Monday, February 27 of 2012

Daily messages

Dear children:

No matter how much your hearts have failed the Love of God. My Heart contemplates the faults of the world, and by means of the constant prayers that My Voice emanates from the Heavens, I can fill the Earth with Graces to repair the faults of all the souls of the world.

For this, dear children, more than repairing the Great Heart of the Heavens, all of you are called, through prayer, to convert yourselves into little sparks of My Immaculate Heart so that you can live My Peace, and so that you can imitate My Peace. The Lord waits from each one of your hearts purity, donation and love, so that these principles embrace the greatest number of souls that need peace and love.

For this, dear children, today I invite you to live in the perseverance of the heart, there the faith of all the souls will be able to become stronger, and prayer will be pronounced with truth. In the path of faith, you will find the balm of the Love that My Son gives to you through the daily communion with His Sacred Heart. In the permanent prayer and the daily communion many of the negative actions committed in the world are repaired in the moment of the inner meeting with Christ on the part of each soul.

Dear children: also the unity among your hearts will permit to be established the times of peace among the souls of the world. For this path of Peace that I invite you to traverse, the hearts that seek courage to continue in life and on the path of unity with God will be calmed with love.

I wait for you in the path of unity with My Immaculate Heart. I want you. I contemplate you. Have courage to live the change of the kind heart for God.

Let us pray and work with peace and for peace.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.