Wednesday, November 13 of 2019

Monthly Messages

After four years, I return from Heaven to this city of Cali so that its devout people, faithful to My maternal Heart, may join their Heavenly Mother to pray and implore for Colombia and for the planet.

I return to Cali with the intention of making you more aware of the delicate situation of humanity and so that, from now on, in the formation of new groups of the Rosaries of Light, you may definitely undertake prayer in your families, so that the main cell of God may be protected and safeguarded from all influences and superfluous information of these times.

My children of Cali, I return to loving meet you, to again pour out My Graces into your hearts, so that a sacred alliance and a mature commitment may be established between you and I.

As Mother and Lady of Chiquinquirá, as patroness and protector of your people, I pray for the cultural values of your race to remain alive in your lives, and for these inner values to be the ones that will protect your people and your country.

As the Mother of humanity, I return to My dear Colombia to place beneath My Mantle the Kingdoms of Nature and all biodiversity that Colombia has held since the ancient times.

I come to ask you to defend and protect the great natural reserves and the animals that this beautiful country has, which are the natural and spiritual basis for the development of its culture.

May this care and support to the lower Kingdoms be something conscious in all Colombians so that you do not allow the entrance of industries that only exploit and chemically contaminate the wellsprings and all the sacred soil.

This is the time when all of humanity will see incredible situations fall by their own weight. Therefore, you, My children of Colombia, must assume prayer with seriousness, so that nothing may surprise you.

I return to your dear homeland to give you this message, so that this message may be part of each one of you, knowing that the time will come when your Heavenly Mother will withdraw.

For this reason, I now call all My children to act according to the emergency and to the spiritual needs of these times.

This responsible and conscious attitude of each child of Mine will avoid unexpected events and it will be that which cuts the chain of evil, that all the human race experiences.

Colombia is a land of spiritual treasures. Colombia is a land that can experience peace and that must dissolve conflicts so that the country can be reborn in Christ and in Christ, it may achieve the consecration to the Divine Plan.

It is time to re-kindle the Christic commitment of each Colombian heart. Thus, the most blessed and sacred relics will be in your hands so that you may also learn to protect and take care of South America as part of the Divine Project of the New Humanity.

I thank you for listening to Me and for responding to My call!

Today I bless My dear Colombia, from North to South and from East to West, so that the powerful Cross of My Son may protect it.

Who loves you,


Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace