Saturday, June 22 of 2019

Daily messages

When souls thank God for another mission accomplished, they open the doors for more Graces to descend upon the world and for more souls to be able to receive healing, forgiveness and the Mercy of God.

To go on a pilgrimage with the Divine Messengers into the world, physically or by heart and consciousness, is to assume the apostleship of these times and to forget oneself so that the world may receive the Peace that comes from the Heart of the Creator.

Today, children, not only your hearts are thankful, but also the Heart of God emanates gratitude toward the infinite Cosmos, and His Love is felt within all of His Creation.

The Heart of God is relieved, just as so many souls and states of consciousness that you do not know. The liberation experienced these past days relieved and repaired the Heart of the Father; but the deepest gratitude of the Heart of God emerges from the feeling of unity that His Eyes see in the Work of Love, established by Him on Earth.

Your hearts managed to vibrate within the same purpose, in unity and in love, regardless of where they were and what role they played in the Plan of God. Finally, children, souls could experience and live what it is to be a missionary of God, an apostle of Christ, a companion of His. They could understand that this is an inner state, a state of consciousness. At last the Love of your Creator is arriving in the right place within you, and the instructions delivered by God are becoming life in your consciousnesses.

Do you now understand how little is necessary to establish Peace? And how fulfilled you feel as you accomplish the Plan of God?

Your attitude of transformation, of unity and of love opened the doors for the Divine Messengers to stay some more time in the world, and for the nations that had been self-condemned to perdition to be able to receive Divine Mercy. From this comes the gratitude of God and the gratitude that My Chaste Heart expresses to you today.

The Light-Network of the Heart of your Divine Mother is visible today, resplendent, embracing the planetary consciousness. And for this reason, I thank you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph