Sunday, October 4 of 2015

Monthly Messages

My companions,

I Am the Sacred and Glorified Heart of Jesus.  I Am the Universal Source of wonders and truth for souls.  On this holy day, of consecration and glory, I descend from the House of My Father to this house, to this Sacred Chapel of Redemption and much Peace for whoever searches for Me.

I send My first spiritual and profound thanks to all of My children who fervently made possible the manifestation of this work of the Sacred Chapel of My Glorified Heart.  I would like to tell you that this place will be the refuge for the whole world and especially for those who are tired of themselves and who will arrive in humility to surrender at My Feet.

Here in this place, I will not only be Your King but also Your Consoling Spirit, Your Brother.  Here, in this Sacred Cenacle, which I bless today, I will be one with each one of you so that, in reverence, you may again find the true meaning of persisting. 

Companions, I asked for the construction of this sacred place so that when you need it, you may know that here, in silence, I will be, to listen, shepherd and guide you towards My Most Sacred Heart.

I bless this place for those who always adore Me in the Blessed Sacrament and I will also pour out My inner Graces upon those who will decide to follow Me.  Yes, I am here in this Sacred Chapel to find you every day. You will have no reason to fear, children of My Father. Where Christ resides, not even a drop of evil resides. This is why I will also come to this Sacred Chapel as the Holy Spirit, to liberate you from the ties and from the obstacles imposed by My eternal rival.  Be brave and always come here.  I will be here to listen to you in silence, in the word, in the confession as well as in constant prayer.

This place is the divine fruit of the work of My Most Holy Mother, through each one of you.  While times are difficult and dark, My Divine Light deigns to descend and becomes present, to unite you all in the name of Peace.  My Sacred Heart will be here in Spirit.  Here you will find the Invincible Strength of My Heart whenever you need it.

Do not forget that I am present here, so that in the most crucial moments you will not forget Me or sleep in front of Me.

Companions, in this Marathon, I promise you an internal synthesis for your lives before the Graces that you have received, meeting after meeting.  This Marathon of Mercy will be the last confirmation for your paths in My paths of peace, of sacrifice for humanity and of redemption.

I wish you could truly understand beyond My Words.  I wish for everything that happens upon this Hill of Light to be the testimony that the Plan will be fulfilled.  For this reason, I will not look at your offenses.  Today I hope that you give of your talents to Me, for all those who are losing them in the face of human cruelty.

In Spirit of Grace and eternal joy, I unite you and I bless you again, in the Name of the Holy Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Thank you for helping in the final Plan of redemption.

Always and forever be blessed.

Christ Jesus, Your Elder Brother