Saturday, May 21 of 2016

Special Apparition

And even when the world does not listen to God, His Heart is visible in humble hearts.

The power of His Simplicity is great; this is why there are many who do not know Him. But those hearts that are simple will always know Him, despite having nothing in their physical life.

Contact with God is created through love, through a perfect union with Him, in the incessant search for His Universe, to concretize His Will on Earth.

Today I come as the Mother of Uruguay because I still have hope.

I will not delay working for My children to wake up, just as all creatures of this world, dear children, should wake up before purification increases in each of your lives.

But God does not impart punishment on anybody; He only wants you to love Him and constantly seek Him.

The Love of God is what builds all things and is what allows divine ideas on all the planes to be manifested.

If you do not have the Love of God, the Love of the One, in your hearts, how will you know it?

The Father is not far from anyone; it is just that He is very much forgotten and the souls substitute their awakening with modernities, with the vain search for spirituality, with the search for the energy that belongs only to the Creator.

This is why, dear children, I taught you to pray. With something so simple and profound, I have seen that your lives have transformed with much effort.

But there is still much to do. I will need to fulfill My Works, the Works that I have promised to the Father, together with your hearts, and those Works cannot be accomplished before the world comes to know them, just as I have revealed them in other times and in other apparitions.

Today I come under the splendor of Love, so that you may recognize it within you. The Lord needs you to unite with this Love so that you may separate your consciousnesses from the illusion that the world promotes, an illusion that promotes abortion, drug addiction, fanaticism, superstition, solitude, abandonment, the lack of light in the soul.

But it is the infinite Love of God that has brought Me here today, dear children, to share with you what the Truth is; the Truth that is not deeply known, but that must be loved by you so that you may be within the Truth of God.

The Lord, who is in the Universe and rules in all the Heavens, does not want anybody's punishment; but the decisions of the world, the attitudes of souls cause His Laws to manifest severely in this time.

God could not be God if He were not the God of Love.

Love is what created all the universes, the stars, the planets and the life on all planes; but if the Love of God is not present in your hearts, you will not be able to come to know any of that.

Spiritual vanity is a very dangerous weapon for this time. I know there are souls, dear children, that seek spiritual life with arrogance, as ownership and control.

The creatures of Earth will never have anything for themselves. That is why we have taught you, dear children, through our Presence in the world, through the Sacred Hearts, that humility is your first lifeline.

Without humility, you will achieve nothing.

Without humility, you will not be able to know yourselves and banish what is not real, what I call false.

So the world, throughout the times, through wars, annihilation and false power thought to have conquered the planet.

It will not be necessary, dear children, for you to observe what is happening in the world. Look beside you and you will see the true need. 

Jesus is also in the hearts that suffer and He hopes that you will be able to serve Him through your brothers and sisters.

Service in this time is what will promote the salvation of humanity; service to the Kingdoms of Nature, to everything that you may find on your paths that is in need.

There is much to be done, dear children, and the hearts and hands willing to do it are few.

Uruguay has this great opportunity.

Service in Uruguay is not the priority of the souls for their spiritual path, because it means to lower oneself before a fellow being.

Did not Jesus, Your Lord, wash your feet through the apostles?

He humbled Himself before you so that God could pour out Mercy on the world; He allowed Himself to die on the Cross so that you could be saved.

He is the Truth. There is no other, dear children, in this time.

Impure spirits may reveal many secrets to you, or the energies that believe they know what may satisfy you; but if there is no prayer, there is no Love of God, there is no service, there is no ascension of the consciousness.

These foundations that I dictate to you will make you worthy before the Lord.

And you will believe that to pray will be something routine, but in this time, it is the portal that opens for the liberation of the world, in all the Marian Centers that I have consecrated to the devotion of My Immaculate Heart.

Aurora is the Center that I consecrated from the beginning, when My Light, the Light of the Love of God, rested Its Feet on this place.

Many believe that all of this was crazy and continues to be so. Look within your brothers and sisters and you will see the fruits that I have managed to realize, in a simple but real way.

The world seeks that which satisfies its desires and distances itself from God. This is why it suffers and cannot find the Light, it gets lost in the darkness and succumbs in the hells of the consciousness; when you are submerged in error, in perdition, in deceit and in suffering, then you remember God!

But as He knows that humanity is very fragile and weak, He sends His Servant so that the eyes of your heart may open to recognize the Light that comes from Heaven and from all of the Universe.

Dear children, I will work with those who are with Me until the end. I do not need you to promise Me anything, just that you do what I ask in the best way possible.

Please the Heart of your offended God, and meditate on His Presence through the Eucharist; and let prayer always lift you up High, just as I lift you up in My Arms to the House of the Celestial Father.

Today I come to bring quietness for your spirits, serenity for your souls and restoration for your bodies.

I will not be able to promise, dear children, that the spiritual battles of this world will cease. While there is war and killing of animals in humanity, suffering will exist.

Thus, I call you to prayer; so that your bodies, cells and atoms can rise and finally perceive that it is not necessary to eat another, from a fellow Kingdom so loving and insignificant to your eyes.

The Love of God is what allows you to be kept in unity.

As much as what I tell you today, dear children, are always the same words, it is because today you have not yet lifted your hearts to My requests.

Do not close your hearts for anything. I always keep you in My arms so that you may see Jesus and His Heart, which shines forth in this Universe.

He is the Sun that guides you.

I Am the Star that shows you the path so you can find your true dawn in the presence of Aurora.

Do not despair, but do not be naive. Accept to live reconciliation, so that peace may be established in the world.

I am united to each heart that today has sincerely prayed with Me; because God recognizes the offerings of all His children and is grateful for your effort.

Now, dear children, before the Thrones of the Father, the archangels, the Elohim, the celestial choirs and armies, and the guardian angels, which have been banished by the creatures of this world that do not accept the Love of God, together with you and each pilgrim, I will pray for the world with a simple proclamation.

Place your hands receptively so that you may receive the greatest gift of the Universe: the Love of God, which will merge into your hearts and into the Heart of God.

Father of the Universe, hear the Voice of Your Servant and light the Flame of Your Sacred Presence in the hearts.
Forgive humanity for its continuous sleep, and awaken, through My Aurora, all those who sleep.
Liberate them from naivety. Carry them into service so that they may find Your Peace and Your Love.
Pour out, through My generous and serviceable Heart, all Your Gifts and concretize Your Works in all the hearts of the world.
Send Adonai, O Beloved Father!, Your angels of Light, so that they may pour out Your Mercy over those who deny You and do not hear You.
Have Pity, Lord, on those who are ignorant and close their heart to Your Call.
May in the last hour of this world, the souls find Your Path so as to reach Jesus, and may Jesus lead them all toward Your Kingdom of Celestial Power.
Today I leave at Your Feet,  Universal Father, each one of Your creatures so that You do not make Your Justice tremble within them, but rather ignite in their hearts the infinite Compassion of Your Spirit.
O Lord of the Universe!, close the uncertain doors in this world.
Forgive those who do not do things well and forget about You.
Be compassionate with those who are banished, with those who suffer exile.
And show Yourself with Your Face, with Your Glory and with Your Love to each being of this planet, so that, through My Pleas and My Praise to You, Emmanuel, the Plan thought of by Your One Mind may be accomplished until the New Humanity.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

Let us sing Ave María, in the Presence of our Mother.

I will always find you in the prayer of the heart, the sacred refuge of souls who await the return of Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call and for praying for the consecration of the Americas to My Immaculate Heart.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

Brothers and sisters, it is always very good that we try to hold in our hearts this Love that Mary brings us, this Love that understands all things, achieves all things, can do all things, and that She knows, above all things, is within us: the Love of God.

She came with that Love of God, with that Source of Love and of Unity with the Father, to offer it not only to us, but also to all those who do not want to accept it.

And through each meeting, Mary patiently told us that She is attempting to rebuild, to work in each of our beings, this conquest, this triumph of the Love of God in our hearts, in our lives.

It is this Love of God, according to Mary, which will help us to face these times, these difficult times that humanity is living, and that God will avail Himself of the love that we offer Him so that His Work may also be accomplished.

We wanted to briefly, simply tell you how the Apparition of today went, because it is important so that everyone can carry this image, this mission that Mary brought through Her Presence.

When She got here, She showed Herself, as she always shows Herself, as the Virgin Mary. Today, Her Mantle, the Mantle that covered Her, was the flag of Uruguay.

And at a certain point, when She began to address Her words, She drew closer to us so as to radiate that Love of God; the Mantle that draped down behind her, that formed part of that Veil that reached Her Feet, had the flags of all the Americas, of all the nations of the Americas.

And while She spoke, in spite of Her speaking, She was praying for each one of the nations, for each one of the members that are part of the nations and for each one of those present that were connected with Her at this moment.

And when She began to come closer to here, to appear as She always does, through a golden sphere of light that comes from the Celestial Universe, which begins to move toward the planet until it spiritually locates this place, She began to descend and to open various Heavens through a pillar of light.

And while that pillar of light descended with the songs of the angels, the lost souls, the souls that were imprisoned in the hells of this world, began to rise up as She descended.

And that is when She appeared and showed Herself to be that Mother that was with the Mantle of Uruguay.

So we just wanted to tell you about that, so that we may really trust that all that is happening is what has to happen and that we have, as She said today, to love the Will of the Father.

Thank you, Mother, for all that you give us!