Sunday, June 3 of 2018

Monthly messages

First Message

That being with Me not be a commitment, but an essential need for these times.

I do not come to ask the impossible, but what in truth you can give Me, because I see it and feel it.

Just as My Mother from Heaven, today I step with My feet on the head of the serpent of the curse, the usurping and invading serpent, and thus I liberate the hells, the souls and, above all, the peoples.

Today My Work begins here, in this place of Portugal, because it too needs of My Mercy; despite all the events that have happened in other times and all the Graces that have descended on this country.

But now we are in a definitive moment, in which the participation of each one of My companions is essential.

This is the answer that I will receive from you, in order to continue carrying out My Work, this time, in this part of the world, in Europe, but also in other places where My Divine Mercy is needed to be able to continue forward.

Now the time has come for My companions to give everything for love, and this message is for everyone.

The time has come for You to match Me, to be so similar to Me, not only in spirit but also in the work.

While I am with you, I decompress humanity from evil and allow the souls to immerse themselves in My Infinite Ocean of Mercy.

All those who can enter it will be important, because the Source is closing as Divine Justice approaches.

All those who can be safe, will be important, because thus I will be able to give testimony before My Father, that the souls respond to My requests and My commands.

I am here not only for Portugal, but also for all of Europe that must awaken to the essence of My Divine Mercy; and to be able to awaken to the essence of My Mercy, it must understand it and above all live it, in these very crucial times, in which love and indifference struggle.

I need you to be part of this Source of Mercy while you are here, on this planet, forming a part of this humanity.

May each act or each feeling be a part of My Divine Mercy.

May each offer or donation of yours be part of My Divine Mercy, so that My Redemptive Cross can triumph once again.

The time is already here, and by means of this Pilgrimage, entering to the most culminating moment of humanity, in which there will no longer be what to choose, but only one path to follow, which is the path toward My Heart, which I tirelessly offer to the world, so that souls may serve themselves of My merits and of all the treasures that the Father Himself has granted to My Divine Consciousness.

But you know, companions, that as much as I am in Heaven, I Am the same as you, as a man, as soul and spirit; that My resurrected Body and My whole Consciousness rose to Heaven to be protected from these times and, especially, to prepare for the moment of the great return to humanity.

We are on that transition and on that path, we are waiting for that great moment, when everything will be unleashed, inside and outside of creatures.

Meanwhile, drink from the Source of My Mercy so you can purify and cleanse yourselves.

May your acts be full of love.

May your words be full of wisdom and not of low vibrations.

May your works be full of charity and Mercy.

May your gestures be gestures of light and elevation of your consciousness, and of the consciousness of all humanity; so that when I return I may find you transformed, without the need to purify you a little more nor of asking you to remain for a longer time on Earth and you cannot return with Me to Heaven.

What I say to you at this moment is not symbolic, it is a truth that My Heart emanates.

But when I return to the world, many, many souls will find it hard to recognize Me because I will return different from how I went to the Universe.

But My Voice will be recognized, My Glorified and living Heart will be seen, and all will be able to be witnesses of My five main Wounds of Light, which I will impart, as the light of more than hundreds of suns, to bless the Earth and convert it into redemption.

When all that is about to happen, hearts must already be clean, without arrogance, without pride, without conceit and, above all, without evil.

Because in order for the Kingdom of God to enter you, you must be worthy of the Kingdom of God.

And the Kingdom of God will be able to enter within you when your hearts are clean of themselves and full of the surrender that they will share with their Master and Lord, transmuting and releasing the pain of the world and the suffering that imprisons and makes the souls agonize. 

This is the cross that I offer to very few, because the reward, which will not be of this world, is very great, for those who carry it with Me, and with courage.

The moment has come for the cross of this humanity, which has been perverted and outraged, to be redeemed and to shine as a victory of Light and Love, of Unity and Brotherhood, so similar to the Cross on which I was nailed to on the top of Mount Calvary; in this redemption you will unite to the Essence of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

But there is still much to be done, there is much to be done with so few.

However, you will not lack the Force of My Spirit; because whoever is in Me, My Spirit will make invincible and will give them the strength to be able do everything, according to My designs and My Will.

Thus I tell you today, companions, especially for those who hear this message, on this first day of Marathon, who have made the effort and gotten up early to receive Me in your hearts from the other side of the world, those that I will count on, because they will not be warm or cold hearts, they will be hearts in which I can trust infinitely and without exceptions, without justifications and without claims.

Again I tell you that it is time to give everything for those who do not give it; and when the time of My return comes, you will be blessed as those who are in the Heavens, you will be recognized for the cause of having suffered and endured for Me, like so many saints and so many servants of the last times.

May this Marathon of Divine Mercy be the marathon of sacrifice and of the institution of Divine Forgiveness among the peoples and the nations that conquered and harmed one another, transgressing the Laws of God and the attributes of evolution.

That, by means of the Source and the Ocean of My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy, the deepest wounds of human suffering be closed, from the moment of My Ascension to the present.

I trust, I trust in what you will be able to give Me, because what you have given Me so far has granted this so important Grace of you being here, together with Me, to follow the paths of forgiveness and of redemption.

Listen, Father, to the voice of those who are always with You.

Listen to the voice of those who cry out for Your Will and for Your Grace.

May everything be renewed, Father, from the most intimate to the most superficial.

May everything be healed, Father, from the smallest to the largest.

Because in everything You are found, Adonai.

Because in everything You vibrate, Emmanuel.

And Your Spirit is present, Abba, in all the dimensions.

May the most thirsty and the most lost souls find Your Light, by means of this offer to the Divine Mercy of My heart; and so I will be fulfilling, beloved Father, together with My brothers and sisters, the promise to return to make My Cross triumph in the world. Amen.

May the Light of the Holy Spirit bless you and may the Holy Spirit guide you, in the Gift of His Wisdom and of Discernment.

In the Name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.