Monday, January 23 of 2017

Daily Messages

The Strength of Love in the Voice

Dear singers of My Heart,

Today, under the Grace of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the timbre of your voices will again resound, this time as a single group consciousness, which month by month offers itself to the Most High, so that the powers of Redemption and of divine Mercy, which are celestial principles, may descend.

On this day and in a new meeting of music, I ardently wish, beloved children, that you may dedicate this work with the inner strength of love through your voices, so that in this way, each musical piece that will be offered may have a potent planetary repercussion.

It is for this reason that your Heavenly Mother finally returns to this Marian Center to give you, on the inner planes and through this meeting, the impulse for the elevation of consciousness.

On this day of the meeting, dear children, I want you to understand that this work with music is not only to generate spiritual healing and the upliftment of humanity, but it is also dedicated to the salvation of souls and of the essential matrix of the Kingdoms of Nature.

Remember, children, that this work of today with music and in this critical time is to be gradually building the spiritual basis of the new humanity through musical impulses and the songs that attract important energies of restoration, of healing, and of Grace for the planet.

During the meetings of music, the hypnotized and sleeping consciousness of humanity is greatly assisted, with the goal that in a next cycle, after the culminating stage of the transition of the Earth, all human consciousnesses that wasted the opportunity of awakening may have, in another cycle, a true coming together with their inner and spiritual purpose.

Thus, with each meeting of music, a new state of consciousness is being built for the coming humanity.

Each effort made, as well as each musical work offered by the different choirs, unites and builds that state of consciousness which the Hierarchy avails Itself of for the benefit of all of the planet.

With this declaration, My children, I am once again inviting all the choirs, as well as each soul, that want to offer their voice and their song to God to do so, because they must know that they will be lovingly collaborating in the building of a new humanity.

I hope that after these spiritual impulses that are generated by music, new souls may offer themselves and that new hearts apply to become part of the team of production of the program of Music for the Healing and Upliftment of Humanity.

For this, your Heavenly Mother will give thanks for the selfless collaboration of editors, choir conductors, set designers, cameramen, etc., that are able to offer their support in this work that is already planetary.

With all the Love of My Heart, I give thanks for the mission that all are fulfilling.

Who loves you and accompanies you with the strength of the Love of the Heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace