Sunday, October 20 of 2013

Daily messages

Whoever donates themselves entirely to their brothers and sisters will be building within themselves the bridge of the great fraternity. And, free from appreciations and merits, the disciple will be able to know, by means of wisdom, the understanding of all things. True Charity in this time is very important and necessary so that the soul will quickly, through this fraternal gesture, heal the wounds of its heart.

I love with fondness those who donate themselves without questions or time, including when they are shunned by their peers. The love that these consciousnesses radiate is so similar to Mine that they may transform something heavy into something light, or sadness into a profound joy for living.

For this I invite you to exercise Charity. May It flow without questions as flows the water of a river. May among all spring the spirit of Charity so that the world, in such need of help, may be able to remedy all its woes. Charity leads to the path of Mercy and of power, of humble and simple knowledge.

Encourage yourselves to be charitable all the time that you can, because I assure you that you will live the great miracle of love and of redemption for your lives. For those who already do this by nature, awaken in your brothers and sisters the ideal interest in service so that in this way peace may be present in the hearts.

One of the reasons for the lack of peace in the world is the lack of the true spirit of Charity. If humanity for an instant stopped to serve the other, everything would change and a lot of the suffering that is still imprisoned would be liberated from the consciousnesses.

For this I make use of the true Charity of very few because in this way, little by little, I fulfill the Will of My Lord.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living the Charity of the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Shepherd of Charity