Saturday, April 13 of 2013

Daily messages

My Eyes illuminate the path of all those who, for some reason suffer for Me and for the liberation of all of humanity. I call them servers of My Cross because in their pains they surpass the threshold so that the light of My Father may be present for more time in the world.

For this, courage to those who still do not live in sacrifice. May they live it in order to experience a great union with the love of God. I convert the pain of My children into a source of mercy and of piety for the most inveterate sinners, liberating them from the fire of hell.

My dear companions:

Do not fear to surpass the suffering that will mainly give relief to those who do not have it. I open the source of My Sacerdotal Heart to all of those who serve Me in some difficult experience of life. In this way each state of pain invites you to love the Will of God and the law of the sublime purification.

Open your arms so that many of those who are distant from Me may find comfort in your little hearts. Continue with Me through this path of effort and surrender because no one will go through what I have gone through. For this I have been amongst you, in order to redeem the world.

Have faith in what you live day by day and thank God for how much He gives you.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for meditating My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus.