of God and if you want to be a real instrument of God and builder of His Work in the world, forget from now onwards the merits that you may want for yourself.

If you are doing something and deep inside you gratify yourself for manifesting it, meditate and ask for mercy for your ignorance and for wanting to be recognized for a work that is not yours. In each moment, meditate on your intentions, and everything that you do, do it for God and not for yourself.


Many ask themselves where the unity will come from between the different cultures, religions, races and nations. How can such diversity be united?

Few have discovered the power of the Love of God and almost no one lives the truth which is to know that if such an infinite God was capable of creating such diversity, He can be found in all things and also in the different religions inspired by Him.

The creatures are inside of the consciousness of God and God in them, but the ignorance that closed their eyes does not allow them to see that the Creator is there, in the depth. And so they live an illusion, a life apart from Him, only because they do not know that He is in all that was created. They do not see Him and do not feel Him because they have not opened to know He is in the interior of the beings.

The Creator, in His immeasurable possibility of loving, throughout the existence of humanity, created many religions. Each one would conduct a certain part of His Creation, but – if they keep His Essence alive – all would lead to one purpose.

When Mary says She will unite, in Her Immaculate Heart, the different religions, peoples and races, that does not mean that everybody will recognize the person of Mary as Mother of God. Mary is the Unity itself, because Her mantle protects, in itself, all the Creation. As unity, She leads the different religions to Love which is the Principle that expresses Her Son.

Many may not recognize the person of Christ as the Path, the Truth and the Life, but those who believe in Love and live in Love are in Christ without knowing it.

The Love which Christ expresses transcends the existence of the person of Jesus. The Unity which Mary expresses transcends the person of Mary. They are no longer a material part of a Creation. Those who came from One Single Spirit manifested themselves on Earth to construct a path, to express an archetype, to give a living example and now, in the different scales of the evolution, they continue giving examples and leaving Their footprints in all dimensions, so that even the angels could follow Their steps.


Dear child,

Every day, strengthen in your interior the certainty of the existence of a superior life and of a purpose that transcends matter and the superficialities impregnated in it.

In these times, many will strengthen illusions, the disproportioned pleasures and the absolute usufruct. The big companies that dominate the ordinary mind of humanity with their influences inspired by the forces of chaos – in the same way that the false governments of this world – will encourage humanity to seek pleasure above life itself.

When the change of the planetary cycle becomes visible even to the blind of heart, Light will call Its children to Itself, and darkness will also want to strengthen its reign. You, as a child of Light, must be a beacon which illuminates the path of the lost ones and indicates them the goal.

Do not let yourself be carried out by the despair of humanity or even by the anxiety of “gratifying yourself while there is time”, because this will be the motto of the dark ones in the end of all.

Seek to be lucid amongst all and, much as those who you love follow other paths, remain yourself firmly in the purpose of reaching God.

Child, never think it is not worthy to keep spiritual principles and try to find God in a world that has drifted away so much from Him. Much as the world around you seems to be ending, the principle of all, the seed that will impregnate the New Earth will be inside of you and, while you still remain steady despite yourself, it will never die.

God is alive in the interior of all His Creatures, but He only acts by means of those who believe in this truth and remain in it, even if they seem to be the only ones with this certainty.

The things I tell you, child, you may find today in the world around you or tomorrow beside you. For this reason, assimilate what I tell you and consolidate inside of you the absolute conviction of the triumph of God on Earth.

Much as this war may not be visible to your eyes in this moment because of your spiritual immaturity, just trust and grow. Mature your spirit with foundations sanctified by the impulses of the Divine Messengers and you will be, yourself, the Living Principle of a perfect Creation in this world.


When a nation lives the consequences of millenary human actions and which were so intense that inflicted themselves in their social and political culture, as they say in a certain way, as it is the case of Venezuela and many other nations, the only way out for such illusion and human ignorance is a life of a true prayer.

If at least a small group, inside of each nation, truly prayed every day and if, even more, they could transform their own lives in a permanent action of prayer, it could change completely the consciousness of the nation and, as a consequence, its physical and spiritual destiny.

I say that because a being that prays permanently begins to enter with their heart in the Consciousness of God and there they recognize the true purpose of their life on Earth or, at least, they can recognize what is out of this purpose and, in this way, the illusions of matter are dissonant to them and them cannot stand them.  It is in that moment that the soul is impelled to the constant quest of the Truth and lives its elevation.  This experience is marked in the consciousness of the nation that, little by little, is conducted to a superior quest, by means of its inhabitants, of its guardians, as those who live inside of each nation are, for God, the guardians of the purpose for it.

It is for this that the Divine Messengers have arrived in Venezuela in the beginning of its crisis and now they return to renovate the impulse of the Venezuelan hearts as well as of the whole world.

The Sacred Hearts arrived in Venezuela not to end the social, political, economic and spiritual crisis that this country lives today, but rather so that it, as nation, may learn to transpose the material events through the life of prayer and may keep alive the purpose of the nation, that attribute that God deposited within all beings who live under its aura, so that they may develop it and, in this way, they may help in the fulfillment of the Divine Plan for all of humanity.

If Venezuela, as a consciousness, can live this experience of finding the truth and getting out of the material illusion by means of the praying life, this learning will serve to many other nations and for all of humanity in the times that will come, times in which the spiritual crisis, with physical consequences, will be the daily living of humanity.


Dear companions in Christ,

I want to bring to you, each day, more than words, because I have the possibility of leading you to live what you truly are, not only as individuals, but also as humanity.

For this, I insist, time and again, so that, in each moment of your lives, you will offer everything that you do for the human consciousness, especially for those who do not know God and that, independently of their social class and of their physical situation, live in ignorance and in full illusion.

My beloved ones, when I was in this world as Joseph of Nazareth, in everything that I used to do in My work, in the rest or in the daily liturgies, prayer was always what would move My Chaste Heart and thus, praying, I would offer everything for the other siblings of the world.

I would work for those who did not do it; I would rest for those who could not rest; I was true and simple for those who could not be so.  And like this I was with everything.  So, I began to discover how to love the imperfections of humanity.  In this way, while I was working for someone who did not do it, I started to understand why those who did not work were in that situation and, in My intentions, I would always offer to God the difficulties of My siblings.

Seeing the purity of His servant, that did not use to pray for himself, but rather so that the Reign of God would expand itself throughout the world, the Lord started to show, to the eyes of My Heart, different situations of the planet in places that, in life, I had not gotten to know, but I knew the reality of all that I would see.

God gave Me the grace of serving more profoundly and of being certain that, in every instant of My life, He could intercede for some soul.  It was in this way that I began to gradually learn the art of interceding before God for souls and for the beings of nature, these that would never be forgotten by My Most Chaste Heart.

Today I tell you that the secret to be an intercessor before God is never losing the purity of intention and not believing yourself to be anything but only a servant of God.  Wherever there is pride for some work offered to God, that work will no longer reach Heaven.

Many believe that they intercede for souls when, in fact, they are losing a precious time of praying with the heart to, instead of that, feed their own pride and vanity.


If you do not understand something that I tell you, enter the precinct of your own heart and there, seek to transcend the imperfections, the ideas about yourselves, the concepts already constructed around your own personality or even what you believe to be, in soul and spirit, because the Plan of God is completely unknown by the heart.  Even those who are considered to be wise live in the same time and space of illusion, separated from the Supreme Truth.  Thus, even though they may be able to glimpse something about the Superior Life, they will never be able to know it completely, but only when the time of God starts to be one with the time of this world and the illusion of you being alone, in an infinite Cosmos, disappear from the human consciousness.

For not knowing anything about the Plan of God, neither you know about yourselves, because you are part of a Supreme Creation, which, as a whole, is a great mystery for humanity.   But the time will come in which the mysteries will have to be unveiled, because the Plan of God must be lived by His Creatures.

Contrary to what many think, the Divine Messengers are sent to the world so that you can live the Plan of God and not so much for you to be able to know it.  That is why, throughout the centuries, we only delivered to humanity words that would lead it towards a new principle of life through love, faith and charity.  And these principles, by themselves, would lead humanity to live according to what God thought for it.  And after having lived and experienced the Plan of God, then, you would start being able to get to know it and to understand better the reason for you to live all those things and why you could not continue living the ordinary human life of the surface.

As the times are accelerating and the Kingdom of God is approaching the world in order to make it sacred and to remove it from illusion, the Divine Messengers give Their last great impulse to the human consciousness, trying to make it live the divine principles and, at the same time, understand, whatever is possible for it within its limitation, about the universal life, the Plan of the Creator and to where it is conducting you from this new cycle.


Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.