Friday, April 14 of 2017

Weekly Messages

Child, place your own sins on your back and take on the weight of your cross. Offer yourself in prayer also, to balance the debts of those that do not repair their own faults and do not relieve the Heart of God, but, on the contrary, outrage and offend Him daily.

Place the cross of your sins on your back, your own self taking on your growth and striving to take your steps and not to be a weight on the back of your Master.

No longer live only by the merits generated in the Passion, because the time has come to renew that Passion and generate new merits for those that did not understand and did not accept the sacrifice of Christ.

It will be enough that you consciously take on your own sins, that you transform and sublimate them with the power of the Love of God in your heart.

It will be enough that you renounce all glory in this world, so as to carry your cross and suffer the martyrdom of the consciousness, today so accustomed to comforts and little to efforts for the Plan of God.

It will be enough, child, that you say 'yes' to God and carry your own cross, renouncing to continue being involved with the sins and the stimuli of the capital forces of this world.

Today, it will be enough that you fulfill your part, understanding that Christ will not come to the world to carry a new cross. He will be the One that will raise you up when you fall more than three times. He will be the One that will dry your face when the sweat and weariness of the path cloud your eyes and prevent you from walking. He will be the One that will face the darkness to give you to drink of the Water of Life when the desert seems to have entered into your body and the aridity extends itself beyond your mouth, throughout all your interior, your soul, and your spirit.

When you are willing to carry your cross with determination and bravery, Christ will be the One that will come to help you reach the goal that God has for you, and at the moment when you give Him everything, He will give everything, with you.

For this reason, child, do not only ask God for things in the name of the sacrifice of Christ, but rather, offer yourself to renew the Pasch, and you be a new Lamb, that surrenders in the name of the One Who surrendered first.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph