Monday, April 8 of 2013

Daily messages

My company by your side is perpetual, as My Love is unfathomable for all those who live Me from the heart. I Am here in Spirit in the Cenacle of Love so that My ones may learn to live under the laws of redemption.

Always guard a moment for the encounter with Me, either in quietness or amongst the souls and in this way you will allow that My rays always permeate and you will encounter a true rest in the depths of My Sacred Heart.

Today I bring to you renovating words that may be able to reignite your hearts and to mature your consciousnesses. I Am the One who renovates all from epoch to epoch and who permeates all the universes with mercy and love because My Spirit comes from the Father and the one who comes to Me will directly encounter the Kingdom of Love and Peace.

The one who seeks the law will find it, because in the law one will be able to live in order to thus be in the balance and in the harmony of the universe. For this seek Me above all things, above all, whenever you do not feel the strengths and the vigor to call Me. I Am the One who gives you the impulse to follow through the path of liberation and of transcendence. I Am with you in spite of all.

Under the Spiritual Unity of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My commandments in the heart!

Christ Jesus.