Monday, January 30 of 2012

Daily messages

Dear children,

Go on the path towards the encounter with My Glorified Son. He will give you all the Love of His Blessed Heart. He loves you and protects you in spite of all.

Because of this, My very dear children, each call to prayer is a humble response to our Creator Father. Each prayer exercised with feeling and with the heart will radiate purity from your hearts. You, My children, are called to travel daily the pathway of the life of prayer. There you will find firmness for the decisions of the heart, as well as wisdom and clarity for life.

Today I invite you to follow the path of devotion to My Immaculate Heart.

Dear children, all the souls of the world await to receive the sign of the peaceful return of My Son. For this reason, My dear ones, I invite you to prepare, as missionaries, the heart of all of the faithful to My Immaculate Heart through the living exercise of union with Me in the groups of prayer.

All of My praying children must renew the exercise of prayer month by month. For this I invite you to meditate on the daily words that I communicate to you through the messages. In this way, dear children, you will be guided by the Light of My Divine Heart for the moments of confirmation of each one of your hearts. All of the groups of prayer consecrated to the Celestial Mother must come to express themselves as precious roses of My maternal garden. In this way I will collect the roses one by one to offer them to the Divine Father as a miraculous work of His Divine Mercy. Each soul can, with firmness, keep hope in the heart in order to be able to give life by means of prayer.

Dear children, I accompany you in the steps of life and in the steps as praying beings. Each heart will be able to see on the horizon, the light of prayer. In this way each soul lost in this world will receive the Grace of the conversion of the heart. If you pray you will be converted. If you stand firm in prayer many Graces will be able to be revealed for life.

Dear children, never lose hope so that your hearts may always smile before the presence of My Eternal Peace.

I love you deeply,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity