Wednesday, August 19 of 2015

Monthly Messages

As an enormous Grace brought from the Kingdom of the Heavens, My Chaste Heart comes to announce to the world the last year of Messages that I will deliver to humanity.  And as the main blessing for all the hearts, during the period from August 20th of 2015 to August 20th of 2016, I will deliver the first cycle of daily Messages from Saint Joseph to humanity.

It is in this way that, in the urgency of the days, My Chaste Heart begins to deliver to all the step by step for the emergence of the New Humanity.

When this cycle of messages finishes, I will not come to the world as before and this will be the sign that the time of definitive probations begins.

The Divine Messengers, for Your prayers and claims, have reached the grace to deliver this last impulse to humanity with the purpose that all you may need to transit in the times that will come be available for your souls and consciousnesses.

Never forget that this impulse will come as a last opportunity of following the steps of God and in this way, impelled by My Humble and simple Heart, you may be able to follow the steps that conduct you to the materialization of this superior Plan of Existence.

Through My words, I will take humanity to the discovery of the sacred and, with examples and revelations of My Holy life, I will try for the last time to conduct you to the holiness of spirit and heart.

Know that you are graced spirits, in the midst of a humanity that suffers and degenerates itself day by day through the consequences of its actions.  You must reflect and meditate about what the spirit of eternal gratitude is, because you are being deservers of this grace, and about what God expects from the souls that listen to Him by means of His Messengers.

While suffering and illusion expand themselves throughout this world, God gives you the grace of awakening and, with His Messengers, learning the true essence of humanity existence that has not yet manifested itself fully in this world, except in His Son and in the Sacred Family that followed Him and learned from Him.

May the spirit of peacemaking become life in your beings.  You will discover thus that it is on the most simple transformations that you will reach the manifestation of the New Humanity.  Many seek to do great works and forget that it is in the spirit of humility that you find the true key to open the doors of Heaven and to unite yourselves to the Consciousness of God again.

I love you and I expect you to be awaked and attentive to this new and last cycle of instructions of My Chaste Heart.

Most Chaste Saint Joseph, Servant and Apprentice of God