Friday, December 17 of 2021

The Sacred Call

We give reverence.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Prayer: “Our Father.”

I come to the world with My Spiritual, Celestial and Divine Government to be able to be reborn in the hearts of human beings, in the life of all souls that say ‘yes’ to Me.

In this way, there may be nothing that will separate you from Me, there may be no evil that can prevail, there may be no obstacle that can reign, because the one who believes in My Name will be blessed, will be called “a child of My Father.”

For this Nativity that is approaching, the Nativity of your Master and Lord, I ardently wish, through the Fire of My Heart's Love, that everyone may come to know, at this moment, that I still so much thirst for souls, and, My Heart, filled with Mercy and Kindness, agonizes, day by day, for not being able to pour out My Light and My Love within hearts.

After a long time and in this spiritual scenario of the Nativity of your Master and Lord, today, indeed, I can pour out My Kindness and My Love in your hearts, today, indeed, I can embrace your souls, contemplate the spirit of each one of My companions, and espouse them in this sacred Covenant with the Redeemer.

I tell the world not to lose hope, to strengthen its faith. The times are very hard and difficult, but My Celestial Kingdom approaches you to elevate your consciousnesses, to elevate your hearts so that Christ may be born again within the human heart.

Do not fear your purifications and tests, do not become frightened. I am here, I am your Higher Love, I am the manifestation of God, Love-Wisdom expressed before you as the King and Ruler of the universe.

Enter My Heart through the path of Light that I show you today.

Return to My Love so that you can return to the Truth, because, in the face of so much planetary need, I want to enter into communion with those who say ‘yes’ to Me, because  think for a moment: how many times, in spite of the circumstances, of the moments and even of the challenges, have you communed with Me? How many Graces have you been able to receive throughout the times and throughout all the moments you have shared with Me?

This is what allows Me to return here, not only to Fatima, the blessed home of My Mother, which is the blessed home of all of you who are here, under Her Maternal Kingdom, but I can also reach the whole world through this moment, to attend to the despair and anguish of many hearts, which keep facing this time of Armageddon, this cycle of the Apocalypse.

But trust, because I am returning soon. Have faith that you will be, face to face, before the Master of Love, before the Master of the Way, before the Master of Life. Because what I ardently wish is to be with you and with your brothers and sisters, not only so that you may again hear My Voice, which is the Voice of the Heavenly Father's Love, but also so that you may be by My side to feel My Consciousness, to commune with My Spirit, to receive healing and cure within the beings of each one of you.

This is why I extend My Hands to the world, to tell all My companions, all My servants, believers and devotees of the Sacred and Blessed Heart of Jesus, that My Light descends today to the world to dispel the darkness from the consciousness, to remove from the earthly hell all those who are lost in obscurity.

And this is possible through all the hearts that adore Me and love Me, that are faithful to the sacred liturgy of prayer, of Communion, of the Sacraments, of Adoration and of service.

All this attracts incalculable merits to the world, such as today, when My Heart is attentive to the need and suffering of all My children of Afghanistan, who experience unprecedented captivity, who experience the hardest test of their nation.

Because My Love is not only for Christians, My Love is for the whole world, My Love is not religion, My Love is sidereal, divine and higher, it is an immeasurable Love that impels souls to live in kindness, in solidarity, in generosity.

Do not forget these three pillars. Kindness, generosity and solidarity: this will allow for the healing of the planet, this will eradicate the pandemic forever, because souls will awaken to their inner purpose, that purpose which was gestated in the Supreme Source, when each one of you was still a tiny essence of Light in the Great Ponds of the Universe.

Through the next Nativity, allow for the inner Christ to reemerge in your essences, because Love is coming to an end in the world, and if Love ends, peace cannot be present, and, even worst, the good cannot be present within souls.  

Follow My Steps with firmness and determination.

Just as I can be reborn today in the hearts that say ‘yes’ to Me, in spite of their hardships and tests, would it not be wonderful if, once and forever, you might become victims of My Love, and if all that you experience at the moment is a sincere offering of your hearts for the triumph of the Return of Christ?

There are children of Mine in Africa, in the Middle East and even in Afghanistan, who, as it was with the people of Israel, are waiting for the coming of the Messiah, of the Redeemer.

Opening My Heart to each one of you, I reveal to you My purest intentions, because, do not forget, I am a part of you, I come from the Father, just as you come from the Father, we are brothers and sisters, but we are also children of the Creator, because, as much as I has ascended into the Heavens, My Heart is a human heart, transcended and glorified.

By any chance, do you believe you are capable of glorifying your hearts, of being transformed by the transverberation of the Lord?

I am not speaking of mysticism nor of great experiences, I am speaking of the transformation of life through the kindness, the generosity and the solidarity that each one of your hearts can experience.

Thus, on the eve of the next Nativity of your Lord, the Love of your lives, your Shepherd, Redeemer and Lord places at the feet of this world His purest and most sovereign intention, His Divine Aspiration that souls may live the Love of Christ, by living love between brothers and sisters in generosity, solidarity and kindness.

This will transform the world quickly. Because it is in what is smallest and not in what is greatest that you must learn to live the Work of God. And this Work is formed by all souls, in spite of their differences or even in spite of their nations, because the time has come for souls, at this Nativity, to be a part of the Mystical Body of your Master and Lord so that the impulses of My Spirit may redeem the planet and transform souls, through all those who postulate to be victims of My Love.

This is why the Celestial Father knows that all that I tell you is possible.

Now is the time for you to not only listen to My Words, but also to be My Words in action, in kindness, in generosity, in solidarity, so that this world may be transformed.

The seed of Christic Love returns today to the hearts that have lost it, because this moment and this offering carried out by devoted hearts has attracted such Grace and opportunity toward the Earth.

I know that you will not understand in depth what I am telling you, but do not worry, because it is your inner worlds that have to listen, understand and know all that I tell you, that is where the change begins.

Leaving the door to the Tabernacle of My Heart open, I show you the Flame of My Spirit, vibrating at the center of My Being, where souls can adore, contemplate and recognize the Wisdom of God's Love. Because it was this Love, like a vibrating Flame of the Spirit of God, that not only conceived Creation at the beginning, but also created your essences in the Image and Likeness of God.

Keep this image in your memory, the vibrating Flame of God in the Tabernacle of My Heart, at the center of My Being, at the center of My Soul, at the center of My Divinity.

May this deeper and eternal love, which I reveal to all today, heal the planet, restore souls, sanctify hearts, rescue those who are lost and bless all those who cry out for spiritual help.

Let us pray:


Sun of God,

that illuminates the darkness of our lives.

Spirit of God,

that liberates the faults of our beings.


Come, Sacred Body and Precious Blood of Jesus!

So that, united to You,

we may reach eternity and paradise.


(three times)


On December 24 and 25 of this year, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Her angelic hosts, the Government of My Spiritual Universe's Love will be descending within every heart that offers to pray for peace during the Vigil of Prayer on Christmas Eve and also during the Apparition of December 25.

On these days, may your inner worlds be attentive, because special Graces will be able to descend to souls and to the planet, to relieve it of the calvary in which it lives.

I thank you, My companions, for having opened up to recognize, adore and contemplate the vibrating Flame of the Spirit of God, at the center of My Being.

Through the powerful Light of My Five Wounds, and as the Son of God, I bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.