Monday, March 13 of 2017

Daily Messages

I am that woman of Nazareth that a long time ago was called by the Archangel Saint Gabriel to be the carrier of the Light of God by means of the coming of Christ.

Today, I am that simple woman of Nazareth, called Mary, the Mother of All Peoples, who announces to the world at this time the second coming of Christ. 

I am that woman that everyone knows, Who is constant and patient, Who walks by the side of each child who opens to recognize that I can be in their heart all the time.

I am that woman that some time ago, here in this city of Carmo, was announcing Herself at the top of the hill of the Redeemer, and was saying to all that a great change was coming for humanity.

I am the Mother of God and the Mother of the Most High, I am the Mother of Figueira, and I am the Lady of Carmel.

I come to ask you to pray and to feel encouraged to do so, just as in past times, you prayed for the black people to be free from slavery.

I come as a Mother to reopen the doors to Heaven over this suffering city.

I come to tell you that I am here, very close to you. That I am present at the top of a hill, in a ranch close to your people, and I wish that with your humility you may visit Me and pray with Me so that I may help you every day.

Today I teach you in humility, My children, the path of truth and of peace.

Today I have come to the door of your houses to knock on the doors of your hearts and to ask you to accept Me, just as you accept Me and experience Me in the holy church.

But in this time I have decided, at the request of God and of My Beloved Son, to come outside of My church, so that you could find Me present at the door of your houses, on the streets of this city, in the neighborhoods of this town, at the top of the sacred hill and in each heart that opens to feel Me in the innermost part of their being.

I am the Lady of Carmel, Mother of the poor and guide of the missionaries.

I come to ask you, beloved children, that with your hearts open, you repent and ask humbly for forgiveness for all that you live, for all that you suffer, for all that happens in this city.

It is thus that the Mother of Jesus, of the Savior, draws close to Her dear people and to all of Her family so that some values may be recovered in your daily life and in your consciousnesses.

I have come to reach out My humble hand, so that you may tightly take hold of it, and in this way, I may guide you to the path of peace and of love.

I come to ask you to go on a pilgrimage in faith and devotion to My Marian Center so that, being there, you may spiritually commune of Christ, and have all your wounds be dissolved by the balm of love that I offer you.

After such a long time, the Mother of the Savior, the Lady of the Poor, returns to your city to guide you and lead you on the path of the good and of charity, on the sacred path of the prayer of the heart.

I wish, children, for you to be conscious in your hearts of this house that I have consecrated, so that each child of Mine may enter through the great portal of the redemption of humanity.

In simple words, I invite you to visit the House of the Children of Mary, of the Lady of the Poor every day, so that you may feel motivated to regain in your families the warm moments of prayer and of peace, so needed in these times of chaos.

I come to remove this city from an uncertain place of consciousness.

I come with My Angels to close all the uncertain doors that may have been opened for different reasons.

Therefore, I have chosen this point of the city so that, on a simple street like this, you can find Me, without fail.

It is for this reason, children, that I return to the city of Carmo da Cachoeira, so that you maywake up from inertia and that, in this next Easter, you make your hearts places of peacefulness, meekness, and consolation.

I come to give you the healing that you need so much, and thus, all My children will feel a little more loved and sheltered by Me.

In each neighborhood of this city I want an ecumenical group of prayer, capable of attracting Divine Laws to its people.

I am glad of being able to return and that, day by day, I may accompany you.

Thus, I leave this House of the Lady of the Poor so that each soul and each heart may find the refuge that they need so much. 

Offer God all your gratitude and, on this day, may the door to Grace and to the Mercy of God be reopened.

I thank you for having humbly received Me.

Who loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace