Monday, May 2 of 2016

Daily Messages

It is time to experience greater neutrality in order to surmount the obstacles, to grow and to overcome the tests that will come.

Without neutrality in a time like this - in which the mental plane only needs a minimal stimulus to destabilize, and the emotions are like a bonfire with fuel waiting for a small match to burst into flames - the enemy will not need to do great things to remove many from the real path that leads them to the Light.

Children, how can you grow, mature and take steps without destabilizing your own inner world? Although this will depend a lot on what each being brings with them as a debt to purify, it will depend even more on the will and determination of all.

No matter how many debts with God a consciousness may have, and carries on its path a backpack full of mistakes to balance and purify, if it is determined, patient and tries to live in humility, it will achieve the Grace of Pardon from the Father.

At the same time, there are those who do not have many debts with God and who have come ready to take a great leap; but because they are so free of debts to purify, they have become complacent in this state and have never realized what God expected of them.

Do you perceive, children, that the main condition to achieve the goal is the effort and the conscious dedication of each one?

To take a leap to spiritual maturity, you must start experiencing this maturity now and this means to recognize, by yourselves, your own mistakes and difficulties and, with neutrality, patience and determination, work on them, always replacing an error with the improvement of a virtue.

You must not work on your mistakes thinking about them, but rather striving to cultivate a virtue that balances you. For example: if you are lazy, you must strive to perfect charity and forgetting of self and every day try to put laziness aside to help your fellow being. If you cannot experience humility and keep thinking about yourself all the time, seek to pray more internally and to be in a state of prayer that makes you more observant. You will work, thus, in silence and will be more attentive to the needs of the planet and not so much to stand out among others.

And thus, children, use spiritual creativity to transform yourselves under the spirit of peace, of neutrality and, I even say to you, of joy; but an inner joy, which expresses itself from the heart to the spirit and not from the heart to the outside.

Be attentive to this, because for many their own debts will be enough to destabilize them. Correct balance does not come from your strength, but rather from the Power of God, and to unite yourselves to the Father, you will not use tension nor rigidity, but love, unity and peace.

Be more strategic on the path of light and you will see how many possibilities you will find to achieve, in peace, the purposes of the Creator for your lives.

The one who teaches you how to reach God.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph