Monday, March 16 of 2015

Daily messages

For the sake of the Source of My Grace, you shall be washed during the culminating time of your difficult purification.

For the sake of the Light that flows out from My Grace, you will be healed during the greater cycle of your liberation.

For the sake of the Love that is born from My Immaculate Heart, you will be consecrated during the definite moment of your interior congregation.

Children, My rays demonstrate to the world its lack of gratitude and respect towards the Creator of all things.  Thus, to those who have encouraged themselves to face the interior Armageddon, I say: only find encouragement in the Sacred Spirit of the Divine Messengers of God.

Children of Mine, the time of your captivity will end, no longer feel in yourselves any tie that may link you to the past, but celebrate with joy the great day of your redemption.  Do not fear to meet all that has made you get lost and distracted from the sacred path offered to you by My Beloved Son.

My adversary may laugh at you and at your falls, but My Invincible Heart shall raise you and take you to the Ocean of the Mercy of the Redeemer where you will find the possibility to remedy your own evils and sins.

Remember, dear children, that you are at the beginning of the planetary tribulation and that everything which is occult to the eyes of your fellow humans will have the time for its purification.

Bend your heads towards the ground.  The God of Mercy will liberate you from all perdition.  Your Eternal Father wishes to find you replenished for the Christian life that you have chosen to follow, so with your efforts and works dedicated to the Lord you will prepare the path through which My Son will come to establish the final peace.

Do not permit yourselves to be frightened, you already knew that the time of surrender would come as an offer to all, but actually, many children thought that they would be removed from their own captivity in another way.

From Heaven I extend you My hands so that you may unite to Your Celestial Mother, to Your Mother of the Divine Piety.  I expect all the time to be able to guide you and help you to remove the old impurities that do not let the true soul, renovated in the Lord and in His Holy Spirit, be born.

Free from bitterness and resentments, live the time of your purification with gratitude and faith, without ceasing to understand that you are getting free from your own prisons of the past.

Aún necesito, hijos, que sostengan la bandera de la Paz que Yo les he entregado, pues el Plan deberá cumplirse por encima de vuestras debilidades y pruebas. Quien aspire a ser una consciencia diferente delo que hoy es, pídalo al universo, la voz de vuestras súplicas será escuchada por los Mensajeros de Dios.

I still need, children, that you raise the flag of Peace, which I have handed you because the Plan must be accomplished above your weaknesses and tests.  Whoever aspires to be a consciousness different from what they are today, ask for it to the universe, the voice of your supplications will be heard by the Messengers of God.

Do not waste time in your small matters, day by day My adversary makes the souls get lost from their true spiritual path, this is something planetary now.

Follow My steps without looking backwards!

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who blesses you in the Mercy of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace