We give reverence.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Prayer: “Our Father.”

I come to the world with My Spiritual, Celestial and Divine Government to be able to be reborn in the hearts of human beings, in the life of all souls that say ‘yes’ to Me.

In this way, there may be nothing that will separate you from Me, there may be no evil that can prevail, there may be no obstacle that can reign, because the one who believes in My Name will be blessed, will be called “a child of My Father.”

For this Nativity that is approaching, the Nativity of your Master and Lord, I ardently wish, through the Fire of My Heart's Love, that everyone may come to know, at this moment, that I still so much thirst for souls, and, My Heart, filled with Mercy and Kindness, agonizes, day by day, for not being able to pour out My Light and My Love within hearts.

After a long time and in this spiritual scenario of the Nativity of your Master and Lord, today, indeed, I can pour out My Kindness and My Love in your hearts, today, indeed, I can embrace your souls, contemplate the spirit of each one of My companions, and espouse them in this sacred Covenant with the Redeemer.

I tell the world not to lose hope, to strengthen its faith. The times are very hard and difficult, but My Celestial Kingdom approaches you to elevate your consciousnesses, to elevate your hearts so that Christ may be born again within the human heart.

Do not fear your purifications and tests, do not become frightened. I am here, I am your Higher Love, I am the manifestation of God, Love-Wisdom expressed before you as the King and Ruler of the universe.

Enter My Heart through the path of Light that I show you today.

Return to My Love so that you can return to the Truth, because, in the face of so much planetary need, I want to enter into communion with those who say ‘yes’ to Me, because  think for a moment: how many times, in spite of the circumstances, of the moments and even of the challenges, have you communed with Me? How many Graces have you been able to receive throughout the times and throughout all the moments you have shared with Me?

This is what allows Me to return here, not only to Fatima, the blessed home of My Mother, which is the blessed home of all of you who are here, under Her Maternal Kingdom, but I can also reach the whole world through this moment, to attend to the despair and anguish of many hearts, which keep facing this time of Armageddon, this cycle of the Apocalypse.

But trust, because I am returning soon. Have faith that you will be, face to face, before the Master of Love, before the Master of the Way, before the Master of Life. Because what I ardently wish is to be with you and with your brothers and sisters, not only so that you may again hear My Voice, which is the Voice of the Heavenly Father's Love, but also so that you may be by My side to feel My Consciousness, to commune with My Spirit, to receive healing and cure within the beings of each one of you.

This is why I extend My Hands to the world, to tell all My companions, all My servants, believers and devotees of the Sacred and Blessed Heart of Jesus, that My Light descends today to the world to dispel the darkness from the consciousness, to remove from the earthly hell all those who are lost in obscurity.

And this is possible through all the hearts that adore Me and love Me, that are faithful to the sacred liturgy of prayer, of Communion, of the Sacraments, of Adoration and of service.

All this attracts incalculable merits to the world, such as today, when My Heart is attentive to the need and suffering of all My children of Afghanistan, who experience unprecedented captivity, who experience the hardest test of their nation.

Because My Love is not only for Christians, My Love is for the whole world, My Love is not religion, My Love is sidereal, divine and higher, it is an immeasurable Love that impels souls to live in kindness, in solidarity, in generosity.

Do not forget these three pillars. Kindness, generosity and solidarity: this will allow for the healing of the planet, this will eradicate the pandemic forever, because souls will awaken to their inner purpose, that purpose which was gestated in the Supreme Source, when each one of you was still a tiny essence of Light in the Great Ponds of the Universe.

Through the next Nativity, allow for the inner Christ to reemerge in your essences, because Love is coming to an end in the world, and if Love ends, peace cannot be present, and, even worst, the good cannot be present within souls.  

Follow My Steps with firmness and determination.

Just as I can be reborn today in the hearts that say ‘yes’ to Me, in spite of their hardships and tests, would it not be wonderful if, once and forever, you might become victims of My Love, and if all that you experience at the moment is a sincere offering of your hearts for the triumph of the Return of Christ?

There are children of Mine in Africa, in the Middle East and even in Afghanistan, who, as it was with the people of Israel, are waiting for the coming of the Messiah, of the Redeemer.

Opening My Heart to each one of you, I reveal to you My purest intentions, because, do not forget, I am a part of you, I come from the Father, just as you come from the Father, we are brothers and sisters, but we are also children of the Creator, because, as much as I has ascended into the Heavens, My Heart is a human heart, transcended and glorified.

By any chance, do you believe you are capable of glorifying your hearts, of being transformed by the transverberation of the Lord?

I am not speaking of mysticism nor of great experiences, I am speaking of the transformation of life through the kindness, the generosity and the solidarity that each one of your hearts can experience.

Thus, on the eve of the next Nativity of your Lord, the Love of your lives, your Shepherd, Redeemer and Lord places at the feet of this world His purest and most sovereign intention, His Divine Aspiration that souls may live the Love of Christ, by living love between brothers and sisters in generosity, solidarity and kindness.

This will transform the world quickly. Because it is in what is smallest and not in what is greatest that you must learn to live the Work of God. And this Work is formed by all souls, in spite of their differences or even in spite of their nations, because the time has come for souls, at this Nativity, to be a part of the Mystical Body of your Master and Lord so that the impulses of My Spirit may redeem the planet and transform souls, through all those who postulate to be victims of My Love.

This is why the Celestial Father knows that all that I tell you is possible.

Now is the time for you to not only listen to My Words, but also to be My Words in action, in kindness, in generosity, in solidarity, so that this world may be transformed.

The seed of Christic Love returns today to the hearts that have lost it, because this moment and this offering carried out by devoted hearts has attracted such Grace and opportunity toward the Earth.

I know that you will not understand in depth what I am telling you, but do not worry, because it is your inner worlds that have to listen, understand and know all that I tell you, that is where the change begins.

Leaving the door to the Tabernacle of My Heart open, I show you the Flame of My Spirit, vibrating at the center of My Being, where souls can adore, contemplate and recognize the Wisdom of God's Love. Because it was this Love, like a vibrating Flame of the Spirit of God, that not only conceived Creation at the beginning, but also created your essences in the Image and Likeness of God.

Keep this image in your memory, the vibrating Flame of God in the Tabernacle of My Heart, at the center of My Being, at the center of My Soul, at the center of My Divinity.

May this deeper and eternal love, which I reveal to all today, heal the planet, restore souls, sanctify hearts, rescue those who are lost and bless all those who cry out for spiritual help.

Let us pray:


Sun of God,

that illuminates the darkness of our lives.

Spirit of God,

that liberates the faults of our beings.


Come, Sacred Body and Precious Blood of Jesus!

So that, united to You,

we may reach eternity and paradise.


(three times)


On December 24 and 25 of this year, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Her angelic hosts, the Government of My Spiritual Universe's Love will be descending within every heart that offers to pray for peace during the Vigil of Prayer on Christmas Eve and also during the Apparition of December 25.

On these days, may your inner worlds be attentive, because special Graces will be able to descend to souls and to the planet, to relieve it of the calvary in which it lives.

I thank you, My companions, for having opened up to recognize, adore and contemplate the vibrating Flame of the Spirit of God, at the center of My Being.

Through the powerful Light of My Five Wounds, and as the Son of God, I bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Forty-second Poem

Lady of Charity,
may I find the opportunity to serve everywhere
so that I may consciously
alleviate the Heart of the Master.

Lady of Charity,
may I have the Grace of understanding,
beyond forms,
what the opportunity of serving the planet
  means for my soul.

In each surrender and act of service,
may my heart be completely renewed,
to be able to feel the joy of living in God.

Lady of Charity,
grant me the Grace of being able to feel, just like You,
 the immeasurable love of surrendering my life
to the Higher Will.

Make me capable of learning, at each instant,
that which service teaches me and shows me.

May I have enough strength
to be able to serve Your Son until the end.

Lady of Charity,
 each day of my life,
may I reflect kindness, compassion and gratitude
for serving at each new summoning.

May selfless service
show me the opportunity of becoming free of myself,
to be able to achieve ever deeper
expressions of love.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Be My disciples in unity so that unity may always reign and this unity may take you to the love of the heart, because in the love of the heart you will find the way out and the answer before the circumstances of life. 

Be My disciples in unity so that unity may take you to absolute understanding and this unity may awaken goodwill in the hearts of My followers.

Be My Disciples in unity because while you live this Law you will not be subjected to the laws of the world.

The sacred unity awakens you to the knowledge of what is true and comes from God, that which no man can achieve, but onlt through divine intervention.

Be My disciples in unity because you will always find service in the life of each one, you will find the possibility to alleviate, through unity, any internal situation.

Be My disciples in unity and there will be no confrontation or contradictions. In you will exist the divine breath of unity that will lead you to live My Project.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Jesus Christ

Daily Message received in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, transmitted by the Glorified Christ Jesus to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

In everything there always exists and lies the Love of God. It is this Love that generated the Creation and that once made it a reality in the Universes.

The Love of the Father is the Consciousness that brings wisdom and understanding, that brings healing and compassion to souls. In this Love lies the path to enter into the existence of each being, into the knowledge of the inner reality of each creature.

In love manifests kindness, the good and consideration for fellow being.

Love is the tree that gives seeds of peace, of charity and of Mercy.

Love acts in everything when we allow it to manifest.

Love has more attributes than love, it places us before the Truth.

Love dissolves indifference, pride and denial.

In love there is the overcoming of oneself and the overcoming of differences.

In the Love of God, we find the meaning of why we are here and the purpose for which we were created.

In love, there is only forgiveness and, in forgiveness, everybody reconciles and loves one another.

Love only tends to expand.

Love is not reduced, because love gives itself, and in the self giving is the expansion of consciousness.

I thank you for keeping the Love of God within you!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Jesus Christ


I know in the depths of your being; what you were, what you are and what you will be someday by the work and miracle of My Mercy.

Therefore, it is not necessary that you occupy all the time with what happens to you. It is better that you put your mind and your heart in evolutionary things, in this manner you will save time, energy and space to really be able to give yourself with trust to My Sacred Heart.

Dare to transcend the so-called human decadence. Love others as you love Me, in this way you will build inside yourself something really good, and everyone will be served of your goodness to relieve their hearts and their lives.

In simple words, you should imitate me as a model of patience and unconditionality, as well as in deeply merciful acts.

One day you will awaken and be another. All this weight will have been transmuted by your correct and elevated disposition.

Do not be afraid to conquer yourself. Follow my steps and you will attain inner peace.

I wait for you.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Jesus Christ


As long as you believe that you will never manage to surpass or transcend yourself, you will not surpass or transcend yourself, because the way to surrender to the Universe begins with an act of inner resolution.

I know that this surpassing and transcending are not easy for today's human being, but the more love and the more faith you place on each new attempt, you will be able to take small steps toward the full goal of the consecration of your life.

I want you to know that I understand your weaknesses and the tests the Universe places you in. But there is something inside you that has already been built, and it is that which supports you and commits you to continue onward, beyond all difficulties and all tests.

Accept the example of My Life and of My Victory, and let that experience of unconditional love be the spiritual foundation for your life that, again and again, may confirm the victory of My Consciousness within you.

Support yourself in this time of tempest through all the true love that you can feel and express for Me.

I do not want to make you a saint in a few days; I only want you to be able to imitate Me and reflect Me in kindness, in charity and in the strength that the Love that comes from My Heart gives to you, which only elevates and elevates.

Trust that you will achieve.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Dear children,

My words are the poetry of Heaven,

My solace is the joy that the heart has to experience God.

My aspiration is the conversion of all hearts.

My message is the realization of the Will in My children.

My joy is the song of the choirs.

My healing is the happiness of those who smile to God.

My path is the return of My Children to the Heart of Christ.

My inner aspiration is that everyone may understand God.

My song is the prayer of all My children.

My life is the life of those who follow My paths.

My principle is the Purpose of God

My goal is the awakening of those who are asleep.

My sadness is the abandonment of those who have not lived the Will of God.

My ardor is the praying fire of My children.

My offering is the love lived among My children.

My hope is the conscious answer of the soldiers of Christ.

My agony is the lack of love, it is hatred among the hearts.

My relief is the rosary offered by My children.

My conviction is the absolute faith in the Divine Plan.

My intercession is the kindness of the meek of heart.

My joy is the consecration of the spouses of Christ.

My peace is when you, My child, dare to say "yes" to me.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Believe, above any situation or circumstance that everything is in the Hands of God. No matter how difficult certain experiences may be, God holds all power, because He is one and He is great. Everything that is below the Father is small.

Believe, above all else, that the Father is Who holds the helm of the ship and is Who guides it towards good harbors. The Father is in each detail, but He, in His infinite Wisdom, allows His smallest creatures, the human beings of this planet, to learn through different experiences.

Have faith and affirm it, because the Father is above all, He is the Commander of the Universe and the Regent of all spaces and of all areas of spiritual work. Yet, with His infinite Goodness, He allows His children of the Earth to learn so that they may eventually be as similar as the Father is in love; for this, souls make mistakes again and again, until they learn, at their own expense, that without love and without truth one is nothing in this Universe.

The Father gives an impulse in this time for the fulfillment of His Work of Love through the experience of humility.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Special Apparitions

Today I am here with all the angels of Heaven to bless you and love you.

And although the souls are spiritually lost, My Immaculate Heart never ceases, because My promise before God is continuous and victorious.

My Plan is fulfilled in all those who hear Me and I never stop opening the doors of My Heart for those who become lost.

And although the trust in God is no longer in the lost, I recover it through My Love, My Grace, and My Light; that is why, children, you should never give up.

What I offer you in this time is unique; it will never be offered again until the next world.

My Grace allows all things and the Grace of the angels allows all things.

That is why I Am that Aurora that shines in the heart of the self-summoned to follow Me in this co-redemptive Work with My beloved Son.

I Am that Star that never ceases to shine in the spirits that believe in it and admire it, because I, dear children, do not do things for Me, but rather it is God that does them through His faithful Servant and His pilgrims.

I come from the celestial spheres to find you and love you even more each day.

I come to build in you something new that is still unknown to you. For that I am here, dear children, for you and for My children of the world.

I come with all of My kindness, to shelter you, to listen to you and respond to you, in the presence of the Light of God and of His Kingdom.

I do not want, dear children, for anybody to miss this sacred opportunity. I cannot show Myself more to you because I do not have the permission.

My Graces have already been physically placed throughout time and you have been able to ascertain this.

Now My Divine Spirit comes to you to call your spirits, which have a special mission with Me.

I am not here, dear children, to have you waste time. That is why I still come to Aurora, because God sends Me as His Messenger, again and again, until you manage to listen in the depths of your hearts.

I hope that you fulfill My designs without delay, because the times are urgent for all and especially for those who suffer and receive no Grace.

It will be through the apostles of My Son that I will be able to prepare the world for the second coming of the Master. If you do not prepare the fields where I send you to work, dear children, how will new seeds sprout in the hearts that are closed?

Each one of you has a key for My Work and I gave it to you. That is prayer.

It is prayer that will form you, it is prayer that will unite you with Our Father Who is in the Heavens and Who always waits for you with His arms open, to receive you and have you sit in His beloved Throne of Light.

How many souls do not want to see that opportunity and delay, delay a great deal, dear children!

How many hearts still do not want to change their way of life and do not accept to find the real Love of My Heart, that comes to aid you in this end time!

That is why, in this century, I need committed soldiers, decided and strong, to respond to My call.

I come to have you grow in love and in brotherhood, in unity and in the spirit of this sacred task that I entrust to you.

Each Center of Light that I have founded has a purpose, it still fulfills a mission before the Plan of God.

Just as it is in Fatima, it is here in Aurora, as it is in Medjugorje, or in Guadalupe. Each nation has a key that I have given it through My different faces, so that the peoples may learn to accept Me and to receive Me in love.

But I Am the same, dear children. I Am the Mother of Jesus, of your Redeemer.

I Am the One Who ascended to the Heavens to implore God for this world and Who will return after Her Son, opening the doors to the Kingdom of God for those who have persisted throughout the times.

I Am Who with My Son will help to resurrect the dead, to uplift spirits, and to assemble those who have become lost to live in the Love of God.

I Am the governor of the new race.

I Am the One Who ignites the flame in hearts that invoke My Presence, because it is the Presence of God in My virginal aspect.

I need you to understand and comprehend, dear children, who you are receiving!

I Am a spokesperson of the Universe, that comes to warn the world, so that it may not become lost in the darkness.

You must help Me so that evil does not triumph in any human heart.

Each time that you pray with Me, an uncertain door closes upon darkness and a soul is uplifted to the Kingdom of My Love and of My Peace.

In this way, dear children, I wander through the world to call those who are asleep; for those who have not been able to see Me, nor feel Me in their hearts.

Aurora has a fundamental task with Me, which is non-transferable. And it must be accomplished no matter what the cost, because in spite of the times of battle, I will give you the fortitude and the support through prayer of the heart.

I gave you, dear children, the great tool of humility for souls and the shield against all adversity.

Although the beasts are about to walk over humanity and among the peoples, do not be afraid. Who unites with Me becomes a great Mirror of prayer for the world and radiates peace, when they accept living it in their heart and in truth.

What I need, dear children, is for you to open your hearts to self-forgetfulness, because the world is full of itself and does not want to accept that this causes it to sink, day after day.

I need you to open to the Love of God, so that you may know the majesty of His Plan and of His redeeming Work in these times.

Count on your angels and call them all the time. They still yearn to be able to serve you in this end time. It is time, dear children, that you perceive that you are not alone in this world and that you can count on the Celestial Universe.

Each time that I come here, as in each Apparition, of Saint Joseph or of My beloved Son, or of My Heart, We open the doors of the Cosmos so that each day you may be uplifted and abandon this old matter, which corrodes the spirit and hearts.

That is why the Aurora will free you, although its presence is silent in these times.

We are a Celestial Brotherhood that calls upon you to serve the Plan of God and to manifest its designs in this time, so that more hearts may consciously participate in their redemption and rehabilitation.

I wish that you could see the Universe, just as I see it all the time.

God will not punish you for not being able to respond. But know, dear children, that today you know My Truth, which is the Truth that I wish for each child of Mine, which is the love that I need you to experience and to practice, so that humanity does not fail through its lack of love and because of its indifference.

My Eyes observe you in contemplation and in unity with the Father. My hands pour out their Light into the darkness of the Earth, in order to dispel it.

My Heart shines like a protective shield for hearts that accept it.

And the triumph of my co-redemptive work with My Son is established in the hearts that are redeemed and say "yes".

This is the message, dear children, that I want you to attentively hear today and to hear again in these next days, in order to be able to feel each one of My Words, and even more so, My Energy, which is the Energy of God, your Father Who is in the Heavens and awaits you.

In this hour, feel the embrace of the angels and their Grace, and give thanks to God every day for having awakened to My call in this end time, which is so critical.

There are souls that despair and that are tortured.

There are souls that suffer in loneliness and in silence, without anybody contemplating them.

There are souls that die without feeling love and Kingdoms of Nature that suffer the consequences of humankind.

Who will alleviate the pain of your Heavenly Mother?

Who will accept living this affliction with Me and transform it into love and light so that the Celestial Father may triumph?

I ask you, children of the world, to not close the doors to God, for He sends Me so that you may hear and accept Him.

Do not fear the tribulation, the failure. Live penitence, prayer, and repentance, and with My help, dear children, you will achieve holy humility on the last day of your lives.

And thus, when everything finishes here, in this beloved Aurora, I will lift up to the Heavens the Scrolls of Light, where your experience with Me and the offering of this sacrifice of love for humanity will be written.

There are souls that believe it is not necessary to make an effort for this suffering and lost world. Is it not so, My children, that when God sends Me, I have shown you the constancy of My Love, of My Mercy, and of My goodness towards all?

If for you I Am your whole Grace, why do you not do the same that I do for each child of the planet?

I only ask you, as My Son asked you, that each day you learn to love each other more, because who does not go through that Law will not be able to bear their purification.

I invite you to feel united all the time, through My Immaculate Heart, which is the home that opens up so that you may enter and feel peace. In this way, dear children, you will please Me, and as in other passed Apparitions throughout time, I will be able to lift up to Heaven the Scepter of the triumph of the redeemed hearts.

And again I say to you, that through this sincere effort, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.

I thank you and bless your Mother here on Earth, with the breath of My Love and of My Spirit.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

At the request of Our Lady, we will listen to "Meeting with Mary in the heart".

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

I am the Rose of Peace. I am the spiritual Flower opening in your hearts so that My children find the beauty of Creation.

I am the essence of Life. I am Who in Her purest womb gestates the new principles of humanity. Thus, I ask that you open to My universal Rose so you may come to know the inner beauty that God left stored in each human heart. It is the essence of Love that will cause you to live the Will of God.

I am the Rose of Peace so that My children may be witnesses that there truly is a sacred path to walk along, and all are invited to discover it through prayer.

There is a way for you to purify yourselves every day without suffering or frustration. That is why, on this day I show you the Rose of Peace, so that you learn to express the same beauty of My Heart. 

Find encouragement in everything I say to you; we deeply desire the new soldiers of Christ to ignite the attributes in their hearts, so the spiritually sick planet may be filled with the gift of God's Love through His children.

Simply seek to reflect the kindness of your spirits; this way, you will be able to stand before the doors of redemption without any fear.

Trust in My humble hand which I lovingly hold out to you, so you may see it is possible to unite to My maternal Heart and walk together in the faith that one day everything will be different. 

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who gathers you together in the essence of My Peace,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Special daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I am the Mother of the seven colors of the universe. On My Mantle is drawn the eternal fusion between the Rays and their universal vibrations that give life and form to all Creation.

My Consciousness is expressed through the White Ray that manifests the essence of Purity and its maximum expression is attained in the hearts of those who give themselves to the total transformation of their lives.

The White Ray concentrates the divine synthesis of all the others and so acquires a power of transformation unknown to the world. The White Ray is the positive expression of the goodness and self-giving of all who aspire to reach the inner light.

I am the essence of the Pink Ray, My Consciousness expresses the Love for everything created and fully accepts it as a filiation of the creatures to God. The Pink Ray has its maximum expression through pure Love; therefore, knowing the power of the White Ray and uniting it to the Pink Ray, the effect of Love becomes able to transform that which seems impossible of being transformed.

Through the Pink Ray, the tribute of compassion allows humanity the power to recognize Christ as the Master and Lord. The Pink Ray is able to place a spiritual situation on another level; and so this Ray helps to fulfill the mission of each soul, of being able to live in the Love of God. The Pink Ray is the universal color that promotes peace, through this Ray all becomes softer and harmonious.

I am the Mother in the essence of the Green Ray, because it expresses the harmony of serving the fellow being and so establishing its healing principle through the balance that it can express in the material life.

The Green Ray gathers the profound synthesis of alignment and it is the principal Ray that spiritually promotes hope. It is the Ray that neither permits nor allows the extinguishing of the aspiration to experience transformation because it fulfills, through its harmony, all the missions that the creatures intend to live. This Green Ray attracts the Will of God in a neutral way, that is, it allows one to live the Will in balance, serenity and peace.

I am the Mother of the Universe in the essence of the Blue Ray, which attracts towards the whole universe the divine force to realize the aspiration to live the Will of God. This Blue Ray is capable of gathering souls with the same purpose. It is the regent Ray, that is to say it creates favorable conditions for the creatures and the forms to be motivated to fulfill in harmony each inner aspiration.

The Blue Ray gathers the Will widely so that it can be experienced in a conscious way and, at the same time, profound and in balance. The Blue Ray is able to help to live acceptance of the new times and also to unlock the path that may be limited by the opposite actions or imminent challenges. It allows us to feel confident in the Plan of God.

I am the Mother in the essence of the Golden-Ruby Ray because through it all becomes possible and the consciousness can expand its love for knowledge so that it can finally live it.

The Golden-Ruby Ray manifests the fundamental essence of the Divine Wisdom; it is through this Ray that the universe carries forward the concretization of the Divine Thought, and thus the creatures and the forms created by God take on life, vibration and energy by the action of this Golden-Ruby Ray.

The Divine Mind is expressed through this Ray, it expresses all that has been created. The Golden-Ruby Ray gives impulse to the manifestation of life and allows life to become sacred. This Ray is able to carry forward the projection of Wisdom in all that exists. This Ray can be expressed in seven different forms, since the Divine Wisdom pours forth so that all may reach the reality of creative thought. It can appear in souls that are guardians of the universal knowledge.

I am the Mother in the essence of the Violet Ray, because it manifests the transubstantiation of all forms. It is through the Violet Ray that everything is transformed into something positive.

The Violet Ray is capable of changing complex principles into sublime states. Its principal action is focused on the Divine Fire to perform the exchange of the forms and of the creatures. This is a Ray that is manifested in all that is transmuted and raised towards a superior state.

The Violet Ray is the main principle that acts on the liberation of humanity during the cycle of transition.

The Rays live and act through the maternal essence of your Heavenly Mother, they are Divine Principles, but at the same time they are Laws of expression of the Divine Consciousness.

The fundamental consciousness of the Rays arises as a stream from the Source of the One Consciousness and from there, all the universe of which you are also a part, receives the positive influence of these Principles which are also manifested through the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

It is so, dear children, that you are being called not only to purification, but also to the divine consciousness of the Rays, which are the expression of the universal life. I am the Mother in the essence of the Rays, whoever lives in Me, lives in the rays.

I thank you for responding to My call!

This Divine Wisdom is for those who want to know themselves and become that which they have never been.

Who unites you to the principle of the Rays of Creation,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more