Wednesday, March 13 of 2019

Monthly messages

May there be peace in your hearts, My children, love and mercy, today and always.

With the blessings of your Celestial Mother, enter into a new cycle, at the beginning of a new time in which the Earth begins to leave the illusion that it used to live and, little by little, recognizes the Truth of God that reveals itself.

Now that you are  on the path of learning love, you will be able to unite it to the path of the awakening of consciousness to higher life and, in this way, My children, unite mind and heart to the Divine Purpose so that you can remember what you came to do in this world, what is your origin, what is the purpose of life and to where you must walk in order to evolve as children and God. 

It is with your hearts filled with love and your consciousnesses permeated by the Divine Truth that you will be able to go through this cycle that is beginning. The time has come for spiritual maturity, My children, for becoming aware of the moment that you are experiencing and for no longer seeking satisfaction and the meeting of your own needs, but rather seeking eternal service, finding the correct way to serve God and be part of His Plan, wherever you are.

If your hearts are united with Mine, I will support you day and night within My Divine Consciousness and, although strong tests are lived, they will all be overcome with the spirit of love and of gratitude which, being within Me, you will always be able to experience. 

At this first moment, allow that which lives within you, and is still experiencing its purification, finish purifying, transforming and defining itself. Surrender at once to the Divine Will because God needs you ready to help this planet.

Through your prayers and the spiritual maturity of your consciousnesses, you will be able to help those who are lost and who cannot understand and accept what they experience in this world, because they are attached and stuck within the old human and in the old life, whose bases will disappear because something new will replace it.

The Spirit of God will come to inspire the hearts and the consciousness of humanity in the experience of a new pattern of behavior and life. It will teach everyone, from the heart, how to manage the transition of the times and how to enter the true archetype of the human consciousness, that which God has thought for beings since the beginning and however, few knew how to live.

To receive and experience the inspirations of the Spirit of God, you must be willing from the heart and in consciousness to embrace the Divine Will and not your own. May the basis of your lives be the need to express a new life and not to feed the old principles and human tendencies.

Place in your consciousness the evolutionary purpose so that everything you seek, aspire or yearn for may be oriented to spiritual life and to the manifestation of the Plan of God, and not to human needs.

It is time to raise your consciousness to what is real and true, to begin to attract the Kingdom of God to this world and, at the same time that the planet purifies and experiences its final test, the hearts of those who are conscious and consequent are always turned toward God to attract toward the world the new laws and the new life.

By sustaining this planet in prayer and in peace, you will give permission, before the Universe and before God, for the suffering of humanity to not be greater than their possibility to endure; so that the consciousnesses can experience a learning of love and so that those who will awaken late may receive an opportunity to live Mercy.

The basis of everything, children, lies in prayer, but now your prayer must spring from the heart to the consciousness, and become life.

I bless you and thank you for responding to My call!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace