Friday, May 13 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear Children,

Today, together with you, I celebrate the divine opportunity of having descended from Heaven to the Earth to ask you for prayers for peace, as was once done in Fatima.

Today, with My Immaculate Heart exposed as light to the world, I come back here after ninety-nine years to tirelessly repeat the same request to you: let us pray for peace and for the end of wars.

At that time, Lis-Fátima awakened and brought to humanity the Mercy and the Purity that it had lost, and Your Heavenly Mother came to request from all of you the consecration of nations to the Immaculate Heart, a mission that is still in force for the whole of humanity.

Today, Lis-Fátima shows to the world the purity of its Inner Sanctuary, so that hearts remember that they must awaken to their original purity and live that.

On this day, dear children, when My eyes observe the world, and at the same time, observe the great spiritual and divine task of the Center of Fátima, I wish your lives to be in true offering and given to the fulfillment of My Marian plans in these times.

I bring the angelic presence to you, the incalculable source of love and of peace for an indifferent world. Hence, My children, repair My Heart and thus you will repair the Heart of God of all offenses and acts of indifference committed by those who do not hear and by those who deny My divine call.

Work with Me as soldiers of prayer, and through the uplifted word, close the doors to the hells of this world. Be My witnesses in these times and confirm your cooperation with the Plan of God; there is still much to be done and there is no time left.

Open of heart, relieve the Heart of Your Mother of so much ingratitude. United to Me, proclaim the victory of My Sacred Heart in the whole planet.

The gardens of Lis are still waiting for you so that you may enter and renew your consciousnesses at the source of original purity.

My Grace will manifest today in each pilgrim, in each soul that lights their candle here in this Center of Love(1), as well as in the Sanctuary of Fátima, to thus respond to the plan of peace and affirm their faith before the Lord.

As on May 13, 1917, dear children, today I am calling you to a service of love for the planet and for humanity. My request is that you hear and respond to the plans that Your Mother manifests for you in these times. For this, children, the gardens of Lis manifest their beauty and their essential purity so that you, in prayer and praise, declare to the world that the Queen of Heaven will come again.

Allow your lives, children, to finally be healed and that you be reborn by the Marian impulse of My Spirit so that you may be formed as soldiers of peace.

All the bell towers of Lis-Fátima will be rung by the angels of Heaven. Today all of the doors of the Universe of God will be open to receive the offertory of each praying heart.

I will be with My children in prayer and maternal union; I will be with the souls that will shelter Lis-Fátima in their hearts.

Contemplate My Immaculate Heart.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who from the Sacred Center of Fátima prays with you for the world and for peace,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of the Most Holy Rosary


(1)Virgin Mary refers to the Marian Center of Aurora,
        in the city of Paysandu, Uruguay