Tuesday, February 7 of 2012

Daily messages

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón: During this morning attunement, in the prayer of the Hail Mary, the Divine Mother appeared to transmit Her message to souls.

She presented Herself as the Immaculate Heart, with a clear, patient and serene gaze. During the apparition, that today lasted longer than usual, She showed us a sad face, bathed in tears that were running down Her Face.

At this moment, opening Her arms, She said:

Dear children,

When a heart hurts, it is because it is full of sadness and real prayer will permit it to be alleviated. Today I want, dear children, that you relieve My Immaculate Heart, because it lives the suffering of the world and of all souls. The Lord of the Heavens invites you to participate in the hour of reparation through the sincere act of prayer and fasting.

Dear children, the world and humanity have passed through many tests and today they live the test of definition. For this reason, My little ones, through fervent and loving prayer, many souls that are far apart from God will be able to be conducted close to My Immaculate Heart.

Dear children, carry in your hearts the sign of My Maternal Presence so that as servants of God you may proclaim My Peace from your hearts. This is My call for each one of you; whoever is in Me will lack nothing and will be blessed by the Light of My Eternal Heart.

Beloved children and little souls, the Heavens send you a Special Grace in these times, which is My Maternal Presence among your little hearts. This is why I call you to a profound prayer for the world that is burning in flames, just as many souls that have lost themselves.

My voice announces to you that now is the moment for the conversion of the heart, the conversion of life, the conversion of thought and the conversion of all souls. I announce Myself to your hearts so that you may recognize the Will of God.

My Inner Grace is the last path that My Heart is showing to the souls.

Peace, Peace, Peace, to all human beings!

May no one lose the Light of their heart. If souls despair, it is because they still do not know how to live in God. Much prayer is needed so that all My children may see the path towards the Kingdom of the Heavens.

Dear children, today I leave you My Hope as Mother of all in this world. You must look for the only revelation for your lives and also the only Grace that will convert you on this path that each soul has chosen, and this Grace is Peace.

God the Father is calling you to promptly renounce yourselves and to forgiveness among humankind; in this way everything will be able to change.

My Immaculate Heart is open for each one of you, come to Me and cry out for My Heart of Peace.

Even in the desert of life, all must be in peace, in the peace of the heart.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón: At the end of the apparition, the Divine Mother began to rise towards the Heavens and at one point She stopped and there appeared Angels of God that were carrying in Their hands bowls that seemed to be of bronze. They placed them at the feet of Our Lady to catch the tears that the She shed over the world. After that, the Divine Mother continued rising.