Tuesday, April 25 of 2017

Daily messages

My children, 

When the Sun of God dawns in the horizon of your lives, be grateful and bow down in humility, as it is the Will of the Father that presents Itself to your hearts.

The Sun of God represents a new cycle of life and prosperity, a cycle in which darkness will not reign in the life of those who contemplate It. The Sun rises to announce the end of the night and the grace of a new day.

Before the arrival of the Sun, the night already begins to dissipate, and you can see in the horizon the Morning Star; It indicates where the Universal King, the Solar Prince, will appear.

The Morning Star is your guide in the dark and represents the hope that darkness will dissipate in a short while, because the approach of the Sun will illumine and set darkness away.

I Am the Morning Star that approaches your lives today, because many of them are in the darkness of a world without peace. I have come to appear in the horizon of this town, announcing to you a new cycle, in which the Will of God is that all darkness may be dissipated and the Light of Christ may reign.

I come to announce the forthcoming return of My Son, so that you may prepare your hearts and may not live outraging the Heart of God anymore, because the Sun will dawn amidst the clouds and Its brilliance will be like a celestial fire, which will obfuscate the eyes that have not prepared themselves to see It and to receive It in the horizon.

My Son will come, yes, He will come, and I am here to wash with My tears each place where He will step on, to awaken those who committed themselves with Him in the East and that now, in the West, must proclaim His Name.

I come, My children, to warn you, but also to consecrate you and correct your paths. I come to wipe your stains and make you recover the purity of your hearts. May thus you experiment the inner fullness and the peace of the heart, so that you may have strength and value to transform your lives and may no longer accept that evil sleep inside your houses.

I want to make of your hearts little suns, which will illumine the streets of this town and return Peace to it. If you pray with Me, My children, respecting the beliefs and religions of each heart, just through unity among the beings, you will be opening the doors, for God to descend and transform not only your lives, but the whole world.

I want to make of this place an example of conversion and pacification. And I speak of the conversion of life, the conversion of the customs, the conversion of darkness into the light of the spirit, the conversion of prejudice into unity, the conversion of the adversities into Peace.

If you just pray with Me, you will feel My presence in your lives and I will show you how in truth it is simple to say “yes” to God.

I come to extend My mantle over the world, so that My Son may walk on it when He returns. Prepare this town with the flowers of your prayers and the divine jewels of your pacific actions.

Dissipate, children, along with Me, the darkness that does not permit the souls to find God and to give testimony to the world that it is possible to live in Peace, when the doors of your hearts and of your homes are opened to the Light of the Creator.

May My Son enter your homes like the morning Sun, heal you, bless you and renew you, forgive you and redeem you forever.

Give yourselves an opportunity of loving God more deeply. Unite yourselves from the heart and testify the power of forgiveness and of unity.

I bless you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Sun