Tuesday, March 8 of 2016

Daily messages

Times for definitions of the Plan

Dear children,

At the request of My Son on this day of definition, I wish to inform you about a sacred decision that Christ has taken based on all that the Universe observed as unfavorable and extreme for the Work of the Celestial Hierarchy.

It is for this reason, children, that Your Heavenly Mother descends today from the Universe in order to transmit that My Son has established that the meeting of the Sacred Week should take place at the Marian Center of Figueira, from the 20th to the 27th of March of 2016.

This sacred decision that Christ received from the Celestial Father is due to the noticeable needs that must be attended to by all those who are part of the Work of the Divine Messengers and by those who, month after month, receive all Graces.

The Celestial Hierarchy is calling all pilgrims to cooperate in the Work that in this case is carried out by Association Mary and the Monastery of the Sacred Mission, which are responsible for the divine Message reaching all hearts on Earth.

In consensus with the Celestial Father, My Beloved Son has lovingly communicated to Me the issues that would prevent the meeting of the Sacred Week from taking place at the Marian Center of Aurora, realities that would not favor the Work that Christ has spiritually scheduled for this special week.

For this, My Son has asked Me to declare to you the spiritual and material reasons for the transfer of the Sacred Week to the Marian Center of Figueira:

1. The lack of human resources, which is to say, the requirements and the overburdening that the members of Association Mary, Mary Mercy TV, and the Monastery of the Sacred Mission are experiencing at this time.

2. The inability of the responsible group of supporting themselves mentally and psychically because of the streams of transmutation, and especially because of the preparation of all the details of the meeting, given that the physical organization of the Sacred Week at the Marian Center of Aurora would require double the effort.

3. The constant demand on the group responsible for all the programs and requests that must be manifested during the Sacred Week.

4. The effort involved in supporting the whole meeting in the face of the lack of physical and human resources that exist at the Marian Center of Aurora, because it is the Center that receives the least spontaneous collaborations.

5. The lack of resources in the sector of transportation of the Marian Center of Aurora, as well as the small possibility of reconditioning the hall for the events in that Center.(1)

6. The absence of human resources for organizing all the elements and materials for the ceremonies and sacraments.

      7. The probability that the responsible group, for health reasons as well as chores, could not continue to be on pilgrimage because of the maintenance demands of the sectors of Association Mary and Mercy Mary TV, as well as fulfilling the spiritual task of transmutation.

In the face of these variable factors, the Heavenly Hierarchy is establishing the meeting of the Sacred Week at the Marian Center of Figueira for the following reasons:

1. The organization and the space available at the auditorium of F2 for the spiritual task and for each one of the sectors.

2. The facility that the transportation sector of the Figueira Community offers for
the days of the meeting.

3. The presence of human resources, both of pilgrims and of the monasteries of the Order in Brazil, which will be summoned to participate in the preparation and in the continuous support of each sector during the Sacred Week.

4. The spiritual condition of the Spiritual Center itself in the task of transmutation.

5. The possibility of providing lodging for the pilgrims, so that donations can be channeled toward support for the Light Communities.

6. The facility that the Figueira Community has available in the organization of the meeting of the Sacred Week.

7. The presence of the Health & Healing Sector for any needs that arise, as well as for the support of the members of the Monastery of the Sacred Mission and of Association Mary responsible for the task during the Sacred Week.

Dear children, thus it will be that on the 9th of March, during a study for which Trigueirinho and Mother María Shimani will be responsible, this change will first be announced to all of the Planetary Light Network. Later a small video will be created that will be presented on the 12th of March where this change will also be announced.

All of those who had planned to be present at the Marian Center of Aurora can still do so, for the Marian Center needs them. Children, if you feel it to be so, you can plan to be present during the month of August at the special meeting that will take place at the same Marian Center.

All skilled pilgrims are invited to support the organization of the Sacred Week meeting.

In cooperation and consciousness,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

(1)The Divine Mother is referring to the tent where the multitudinous events take place
         at the Marian Center of Aurora.