Tuesday, December 24 of 2019

Monthly messages

I speak to you, My children, in the name of God, so that you may be aware of these different times that humanity is going through, of this moment when the majority of this race has decided to generate non-evolutionary conditions, to implant and establish their ideals, which are empty and do not come from Divine Thought.

You are the fifth race, the race of transition and the race of the end. This is the humanity that must conclude a stage that is not only spiritual, but also material.

The current race, in which you are, is the result of serious interferences and distortions throughout the times and generations.

The Spiritual Hierarchy has taken care of and accompanied different cycles, while humanity moved further and further away from the essence of its purpose.

This is not the first time that the current race has strayed from the path of Light, because in the Cosmos traumatic episodes and experiences also took place. This scarred you a lot, and for this reason, you are here today, within this school-planet, so that you may learn, through love and redemption, to again make the path that you once had destroyed, as a race of the Universe.

To be under the Power of God is to obey and follow Him, something that did not happen in the ancient times of this current race. For this reason, you and the rest of humanity came walking through the times so that, throughout some of them, you could find the safe door to redemption.

But today, all of humanity and those who are most asleep, but also those who are awake and conscious of the spiritual path, are being persecuted by a countless number of dissociative currents that expel consciousnesses from the path of accomplishment.

As everything is allowed, the fury of the fallen angels is felt, but the powerful Light of My Mirrors often sets him away from you, so that you may have time, where it does not exist, so that you can definitively take the steps that are urgent and necessary, in this crucial cycle of humanity.

The time has come to face what no other humanity has faced. The cycle has finally come, when the Seals of the Apocalypse will open and everything will begin to happen, from 2020 onward.

Many will wait for grandiose movements, but the great movement of definition and battle will take place within the people.

In the face of this final scenario, that nobody has lived, in any other time, hold on to the Mantle of Light of the Redeemer, and let the change that you must live be conscious and true, forging the warrior of Christ from within and crossing this acute stage that draws near, with bravery 

There will be nowhere to run nor escape to, because the great moment will be within each one of you, and wherever you go or whatever you decide to do with your lives, this definition will accompany you, because it will be something indelible, it will be an unforgettable feeling, which will be taking place between you and Christ.

For this reason, this moment will experience high spiritual pressure, and those who had a commitment with Christ and abandoned it to submerge into the satisfaction of global illusion, will also feel it. Because a spiritual commitment already made does not vanish overnight, it is something eternal that requires you to be in the right place at the right time.

At that hour, the Spiritual Hierarchy will withdraw, and from the high spheres of consciousness, They will support the great definition of each being of this planet.

In this way, the Seven Seals will make room for the seven events prophesized to be fulfilled and for humanity to be purified of all the deviations it lived, throughout the times.

It will be in this culminating hour when Christ will return.

I thank you for listening attentively!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace