Dear companions of My Chaste Heart,

Today I ask you to not judge the attitudes of the human beings of the world, but to transform inside of you the roots of all evil actions of humanity.

When you judge something, even though it may be an atrocity, your consciousnesses only feel that you are separated from that evil; they feel that it does not belong to you and, thus, you lose the opportunity of changing the human consciousness through you own transformation.

Countless times we have told you that the human heart is unique and that what happens today in the word is the result of an evil planetary construction, that has counted not only with the cooperation of the Middle East, but of all the human beings, that – in their small or big evil actions – collaborated for the human heart to distance itself from God.

My Chaste Heart now comes to help you to heal humanity and this healing starts in each one of you.

Very simple and comfortable is to point out the mistakes of the nations and judge those who fight and those who do not accept the emigrants, without realizing that neither do you accept a brother or a sister that comes close to your lives with an inner, physical and spiritual condition that is different from yours and that will make you change completely to be able to shelter them with love.

You must seek within yourselves what separates you from those who are different; you must seek to heal the fear to transform yourselves in order to shelter, even if it is internally, those who do not fit to the standards that your minds accept.

Because, in the same way that it is happening to the emigrants, many souls have been through your lives and did not find in your hearts the love they needed in order to be sheltered and transformed by the Presence of God.

Understand that, if you learn to truly love, you will deposit in the human consciousness a code of love that will be able to change many events of the world.

No longer judge, do not separate yourselves from the human mistakes, as if they belonged to others.  Recognize within yourselves what must be transformed and allow that compassion gives you the wisdom that you need in order to not judge, but rather to make judgment become transformation and love.

I love you and I lead you, as your Father and Instructor.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


If you contemplated with the heart the necessities of the world in a natural way, your own necessities would dissolve themselves.  What happens is that the consciousnesses are not truly touched by what occurs on the planet and have still not opened themselves to understand what is happening.

While the souls submerge themselves in the planetary abysses, many are still worried about trying to offer small sacrifices to God and transform themselves, with much effort, almost nothing each day.

The impossibility of transformation is dictated by the consciousness that, being immersed in itself, cannot get out of its own difficulties, and the worst that happens in the world, to this consciousness, to this consciousness, is that which it does not manage transform.

Companions, in times of Apocalypse, your proportions must change in the consciousness.  Instead of being so concerned about what happens to yourselves, place the attention in the planet and all your vigilance and prayer to balance the planetary chaos.

I assure you that if you discover the love to the Plan of God and, inside this love, the absolute perseverance in the concretization of this Plan in all of the souls, in a short time you will not be the same and you will dissolve yourselves in a higher purpose.

The Lord needs, in this time, of consciousnesses that may be capable of abandoning themselves, just in order to be instruments of the manifestation of His Plan, and this happens when the being gives everything of themselves, including themselves, so that the purpose of God may be fulfilled in all of the souls.

You must worry less about the fulfillment of the Purpose of God in yourselves and more with its fulfillment in all of humanity.  If you do all in order that the other reaches salvation, the awakening and holiness, I assure you that you will reach your goal in a way that you would never reach if you were so worried about yourselves.

They are times of planetary crisis, of Apocalypse, of Armageddon.  May each one remove the attention from oneself and observe what they have around.  It is time to develop the love for your neighbor, the love for the planet, for the Kingdoms of Nature, for the Plan of God.

Offer your lives to a higher purpose and direct all your efforts for the salvation of others.  With care, give the best of yourselves in order that the other reaches holiness.


Today I will only ask you to try, every day, living the Divine Purpose; to try to be meek of heart, pure of intention and truthful in your path.

Try, every day, to live fraternity and love, to recognize the presence of God in the others, and thus, to be humble before everyone.

I ask you to try thinking a little less about yourselves and each day cease to do something that is a self-priority in order to serve the other.

Try to love more the kingdoms of nature, to observe them, even if for a brief moment, every day, letting the soul inspire itself through them.

I ask you to try praying from the heart, to talk with God, to come before His Celestial Altar and offer the best there is in your own interior to balance the faults of humanity.

Try to find in those who are the most lost, a heart in need of peace.

Try to dissolve hatred from your hearts, as well as anger and rancor.  Understand that everybody makes mistakes out of ignorance and that love, forgiveness and reconciliation are capable of healing things that are completely unknown to you.

Try, every day, to forget the past.  Not to be indifferent to all that you have lived or to forget those who accompanied you in other times.  Forget the past in order to free the spirit, for it to live something new.  To forget the past in order to free the mind, the emotions and the heart from all that has passed.  The lessons and memories will remain in the consciousness, but the spirit frees itself in the certainty that what is real still awaits its awakening.

Dear companions, today, I ask you to try to be simpler of heart.  To try to accept the corrections of life and immediately straighten your paths, without fear, without rancor, but with much peace and gratitude for taking steps in your lives.

I ask you to try to love more the Creation of God, His Plan and the greatness of His Purpose to this planet.  To try to let yourselves permeate by the Mercy and by the Love of the Divine Messengers.

If you try every day to live a higher principle, Heaven will listen to your hearts and, in the first step that you take in the right direction, God will be in charge of making you reach His divine goal.  The secret is in never stopping to try and in persevering every day, even if you fall and get up innumerable times.


 Where to seek the essence of humility? In the midst of human degeneration, where to find the purity and the simplicity that God expects from His creatures?

When we say: “Be humble”, the hearts ask themselves: How?

Humility is born from the love for others and for God; from the reverence that emerges from this love, because the heart that loves recognizes the sacred and the divine essence present in each thing.

The human beings have lost the reference of the sacred and trivialize the greatness of the Creation for the arrogance and the ignorance that have impregnated the heart of humans.

To return to the sacred is like entering into a universe almost completely unknown to you and, by trying to seek it and live it, many feel that they are fantasizing or living something that does not correspond to their reality in this world.

But today I tell you, dear companions, that you feel all that because your cells are so impregnated with the obscurity of the world and humanity is so separated from God that, as I already told you, this path of transformation is for the brave of spirit.

It will be necessary to overcome the world and, above all, to overcome yourselves.  Ask to your souls and your spirits to teach you to live in the sacred and to help you to find the path to live the attribute of reverence.

Humility can only be found when the consciousness is capable of recognizing the presence of God in every being, and feeling like this, you will act offering to others always the best.  What will not God deserve inside the other?

As an exercise of humility, seek to find the Creator in all things and in everything seek the best: the best attribute that expresses a brother or a sister, a kingdom of nature or any expression of the Creation.

Do not seek in the fellow human, the miseries, in order to rejoice to be better than the others.  Seek in the others that attribute that you still have not achieved.  Find the Creator in His Creatures and love them just as if you had God Himself before your eyes.  Serve this God, deliver the best to Him and, by doing like this, in the essence of simplicity, you will find open doors to humility, to reverence and to love, and little by little, you will banish from the interior, the old human, that only seeks to establish their own kingdom, the achievement of vantages and the security of being better than the others.


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