Monday, September 3 of 2018

Daily Messages

When God thinks about human beings, He remembers His beloved children, fruits of His most pure aspiration to grow in love and to renew all Life into a greater Love.

When God thinks about human beings, He contemplates all the movements that have happened in the Universe, as on Earth, in order for His creatures to have an opportunity to love, and how these events made all Life, beyond what you know, transform and leave the point in which it was.

When God thinks about humanity, He remembers the Sacrifice of His Son, Who expressed with plenitude what it means to be a human being, and this fills His Heart with a divine hope that renews Him; waiting for His triumph in the heart of humankind.

When God thinks about humanity, He contemplates the true effort of His children and searches all the merits reached by them, so that by means of the acting of the Universal Laws, the human beings receive His Grace and His Mercy, infinitely.

When God thinks about humanity, He thinks about what the human beings really are. The Eyes of God contemplate the world and see what it is, and not what it seems to be.

The Eyes of God contemplate the world and with compassion He aspires that humankind may one day see through His Eyes, and may live the Revelation of what Life really is.

In your prayers, place your eyes inside the Eyes of God, to find inside of you the Truth; to look at your brothers and sisters and see what they really are; to wake up every day and know that the life on Earth is a Grace conceded by the Universe, for it to be part of the Renovation of God. And for this, children, it is enough to love, it is enough to renovate and to overcome yourselves in love, every day. 

Place your eyes on the Gaze of God, if only a little, and cry out for the grace of knowing how to see with eyes full of Truth. Because in these times of illusions and  obscurity, in order not to get lost on the path, children, you should not only be with your hearts in God, but with your eyes in His Gaze and consciousness inside of His Truth.

You have My blessing you for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph