Wednesday, January 30 of 2013

Weekly messages

My Heart rejoices in yours and in your brothers and sisters hearts.

Days of Glory are coming in which we will be eternally in the Grace of the Father God.

Dear children,

Today I come to thank you for the warm reception you have made to My requests. This activates My plans of peace for this part of the Earth and prepares the coming of My son, Christ Jesus.

I am with you in these preparations, to which I call to all of My children to participate in. I have seen with much happiness that some hearts have come closer to Me in these last days and this happiness for those few that receive the Graces of Heaven, balances the pain that is caused in Me by the absence of other souls that day by day take the wrong path.

I am here, My children, to ask you once more for the prayer from the heart.  If in this new task that We will carry out, we are more united than ever - I am referring to the vigil of Tuesdays, to be done with all the love of the heart - marvelous spiritual events will happen that will come impregnated by the blessings that are available for you in Heaven and that could not have descended until today.

Remember that I told you that this time is totally blessed by the Grace of Our Lord that reaches to each one of you when you open the doors of the Heavens through sincere love and the happiness of serving.

Today I want to transmit to you that  the joy of some hearts for the proposal and the call that I have realized in My last special apparition has reached the Heavens. The small and sincere gesture that some souls have expressed, has been observed by Our Father and it will have great repercussions. You may already live it.

I unite Myself to you in soul and spirit for the preparation of our next vigils. Count on my permanent company, since I will be united to you in each decision that you make, in each step you take. Feel me and that which you are encouraged to live will be real.

I wait for you inside My Immaculate Heart. I guide you to the Sacred Heart of My Son.

With you, I am. I love you with predilection.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 



Tuesday, January 29 of 2013

Weekly messages

My children:

I come today especially for a special Grace that the Lord conceded Me, of being at the side of My little children for one more day.

This is for you to know, My dears, that I accompany you all the time and I hear each one of your prayers, as also each one of your requests, of your appeals.

The Lord allowed Me to be amongst you today in order to confirm in your hearts that a prayer made with Love will always open the doors of Heaven. And also so that you may know we are no longer in normal times and My Heart wishes to always impel you, each time that your hearts may allow Me.

I come to bring the Spirit of God to your lives one more time. So that those miracles that you seek to live may happen.  Because there are many things which your hearts need that it seems will only happen through a miracle. Well then, I come to announce to you that we are in the time of the greatest Graces and that for the Kingdom of God nothing is impossible.

All that you ask Me is so simple, My children, when done with the heart. If you could see the true needs of the world and if you could discover the greatness of the Plan of God for your lives, you would perceive how simple and how small is all that your hearts need in this time. 

What you must seek today is the Grace of living under the guidance of the Spirit of God because this is totally available for all of My children of the world. What happens is that your hearts do not seek Me, do not hear Me, do not feel Me here at your side, all the time.

If you knew, dear children, how much My Heart wishes that you may discover the true and glorious Grace that you live in this time. If each one of your hearts could perceive how great the offer that God makes for you in this time is, in which all the rest of the world agonizes, there would no longer be any more evil that you could live in your hearts, and only My Peace would reign in your beings.

For this I come day by day for the awakening of all of My children. Because it is already time to perceive the times in which you live and to perceive it truly, with the heart, with the soul and with the spirit.

Because if the Truth of God finds space to permeate your beings, then yes, the moment will come in which you will be able to start living His Will and manifesting His Plan of Peace which is bringing the Kingdom that there is in the Heavens to the Earth.

Find My Peace in your hearts. There, I have deposited My Love and the key for the definite awakening of your beings.

I eternally thank you for answering to My Call and for praying with Me.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 



Tuesday, January 29 of 2013

Weekly messages

My beloved children of Aurora:

Celebrate together with Me!

Today My Marian soldiers pray together for the whole Earth. Today I will rescue from delusion many brother and sister souls, those that must not lose themselves in this chaos that the world lives in today.

Celebrate, My children, because the answer to My requests brings hope to this humanity that learns through suffering.

Celebrate with Me, My dears, because the Heart of My Son is relieved from the pain that the scourge of the human indifference provokes in Him.

Today I Am here as I have promised you and each time that My children confirm My presence after an announcement, this allows their souls to be in the absolute certainty of My company, of My shelter, of My protection and of My love for you.

I want to announce that each Tuesday I will be with all of the groups of prayer that pray along with Me and My guardian angels, and I will make each one feel My maternal presence.

After such a long time amongst you, since My first manifestations to humanity, this is the first time that South America answers to Me with all of the heart, an answer that I put in My Heart of Mother and that I give to God with all the gratitude.

I want you to accompany Me, children of mine, to ignite the whole American continent as a torch of light in the middle of the darkness. For this I summon you, during the whole month of February, to unite yourselves through what you call technology so that in the different places of the world, all may see each other and may participate together with Me in this celebration of Love and Celestial Peace.

Each Tuesday of February that we may be in vigil at the same time, we will unite our prayer and our heart to the Heart of My Son and we will hand to God, the All Powerful, the plea of this humanity that will fully enter into purification so that Our Lord may pour His Mercy over all those who still have not received It and so that this world may sustain itself, despite everything, in the faith of Our Lord.

Today I want to give you the Graces from My Maternal Heart for all that you give me. And for what you still cannot give Me, I offer to God My pleas of love for you.

I wait for you, children, united to the Heart of Christ Jesus and together to your brothers and sisters of the world in the following Tuesdays of vigil.

I keep you inside of My Immaculate Heart, I cover you with My Mantle of Light. Close your eyes for an instant and feel, My beloved ones, My maternal kiss on your forehead.

I love you, I love you with Divine Love, the one that comes from God the Father

Thank you for answering to My call of Peace.

Mary, Queen of Peace.



Monday, January 28 of 2013

Weekly messages

My voice cries out in the universe for peace for your hearts.

I am here in the Glory of God the Father to restore your essences and your bodies after the battles.

You must not expose yourself in these battles that My angels will fight for you.  For this you must only pray with fervor, so that I will send My army of light in search of the souls that are being lost.

I am here as your Universal Mother to announce to you that I will be with you during the vigil of the day of tomorrow, Tuesday at the hour of 9 PM.  There I will accompany your prayer and I will show you as My Blessed Love to collect the souls that are lost.

I will be with your consciousnesses during the whole vigil and I will receive each prayer that is said with love.  Then in My hands they will be converted into petals of flowers, which I will offer to Our Father God to intercede for the souls of your brothers and sisters.

Today I am here as an example of My infinite love, that which springs from My Immaculate Heart and cures all evil, all pain.

Through My Holy Hands I will place upon My Soldiers a special protection, a symbol of My Love so that your hearts will never more be attacked by evil.  This is a Grace of God that God has granted to Me.  I leave with you this protection, that which will shine upon your heads and your hearts as an emblem that will guard your beings. 

The Rose that represents My Virginal Purity will be the protection, that which will not allow for any loyal Marian soldier to be attacked by the enemy.

Beloved of Mine:

I leave to you a message of gratitude and peace.  Take care, and care for My clairvoyants because the enemy will want to silence their voices.  Only unity in prayer will allow for the task of the Mother of All to be victorious in Heaven and on the Earth.

Remember:  pray, pray without ceasing, pray together and in unity, pray for My Marian Work in the whole world and take care with prayer of My Marian soldiers, those who go forward without fear.

I wait for you to pray with Me in vigil.

I am your Mother, your Mother of Peace.  I am together with the Creator and I am also together with you in prayer.  Come closer to Me.

Thank you for answering to My call of peace.

Mary, Queen of Peace and Mother of the World.



Saturday, January 26 of 2013

Weekly messages

As Mother of the Universe today I bring to your hearts the universal sign of the Star of the Morning because for this time your hearts and consciousnesses will need this sign from the Father to be able to continue pilgrimages in life until the definitive encounter with My Son.

In joy My Little ones, the Lady of Heaven today forgives and absolves your deepest faults so that living the law of purification you may offer to the Father your transformation and your conversion.

Dear children, in this time of great revelations I remind you, as a lesson, of the mediating prayer because it will be important that your consciousnessess practice this exercise of inner union with the Creator God. For this today again I announce Myself to you in order to animate you to live the transformation of life in My absolute and maternal Peace.

Dears, I invite you to live in pacification, in harmony and in the Kingdom of My Peace because it will be important that your hearts irradiate this attribute and thus reach a harmonious conversion of the heart. I ask you to not fight nor battle with those human aspects that must be redeemed. Irradiate My Immaculate Love over each of them so that, little by little, in the path of faith they may be redeemed and be consecrated to the Will of God.

My children, we have entered in the cycle of purification of the world, for this peace, love and much prayer is necessary. Today I clamor to you for this from My Heart of Love because I know that you, My little ones, must learn to live them day by day.

Today also My children, I remind you to maintain your consciousnesses in peace and thus to exercise lovingly the humble state of reconciliation between brothers and sisters. Observe no longer, all the time, the indifferences in the neighbor.  Do the same as My Son Jesus, love each of the mistakes with compassionate love so that they may free themselves and start a new cycle in life.

Dear children in silence I pray for you, asking day by day to the Father for your prompt conversion and redemption. Dears, if a small number of children in the world reached holiness and the full love of God the world would change entirely and the mercies would be more each time for all My children.

For this, as Mother of the Great Star of the Morning, the one which shines each new day in the celestial firmament, I ask you once more that you remember to live the compassion of the heart among each other, as brothers and sisters and servers of Christ. The world, dears, suffers all of the days and what humanity must do is to relieve the heart of the world so that the Divine Cure may happen under the Graces that My Heart pours over you from Heaven.

My dears remember also to consecrate your heart to My Heart all of the days because I will wait with joy for your simple prayers. Smile with joy to God so that in this day that ends, and under the power of My Immaculate Love, you may walk with Me in hope and mercy.

Dear children from Uruguay, I thank to you all for having honored me with love yesterday during the encounter with Me in the blessed city of Montevideo.

Let us pray for the presence of Peace!

Who loves you and encourages you in all,

Mary, Queen of Peace.  



Saturday, January 26 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children of My Heart:

Today I come to teach you to open the doors of Heaven and to call for the Mercy of God through the absolute trust in the Creator.

The souls need day by day the intervention of your hearts.   They need the donation of the redeeming word that may leave from the hearts of My children, of My soldiers of prayer.

It is time, My children, for you to donate your lives completely to the Lord. It is no longer the moment to have your own eyes upon yourselves, but thus to permit the Lord to place His eyes upon your beings and take care of you day and night.

Our Lord God sent Me, I who am blessed to take care of His creatures, to vigil His little children. And He will send me My children so that you may forget yourselves and take care of each other under the Love and the Forgiveness that I give to you all the time.

It is the time of service, of charity, of donating oneself completely for the good of souls.

And My dears, you will find service in the little things of the day, of the fraternal life of liturgy in the communities and in the families.

You will discover that charity is also in everything and for all.  Each being that your eyes may encounter is a child of Mine worthy of charity and compassion, and the state in which they may be found is of no importance.

If your hearts accept to be the extension of My pure and immaculate Love you must live for the Love of the Creator, offered to the necessities of the world.  Because those that offer themselves to overcome the need of God in your brothers and sisters will be overcome by Him during all eternity.

The donation of oneself is the path for the hearts that wish to have merit for Paradise.

The power of prayer and of charity will transform you always if you allow it and will conduct you to the encounter with My Son.

Those that follow the steps of Jesus Christ through the Gospel will find the secure path that has no end other than the Heart of Christ.

I come to remind you that it is time to live in Me, in Christ and in God.   And this is reached through constant prayer pronounced with the heart, through fasting realized for Love and for the Redemption of the world, through confession to free the sins and through charity to encounter God in all things.

Listen to these words with the heart My children, because it is only there that you may encounter the strength to follow them.  It is only the heart that dissolves the impossibilities and that allows the search for Christ and for God in every moment and in whatever circumstance.

When I tell you “enter into the heart” it is because I know that there lives the most pure that exists in each one.  And I know that one who lives from the heart never fears anything, never sees obstacles to realizing the will of God.

A server in this time, My children, is the one who is always in the heart and rests there.

Thank you for responding to My Call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.



Saturday, January 26 of 2013

Weekly messages

My children.

Clamor for the Holy Spirit, clamor for His presence in your lives.

Today I come from heaven to recuperate many souls that have received the Grace of God and that have been rescued from the eternal suffering in which they were lost.

Today, My children, My Blessed Consciousness brings for all this Grace to again see the light inside of their hearts that comes from God the Creator and from the Heart of My Son Jesus.  Open yourselves to this Grace, embrace this power of love that the Shepherd brings in this final time.

The prophecies are being fulfilled and that which God wrote in the Universe and that which the Messengers announced in all times is descending.  You must only learn to read in the happenings that you live and unite My announcements with those of My Son.

This year will be one of great revelations, revelations that many do not listen to, but during the coming years the forcefulness of the happenings will show how everything had been announced, everything had been said and the words of the prophets of yesterday and the prophets of today will be transformed into events that all may live.

I told you to seek the signs of the Return of the Savior that one by one I will be revealing in My announcements.

You must pray today more than ever with the heart in unity without anything else mattering, because nothing is more important.  My dears offer only what you can to the All Powerful from the heart.

In my arms I carry with love and devotion all humanity, each one of you and your families so that through My love you may encounter the path to form the new family, the New Jerusalem, the consciousness of a new race that God designed in the Heavens and that must descend in this time.

Make efforts children because this is the time of sacrifice, one which I told you about since the beginning, the sacrifice made with love and happiness, that happiness that comes to us in building the new humanity, the new race.

The God of Love, the One of the ancient people from the desert, the One that waits for your love, He will bring again His Son, His First Born in order that He may love still more and finish liberating you from suffering and ignorance.

Now will you be prepared to receive Him?

How many of you will open the door of the heart for the Redeemer?

He is coming Full of Glory to resuscitate your hearts, your lives for the second time.  Come to gather His flock to share with His companions of the path, those that will serve Him and will surrender their lives to building this New Jerusalem.

Love your destiny, love your paths of sacrifice and thus you will redeem this humanity that must convert itself in the wise school of Universal Love.

I love you My children, in truth and in error.

Thank you for being here with Me and responding to My call of love.

Mary, Mother of the World.



Friday, January 25 of 2013

Weekly messages

Blessed are those who cross over the times of the strong inner winds.

Blessed are those who trust in My word.

Blessed will be My children, those of you who are overcoming their own selves will overcome also the evil and will find My Kingdom, the Paradise.

Blessed are those who deny the things of the world to guard for their own selves only things of the Heavens.

Blessed are those who extend their hands to their brothers and sisters and allow them to take the first place in the Boat of Salvation.

Blessed are the humble and simple because they will find God in their own hearts and in the hearts of their brothers and sisters.

Blessed always are the poor, the poor of their own selves, the poor of the world, the poor of evil and lacking in love.  Because they for sure will search for Me and for My Son above all things.

Blessed are those of you who, without fear of evil, will trust in the promise of God and will live in their own selves His miracles of transformation.

Blessed are those who abandon everything to follow me because together with Me they will always be secure.

The blessed in this time My children, it is in purity that your hearts may reach, it is in humility and in simplicity, it is in trust in God, and with courage walking in the direction towards Him.

I come to put in your hearts the power of the Blessings.

I come sowing in this city and in this world the Peace and the Glory of God, because through Me many will awake and through you, when awakened, many more will follow Me.

I want valiant hearts, courageous, that may live the truth of God without fear of being crazy to the world, because from many things they will be called and by many more names will those who follow Me be called.  They will try to hurt you with words and with actions, but I will always be as the Glorious shield of your hearts.

Because I am That who accompanied Christ, that helped him to grow with a heart full of the Love of God that prepared Him to live the Laws of the Lord, and the one who supported Him with a heart and with a glance while he was flagellated, while He was walking with the cross, and while He was suffering for the Love of God and for the Forgiveness of the world.

My Heart was always united with the Heart of Christ.

My arms waited for His body magnetized by Glory, when they took My Son, already not living, down from the cross more than any suffering that I could live I knew the Glory of God and His Will, as I also know in this time.

If My Heart could guide a Christ in that time how many more could I guide today?

I only ask you to trust in Me and in My Maternity.

Walk with Love and with Courage.

I will guide you always.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.



Friday, January 25 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children from the city of Montevideo:

For the Grace and the Mercy of God today you receive My maternal visit in your little hearts, as you will also receive me during the month of March with the coming of Medjugorje and Its Divine Message to Uruguay. I want you to understand My dears, that in these events of the end of time My Consciousness of Maternity tries to help the largest number of hearts, the ones that need a primordial help to be able to live the conversion.

With joy I will descend today for one more time from Heavens to irradiate to you the Merciful Love of My Son and to encourage you to continue through the path of redemption.

Dear children, as Mother of Divine Charity the reason of My coming is to renovate and to support all praying groups consecrated to My Maternal Heart and for this I ask you to start the first path of the inner Apostolate through charity and love that are so necessary for the times of today. This maternal call is required for the groups of Uruguay and I want that, in the same way, the other children from the different nations prepare themselves to work in the name of the Love of My Son for those who need peace and reconciliation the most. The path of charity is found through the donation of a sincere heart that wants to serve the Lord.

Children, God needs that by means of works of charity many irreparable faults that happen, for example, in the great cities, may be forgiven through the Mercy of My Son.

Dear children, I am with each one of the hearts to encourage them to be in My Hope and in My Maternal Grace that only wants to strengthen you as true servers of My Son. In charity you will find many keys to transformation and to the conversion of life, it is an inner communion with Christ because in this charity will be relieved the suffering of consciousness and will be healed deep wounds. In charity is present Christ the Worker, My Son Jesus who manifests himself among the creatures to reveal love to each heart.

Dear children, Montevideo as a soul needs to deepen in charity, in this way to abandon the action of commodity. All must be workers of the Heart of Christ and extend the hands to the ones who need the most. Imitate the example of those servers of this country who work for love of Christ, for My Son.

My dears, it is time to wake up! The Plan of God needs you because in this task My Maternity will accompany you. Be brave and with courage walk with faith to the new time!

I thank all of My children from Montevideo for having received me with so much love!

Thank you for listening to My call.

Mary, Queen of Peace and of the Celestial Universe.



Friday, January 25 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear son, dear daughter.

With the power of My love I will erase from your hearts all of the sadness and I will open a new door to Heaven where souls live in the happiness of serving God.

Today, again, I am together with you so that you may know the marvelous power of My Love and of My Protection.  It is not necessary to have anguish in your hearts, you must only have peace, this peace that I bring today.

You already knew that purification will bring everyone imbalances in the consciousnesses for those that cannot easily release the material codes that they have learned on this Earth.  Be patient, be careful for your brothers and sisters for the tricks of the enemy that intend to put you one against the other.

Give Me all situations that you cannot transcend, place it with faith inside of My Heart so that I, the Blessed Virgin Mary, from the inner planes will intercede to harmonize any situation that you cannot resolve.

But be attentive My children, do not be involved in conflicts and disputes between brothers and sisters because this is the way that the enemy wants you to be distant from each other so that he can reign among you.

Remember and have so present that under the Law of Unity the Kingdom of the Heavens will descend to the Earth and it is for you to have the responsibility to maintain this unity, first with Me and with My Son and through us among you.

Today through your prayer I will intercede before God our Lord and before My Beloved Son so that all the causes that your hearts still guard, those that do not permit the harmony, the peace and the unity that flows from the love of My Son, be grounded in your hearts for always.

Come to Me dear children so that I may rescue you under My mantle of light and protection, come to Me and I will make a miracle of love in you.

Who loves you and guards you, who protects and sustains in your mission of love on this Earth, your Queen Mother.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Thank you for continuing to answer to My call.



Wednesday, January 23 of 2013

Weekly messages


Dear daughter, dear son.

Again I am with you to comfort you in this choice that you have made, which is to live for and to serve My Beloved Son.

I bring for you the remembrance of my different passages in your life and the experience of the love from other times that left an indelible footprint on humanity.

As the Lady of the Graces today I want to reveal that My presence in your lives has brought the Blessed Graces that from Heaven our Father God has given Me for you. Through these Graces many of you have renewed your faith and have surrendered your lives to God. Through these Graces is lost the indifference and the pain that was produced from being far away from Him.

As the Lady of the Graces I have filled the hearts of many that today adore Me, love Me and follow Me. As the Lady of the Graces I am separating you from evil and I am bringing peace and comfort to your lives.

Today as the Lady of Graces I want to ask you to help Me to bring these Graces from the Heavens to those who are lost, for those that are indifferent, for those that are day by day separated from the heart of My Son.

As the Lady of the Graces today I bring from Heaven the Blessed Light of the Heart of Christ so that your hearts may be illuminated in this end of the cycle for humanity.

It is with this face of the Lady of the Graces that I invite you to walk a new path together with Me and My Son, so that all of humanity may be prepared to receive us in this new time, where we will finally discover the mysteries that God has guarded about His Messengers for always.

Each day I will remind you how many times I have visited you in many forms and in many places so that you will begin to understand that always I have been the same Messenger of the Highest who has been with you realizing distant tasks in distant places in different times.

Today it is time for you to feel Me and to receive Me as the Mother of all humanity, of all creeds and religions, of all races, of all of My children.

I came to gather all those that are preparing themselves, in the whole world, to receive the Great Shepherd who will come to quench the thirst of all and free them with His Forgiveness and His Mercy, from mistakes, loneliness and suffering.

Open your hearts to receive this great grace, to receive the Mother of the World, the Mother of all people and of all religions.

I will accompany you, I will guard you and I will conduct you to the Redeemer, who comes to free from oppression, from suffering and from ignorance all people, all races and all religions.

He is the Savior, the one who is not awaited by everyone, the one that will come as a thief in the night when the world that is far away from God is least expecting Him.

To you My children, those that yet are waiting for Him, I ask you to pray for those that do not, so that those closed hearts may reach the same Grace as you, to see the Redeemer face to face and surrender themselves to His Feet of Glory.

Praised be My Son, the Savior.

I love you with fondness.

Mary, your Lady of the Graces 



Wednesday, January 23 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children:

With immense bliss  I receive you in My Kingdom of Peace because now your spirits have entered into the Kingdom of the Lord.

Today My children, I invite you to peregrinate with the heart to Montevideo or Buenos Aires to receive the message that I will transmit in the month of March to one of My clairvoyant children from Medjugorje. This maternal invitation is of celestial importance because God wants to show to all His creatures the greatness of My Voice and of My Love, that which is diffused in the entire world.

Dears it is the moment to have consciousness from the heart about what God wants to reveal to you for these times through My maternal call. My Son also accompanies you in this path of redemption and transformation that your hearts must live.

I will come in Glory from the Heavens in the month of March through Medjugorje and My Apparitions in Uruguay and Brazil as Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. I want that you understand My children, that My Divine Spirit is trying to intercede for a larger number of souls, souls that are on Earth in purgatory and in hell.

For this is important the spiritual growth of the groups of prayer and of pilgrimage that live the first mission of Apostolate which today My Heart asks you: the Apostolate of being ecumenical in Christ, taking Peace to each corner of the Earth and living My Peace as a lesson of love and humility.

Now I am announcing to all this important universal event that will happen through the coming of the Divine Message of Medjugorje, as well as the Apparitions that will happen in this place of Uruguay and also in Brazil in My second Marian Center, in Figueira. See these events as a fundamental Grace that My Heart pours over the creatures in this time of tests and of deeper changes.

I will come from the Heavens as many times as necessary because My promise before God is your salvation, conversion and redemption. In all of this maternal and universal task the Angels that God entrusted to Me and that accompany Me since My Assumption until the present are divine beings that also spiritually diffuse My call for Peace, they diffuse it to all the Guardian Angels who accomplish an obedient and abnegated service upon the Earth and to the hearts of all the souls.

Dears, you will be able to understand how the mystery and the Infinite Will of God towards all that is created in the universes is. My task is to announce to you the truth so that you may grow and thus help those hearts that need light and peace.

My children, who accompany My precepts also accompany the Voice of My Son and His call to redemption. As Mother of Nazareth I prepare all consciousnesses for the new time because in you is the power of the Love of God, that which must sprout from your hearts and irradiate itself to the whole world.

As I have said in Fatima, now also, My children, I invite you to the preparation of the heart so that united in Christ you may walk with courage towards Paradise.

I will wait for all the pilgrims of Christ during the month of March in the Apparitions that will take place with one of My children of Medjugorje in Montevideo and in Buenos Aires as also in the Apparitions that will take place in the Marian Center of Figueira and in the city of Recife, in Brazil.

I thank you for waiting one more time for My call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Peace and Love for all.



Wednesday, January 23 of 2013

Weekly messages

My children:

Today more than ever I hope that you will encounter My Heart so that you may understand the moment in which you are living.

Do not search in the events of the world for the signals for the return of My Son because it will not be in phenomenon that you will find Faith.  If you trust in My Heart you will know that in the simplicity of My Word day by day I come to show you the true path.

Do not be distracted, My children, with the movements of the enemy because the evil sows a lack of faith and it will lead you to an equivocal path.

The Lord sends me to guide you because through My Love you may arrive to Christ.  My Word is simple and so little is what I ask you so that you may accomplish My requests.  And the only thing that I ask you today is for you to run away from distractions and enter into the heart, because the path to the heart will become each time more difficult.  Search for the Love that exists in the depths of your beings and love even if you do not believe that you can do this.

Love, My children, is to serve God in all things.  If your little beings will allow you to live simplicity you will discover how accessible is Love.

Understand My children, that to receive My Son it is necessary, first, that you may live Him in your hearts.    Because it will be your own Christic Love inside of some of you that will construct the path of return for the Redeemer.  When you delay more in opening your hearts, the more you delay the Lord from coming in Body, Soul and Divinity.

I am not asking any more that you study My messages but only that you live them.

Even if it is only one word of My Word, manifest it.

Be simple, fast and pray with the heart.

Be strong, humble and serve with Love.

Bring My Peace to the world through silent actions.

Ask God for the souls, for the kingdoms, for the nations and for the world.

Bring my Mercy to the Earth.

Trust in My Heart.

Live only one attribute of My consciousness and this one attribute will build in your beings the necessary strength.

I do not ask you for perfection but I ask you for courage.

Here is the path built before your own eyes, it is only to be followed.

Here is My Son who arrived in Spirit, listen to Him.  Receive His guidance and live His Mercy.  Hold strong the hands of Christ and persist there so that you may encounter Him face to face and receive from His own eyes the Forgiveness and the Redemption that will bring you back to the arms of the Creator.

Even if I have pain in My Heart to see that the world does not listen to Me, I love you all.

I thank you.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity and Lady of your lives.



Wednesday, January 23 of 2013

Weekly messages

Beloved children:

My Maternal Voice is clear and unmistakable in the Kingdom of Heavens as on Earth, because My Voice is the messenger Voice of the Love of God and of the Merciful Love of My Son Jesus.

I want to tell you, My Little ones, that My Heart is accompanying the school of the teachings that in this time you are living.

For this again I remind you that My Immaculate Heart is the path that will take you to Christ. For this My Son announces Himself today to you under a special Most Powerful Grace that the Father has conceded to His Sacred Heart of Love.

My dears, as Mother I pray so that Christ may continue preparing you in this new and renovated cycle of profound changes in the consciousness, changes that all of humanity is living. I pray for My Son to guide you as He has always done, interceding before God for Mercy and Forgiveness before the serious faults that are committed by humanity of today.

For this, dear children, the Sacred Hearts are working for the good and the peace of all consciousnessess so that a larger number of souls may find, in the next time, redemption and paradise.

Dears, as Mother of the Mercy of God, I am watching your steps and once again I call all groups of prayer to persist in the state of the prayer of the heart. If your hearts do not feel the prayer you must observe how your hearts respond to the need and the call of My Maternity.

Dears, I am here together with My Son Jesus, pouring Graces that are little considered by many. For prayer to have power and to give its fruits you must also meditate on how your sacrifice for fasting is, because the fasting offered from the heart and with love touches quickly the Doors of Heavens. When in many moments I invited you to pray, to fast and to confess yourselves, perhaps many of My children did not understand the call.

Fasting is asked in order to detain the wiles of the enemy and to relieve the suffering in the world. Prayer is to keep all groups of prayer under My Maternal Protection. Confession is to liberate from yourselves the faults that you live repeatedly, because if you clean your hearts you will be able to help to purify the closed hearts of many of My children in the world.

Today, My dears, I am calling you to renew your commitment with Me because My Son will return to confirm your inner union with the Father through prayer, fasting and the confession of the heart.

The world moves quickly, much quicker than can truly be seen by humanity, the world suffers and in some places the souls lose themselves by their own action of their wills. The world needs much prayer and mercy and this is the mission of all My children, so that in a little time the awaited years of Peace may be lived. Purify yourselves close to Me because My Maternal Heart will help you every day.

Now, My dears, for you to see the importance of the total union of My celestial requests, My Immaculate Heart is internally uniting all consciousness through a special apparition in the month of February of 2013 in Salta, Argentina and through an inner task that will also happen with the coming of Medjugorje and Its message during the month of March of 2013 to Uruguay and Argentina.

I want, dear children, that the hearts and the eyes of all religious, lay people and servers who are followers of Christ in the whole world may see that, in the Marian events, My heart wants to show that the Queen of Peace, the Immaculate Mother of the Divine Eucharistic Heart of Jesus and the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, is the One and Only Celestial Consciousness who manifests Her divine powers to various groups of consciousness.

The Queen of Heaven is the Mother of the whole world!

I thank you for responding to My one and only call for Peace!

Mary, Queen of Peace.



Monday, January 21 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children:

I come today to reveal to you that the cunning of the enemy is planning to take souls away from My Immaculate Heart. And it is for this that I convoke you to prayer and in vigil for all those that, without wanting to, are separated from My Arms.

In this time when the souls and the hearts realize efforts to remain in the Light of God, the temptations and the older sufferings are doors where the evil may absorb the souls and conduct them to obscure paths until a place in which they cannot return anymore, by themselves.

There is a need for My Marian soldiers so that, in permanent prayer, they may help me to rescue these brother and sister souls.

For this I convoke you to pray in vigil for 24 hours all Tuesdays, from midnight until the following midnight.  The Holy Rosary will be the instrument that we will use together: My Custodian Angels will be the guardians of each group of prayer and in each scheduled work together with Me to rescue these children souls of Mine.

I will go until the end of this world and beyond to bring My children again into My arms and all My soldiers of prayer will help me.  Each group in the world will reserve two hours of prayer on the day of Tuesday for this task and during this prayer one of My Guardian Angels will pray together with them. Through the light of prayer My Angels will discover and will rescue all the souls that find themselves in uncertain places, places which they will arrive at through the mistakes and seductions of the enemy.

Dear children:

We are walking in difficult times, where only the unity of all of the groups of prayer maintained with Me will permit that My children have the full feeling of peace and return into My arms.  My Son the Redeemer accompanies this planetary movement and seeks to rescue what we will do together, of all those who are losing themselves day by day.

From My Maternal Love I contemplate you and I instruct you as Marian soldiers in service of the All Powerful God. I announce to you also that I am not resting until the last essence from this humanity is in a secure place and in the Kingdom of Heaven.

How many of My children will accompany me in this task?

I wait for you to be at My side. To all I protect. With infinite love I thank you for responding to My call. 

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.



Saturday, January 19 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children:

One more time I am descending from the Heavens to remind you of the existence of the Kingdom of Peace where is eternally present the Most Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. The meeting of this day with My Maternal Heart calls you to contemplate in the daily tasks the presence of the Love of God.

My children, for this week I call you fervently to seek God in each daily task. Why does My Maternal Heart ask you this? It is necessary that from the next cycle in the world humanity, the one that will be reborn under the light of the Holy Spirit, may sanctify life and each one of the tasks that God entrusted you to learn.

Beloved children, My Immaculate Heart wants to transmit to you the divine experience of a mother that God had taught to the Blessed Virgin Mary, because each task realized day by day was a task offered to God the Creator. For this I want to teach you not only to learn to speak with the Highest, but also to contemplate Him in each daily task because when you, My dears, offer each task to God this will be considered as a gift of love for the Kingdom of the Heavens.

Dear children, in each daily task you may encounter God through the tasks and offers that your apprentice hearts will elevate to the Father. We are in this time, in this time of sacrifice and prayer, of fast and of peace, and each moment of offer will be special for your hearts.

Today as Mother I bless together with My Son Jesus this blessed day of Glory and Mercy because it is the beginning of the public task of My daughter Elisabeth through the transmission of the messages that My Maternal Heart will deliver with Love and Grace. For this dear pilgrim children, I ask you that all the groups of prayer, from love for My plans of Peace, be gathered every Saturday that is possible so that in prayer they may give support in reverence and devotion to this new immaculate cycle of messages that My Heart will dictate.

To all the groups consecrated day by day to My Immaculate Heart I tell you to be persistent in prayer and in faith and that through the call that is realizing Jesus to all, may the groups of prayer be renovated.

I accompany all My children with Love and Redemption. May the Grace of the Father be today in all of you.

Dear children, one more time I thank you for answering to My call for Peace!

Mary, Queen of Peace.



Saturday, January 19 of 2013

Weekly messages


Most beloved children.

The time is coming in which your little hearts will know My true face. A face that will unite all My manifestations on the Earth throughout the centuries. You must not have fear My children, to know the New because the Lord wishes that in this time your hearts renovate themselves and renovate also all beliefs and concepts of humanity.

We are in the limit of a time that will be Eternal in which your hearts will truly know the truth that was never revealed to the world. Those that will open up themselves will live the mysteries unknown even by the Heavens.

My dears, guard these words in your hearts because little by little, day by day, the veils will fall from your eyes and you will understand what My Immaculate Heart seek to build during these times and in the history of humanity.

I am the same from Nazareth, renewed from epoch to epoch so that my little beings may mature with Me. My maternal task evolves together with humanity and also My Sacred Heart renews itself during Its existence following the Law of the Heavens where everything is renovation and Peace.

Dear children, I come on this day to leave a sacred sign engraved in your hearts so that you may find it as you are maturing. My Mercy will allow you to discover how close to your hearts is the Kingdom of the Heavens and through the Spirit of God that is one with My Heart, your little beings will feel the simplicity with which the Word of God speaks with you, and which with Infinite Love the Lord sends us to rescue His children.

Awake My children, awake. The time has arrived for the Spirit of God to enter into your lives and to be flesh in your beings as He did with me 2013 years ago.

Open your eyes, open your hearts. Drink from this Source that My Heart is announcing to you because this Pure Water will change your lives forever.

I love you.  love each one of your hearts forever.

Under the Power and the Spirit of God.

Mary, Queen of Peace.



Saturday, January 19 of 2013

Weekly messages


In My Pious Kindness I receive you today. In My Pious Kindness I guard you today. Together with the Holy Spirit I receive you today. Take My Maternal Love, today it is for you who in unity and reverence will start to serve God in this new cycle.

My beloved children:

Today I want to present to you the Spirit of God, the one who filled the beings of Mary and of the Apostles and who today comes to you, as to other members of this humanity, to accomplish what is written by the hand of God in the great book of Heaven.

Today I call you to the deep reflection of the heart, the one which searches in the depths of the consciousnesses for the infinite wisdom, the one which the Holy Spirit deposits in the souls of the servers of the Father.

My dears accept inside you this Glory that the Highest Creator Father wants to give to you. Open your beings to this Divine Spirit and He will fill you of Divine Grace. In this way you will start this new cycle of humanity, the one which prepares for the advent of the Redeemer Christ who announces the definitive change in the planetary consciousness.

Dear children: one more time our Creator offers to this humanity the possibility of living together with His Favorite Son, the one who lived and gave His Life for all of you. Together with His Coming, the Holy Spirit will guide the consciousnesses of those who offer themselves to give their lives to the service of the One and Only All Powerful God.

On this day, My children, My presence amongst you marks the beginning of this stage in which I will be the guardian of all of the children of My Father who may enter into His Love and may serve His definitive Plan upon the Earth.

The Love and the Wisdom of the Spirit of God contemplate you and waits for those who do not fear staying empty of themselves, those who do not fear the pain, the cold, the hunger and the thirst because they know that they will be relieved and satiated by the perfect Love of the Redeemer.

My dears: praise, always praise the Supreme God, be like the angels of heaven who serve in permanent praise and in it get to know the Glory of Heavens. Praise is for you also.

I come to tell you that you must open your doors without fear because I will always be the guardian. Trust, trust in the love that I bring to you.

I love you eternally,

Mary, Queen of Peace. 



Friday, January 18 of 2013

Weekly messages

May My peace be with you.

Today once again I come to reconcile hearts. Today I come to pour My Grace of Love in the reparation and reconversion of hearts.

Dear children: It is no longer time to justify your faults, it is time to discover the tricks of the enemy when it they are still being prepared. If you remain vigilant inside of My Immaculate Heart these trick cannot be achieved in your lives.

If on the contrary you remain alone in yourself My Shield and My Sword cannot protect you. You need to be attentive so that your heart may be nourished from Mine and thus you will be under My Sacred Protection.

Remember that now you have a great task, to prepare the return of the Savior of souls. There is no time for anything else. Remain in Me because there you will all be united. In the ocean of My Love there does not exist shipwrecks, but in order to not have shipwrecks you must choose the ocean of My Peace, of My absolute Peace.

My Forgiveness is for you. Lift up your gaze towards My Heart and there you will find My ocean of peace. Submerge in it and swim towards the Heart of My Son.

Be as the great boats of fishermen that inside of the ocean of peace take the nets and find the food to feed the others. In My ocean of peace you may always satisfy your hunger, your thirst and that of your brothers and sisters.

And when I tell you, you will swim towards the ocean of My Son, the ocean of Mercy. There a bigger net is waiting for you, that which will be full with the Bread of Life which will feed all humanity.

Empty of your own selves in this time because there is no more time to loose. Enter definitively into this school.

My Son is waiting to send you two by two so that you may fish in His ocean of Love and Mercy, and in this way you may feed your brothers and sisters.

I wait in reflection.

I love you, even in your delay.

Thank you for being with Me in this time.

Mary Queen of Peace



Thursday, January 17 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children:

As the Luminous Bird I come to bring you a Good News which from the Heavens arrives to the Earth.  I come to announce to My children the coming of the Holy Spirit in your lives, a Spirit that comes to renew and redeem the hearts that are defining themselves in this time as eternal soldiers of My Peace.  I come from the Heavens by the request of the Lord to give an impulse to those that still have not decided to take the first step.  I come to awaken from sleep those who are sleeping.  I come to convert in praying souls and in peacemaker spirits those who only suffer, suffer without finding the path to leave from themselves.

My children, we are in a definitive time for your lives. My Heart brings you by the hands until here, and now also My Son has received the Grace to guide you before His second return to this Earth.  This is the time of valiant hearts.  May the warrior spirits announce their names before My army so that together with Me they may walk in a march towards the Light.

The Spirit of God will arrive but will make His dwelling only in columns that are firm, in trees that have deeper roots that do not fear the strong winds.  For this dear children those that still are awaiting their time know that it has already arrived.  For the souls that still are undecided between their true path and which already have become older, may they abandon the past and unify themselves with the Redeemer.  He now comes in Spirit in order to count with His own hands how many are the warriors that will persist in His army of Peace.

Who are the Apostles that will overcome, enveloped in Mercy, the time of Justice?

Who are those that will lift their arms and who will announce their names, in order to overcome fear and to leave in order to to preach, two by two, the words of the Lord?

Who will really trust in My words when they will be denied?

To those that will overcome themselves for God and will make triumphant His Love, for those I wait in prayer without time, without tiring. Because the world in this way is in need.

I love all and I pour upon the world in this hour My Mercy so that it may strengthen your hearts.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity and Queen of all souls.


While Mary was rising up I asked Her why she came especially at this time.

And Mary, showing me many souls in suffering in the darkness, answered me:

“Today I come to give an impulse to those who are sleeping because the souls suffer waiting for their awakening.”



Wednesday, January 16 of 2013

Weekly messages

My dear children:

Today I come to bring peace to your hearts, a peace that does not exist anymore on the Earth, a peace that comes from the Heavens.

In this hour in which your consciousnesses enter into the process of apostleship to the Redeemer I bring in My Maternal Heart the assistance for those who will follow this path.

Listen to My Voice, that which speaks of the mysteries, that which speaks of the path to the Lord.  I have good news for all those who trust in My Immaculate Heart and in the Most Holy Heart of My Son.

Today I come to reveal that in the second coming of My Son that evil will intend that the faithful servers of God will not reach the union with Christ.    You must be firm in the purpose of the Father and I, the Guardian of the valiant souls,  I will be the shield against which the enemy will be broken.

As Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity I bring with Me the Holy Spirit so that those who, firm in the project that God has designed for their lives, may maintain themselves in faith and in this way they may be fulfilled by His Light and His Love.  His Wisdom, a divine gift of God, brings peace, peace brings strength in the interior of the hearts, the inner strength opens the door to where may enter the certainty to live in the Most High, a path that will bring us to accomplish the Supreme Will.

My children:

Pay attention to all the signs that I will give in each encounter that I have with you.  In each one of them I will give a signal, one which will show the path of return to My Son.

He, with His Light and His Love will enter in your hearts with the power to remain there and through you will direct the preparation for His Return.

Today more than every God wants that His children feel inside themselves His unlimited power to love them.  He brings again His First Son to this world now so that He can enter directly into the hearts of all those who receive Him.

Do you know, little children, what it is to have the presence of the love of the Redeemer in your heart?

Have you asked yourself if you have the courage to love as Jesus loved?

Prepare yourself without fear in body and soul that Christ may live in you and love through you.

Remember, search for My signs in each meeting with me.

I love you as I loved Jesus.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity



Monday, January 14 of 2013

Weekly messages

My beloved children:

Today I arrive here to give you My breath, My love and My blessing.

We begin a cycle of the Christic Apostolate, a path without return to the heart of the Lord.

Under the sign of the Holy Spirit you will see accomplished the goals that today God, Our Lord, has placed for those of My children that have the courage to give all for love.

Today I come from Heaven bringing the Good News that the Spirit of God is yet among you.  Let yourselves be impregnated by His light, allow that the Spirit of God begin to be conscious in your lives.

How could you know that the Spirit of God impregnates you and conducts you?

Because, you will want to be in the Most High, because all your being will feel the necessity to unite itself to My Heart, and to the Heart of My Son.  This will be the daily aspiration, the necessity of a soul that always has thirst and that searches to quench itself in the Source of Love and Mercy of the Blessed Hearts of Jesus and of Mary.

Each heart that lets itself be fulfilled by the Spirit of God will feel completeness, consolation, relief, by only being in My arms and in the Heart of My Son.

Each heart that lets itself be fulfilled by the Spirit of God will feel an unlimited strength to love and to sacrifice itself for its brothers and sisters. My Light and the Light of Christ will flow from their heart and the Love of God will give wisdom to their consciousness.

In this time where the darkness wants to reign in this world, each child of Mine that opens itself to the Spirit of God will be as a torch of light that will permit that the path of others may be illuminated so that their steps may be conducted to the freedom that God wants to give to each one.

Dear children:

Prepare your consciousness for the time that will come, because I will give great announcements to you and the Redeemer will give them as well.  I have said to you that the mysteries of the universe will be unveiled for all, it is the time.

Cry out to the Holy Spirit so that He will fulfill you with wisdom and prepare your consciousness for when these mysteries will be revealed.  In Him you will find the wisdom to understand and together with My Heart, the peace to proceed with the designs of God.

Today I find myself together with you as I was yet in other times, closer, so much closer.  Feel Me, be one with Me and also allow My Love to strengthen you in these times.

I want to germinate the seed that My Son left planted, which He planted with His Love in your hearts.  When it germinates completely a great mystery will be unveiled and nothing will ever more be the same.

Today I want to transmit to you My Peace, My Love and My Mercy so that you know that I will accompany you always, as you have accompanied Me until today.  I will accompany you until the end.

In you I am rejoicing, to Christ I conduct you and He will bring you to God the All Powerful.

Hail My Beloved Children, servers for always!  God is in your lives.

My Maternal Love nourishes you, My peace guards you.

Thank you for answering to My call.

Mary, Queen of Peace.



Sunday, January 13 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children:

When the 13th day of the month arrives I remember My memories of My special coming to Fatima, Portugal. For this reason, dear children, today I remind you of the important planetary task that My Immaculate Heart realized during the year 1917.

For this today I ask you that, the same as the little shepherds, to prepare your lives to bring the message of My Beloved Son through the path of the Apostolate. Children, as a Mother I will be accompanying this new journey to the life of service and charity, as well as of prayer and devotion to the Sacred Hearts.

In Fatima, I asked the world for the consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and years later, My Son Jesus asked Sister Lucia dos Santos for the exercise of the repairing communion for five months. Now dear children, through the offer of all faithful worshipers who have listened to the call of Fatima My Heart has been repaired from the outrages and indifferences.

From Fatima I opened the doors for the awakening of Medjgorge and from Medjugorge I opened a Source of Grace in South America.  Fatima was my principle and special Marian task that brought together all the universal and celestial powers through Love of God so that humanity would not destroy itself.  Fatima was, is and will be the light for a great part of the world, as is Medjugorje, Salta and Aurora.

Now, My children, the Queen of Heaven, comes as the New Aurora so that all Her children may reborn through the faith and the devotion to the Immaculate Heart.

Dear children, in this way you will be able to understand how are the Divine and Celestial missions on Earth, missions that are sent by the Absolute Lord of the Universe so that humanity, still immature in consciousness, may be accompanied, guided and advised.

Today I call you, My children, for this important cycle to unite and merge yourselves with the Divine Soul of Christ, so that your hearts may learn through prayer, fasting and confession, to repair the Heart of My Son. Thus you will see My little ones, how big is the Love of My Son for you; so big is this love that He is descending from the Celestial Universe to talk to you, to guide and prepare you for the new and the good.

That you, invaded in spirit by the Merciful Glory, may become aware of the merciful time that you are living.

When I invite you to recall My important maternal task in Fatima it is for your hearts to be able to awake to the moment of the task that My Heart is realizing with all of you. Carry again the message of Fatima in your hearts and thus you will be able to be renewed by the message that during a whole year My Immaculate Heart has brought you.

Dear children, try to learn to read the events so that united to God, His creatures may help to accomplish the Plan of Love on Earth.

I thank you for listening to My Call!

I bless you with love.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.



Sunday, January 13 of 2013

Weekly messages

Beloved children from the entire world.

My Heart emits today holy words of consolation and peace, for your hearts to rest in the Love of My maternal word.

Dear children, feel the infinite Graces that you receive daily from the Redeemer Heart of the Lord and discover in His Heart that we are in the expected time of transformations. When My Son was on the Earth, He left for you a message of hope. This message said My children, that much more than He did, those who would come after Him will do. Because Jesus lit the Light of a world that lived in darkness and gave the possibility for each one of you to live what He was able to live and much more.

When God asks you, My children, to imitate the steps of the Lord, it is for you to open your hearts to love God as He loved it and to bring to the Earth this Love that was only known in Paradise.

My dears, those who can believe My words will have a wide and luminous path, because we are in a time in which New Christ’s must arise. And when I say New Christ’s, I am speaking of souls redeemed by the Christic Love. 

When He returns, Christ will seek this flock that attempts with all its aspiration and effort to walk in His footsteps. And to those, My children, the Lord will give a final impulse. Because the Lord Jesus has the responsibility of returning to see the last step of His flock in this world and to take His companions with Him to Paradise.

If your hearts get lost among My words, seek in the Holiest word of the Lord, that which is full of Mercy, the key to understanding. Because Christ will not only hold you accountable for transformation, but He will indicate day by day each one of your steps. For those who have ears to hear and heart to understand His messages, they take large steps.

I accompany with My maternal gaze the walk of all My children of the world. And after having prepared your hearts to receive the Lord, I will be at the side of God, waiting for the coming of the Shepherd with His redeemed flock.

I thank you eternally, dear children, for walking under My mantle.

I guide and love you all.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.



Saturday, January 12 of 2013

Weekly messages

Children, by receiving the Living Jesus in your hearts you will be giving the permission for Me to have, as Mother of the World, all of humanity in My arms. Now your hearts are getting to know from close the Source of the Mercy of My Son, this unfathomable Source that seems to be far from the life of all My children. Now He manifests Himself before your hearts to guide you through this path of Celestial Peace.

Dear children, you are called to the time of Grace, inside of a time of Justice.  For this it is required of all of My children to be a true part of Source of My Son. This will also allow that the Grace of the Divine Mercy may be able to spread to the hearts that do not know My Son and to the hearts that do not want to be near My Son.

You are called to be the living testimony of the preparatory message that Christ is announcing before His Saving and Redeeming Return. Now humanity must live according to all of the blessings and Graces that by Mercy and intersession they have received. Remember dear children, that all of you are One, One for the universe, One for God, One as fraternity.

My Children, with humility I Am calling you to prepare the hearts because the moment has arrived of giving testimony about the messages that My Heart has handed you. Now your hearts must awaken to the Apostolate that My Son is showing for your lives. If your lives follow the teachings that My Son has left you, you will be able to understand My dears, that you are receiving from the Creator Universe the same Grace that the Apostles received.

For this, dear children, opening your eyes to the reality that you are living in this time, the Lord of the Universe sends you the Most Holy and Blessed Hearts of Jesus and of Mary so that they will be recognized and venerated as the light for the salvation of all souls.

Little ones, you are already leaving the school of maternity to enter in consciousness to the school of the Apostolate of My Son. The new Apostles are those who learn to live the Divine Love of God and the Compassionate Love of My Son. For this My children, you are still on time to enter once again into My Maternal Heart. There you will be inside of the Redeeming Love of My Son, because in this way I will be able to take you in My arms to Christ.

I Love each soul. I Love each heart that opens itself to learn from the love and from the redemption of the heart. Today, children, you will receive Me through the prayer vigil, because in this way you will receive My weekly message.

I thank all pilgrims for listening to the call of the Sacred Hearts!

Thank you for accompanying Me in pilgrimage to Montevideo, Uruguay, so that  this city also may be blessed by My Heart.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.



Saturday, January 12 of 2013

Weekly messages

My children:

My Heart waits each day for your hearts so that renewed in the Spirit of God they may find the Graces that I send you through daily prayer. This is a time of the unveiling of many mysteries. Many of My children are growing up quickly, those who answer to My Call to prayer.

Allow My dears, that your souls become converted and purified souls under the Light of the Lord, because for so long we are in the time of conversion. This is the moment to convert your hearts into hearts that are faithful to the Purpose of God and this Fidelity you will find in the words of My Son.

Christ Jesus visits you daily, as did My Immaculate Heart, announcing His arrival. Now My dears it is time to give one more step towards the path of Consecration, of the total surrender of your hearts, because the arrival of Christ Jesus in your lives represents the time of definitions, a time in which before His return, the Lord announces with His own Verb what he will come to search for.

If My Son announces to you that he will search for pure hearts, sanctified by the Spirit of God, it is because after each Grace that is received, this possibility is being given to you. My Son Jesus extends His hands in this time to all of My children of the world, including those who My Heart has not reached yet because after Me He will come with Me. And even when everything appears to be about to be lost We will be there.

Listen to the Redeeming Call of My Son with total attention to His warnings.

I thank you for answering to the Celestial Call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.



Saturday, January 12 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children in Christ

This week I especially invite you to meditate on the beautiful words that My Son gives to you day by day, because in this way you will be more close to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

My children, with this I want to tell you that you will be able to contemplate with your hearts through the preparation that day by day, month by month My Immaculate Heart has done for the advent of Christ.

For this reason when I ask you to testify for My messages it means to put them into practice in your lives because in this way your souls, accompanied by Me, will begin the path of the Apostolate.

An Apostle of Christ loves first, so as later to be able to understand.

An Apostle of Christ lives, believes and trusts in His Mercy.

An Apostle of My Son walks without doubts by the path of consecration, by the surrender and service to their neighbor because there will be found the Faces of Christ in the hearts of their peers.

Today My Son has asked Me to announce to you the path of the Apostolate under the light of the Divine Mercy because the world needs workers who can gestate in their brothers and sisters love and fraternity so that the Love of God may make itself present among creatures. 

Dear children, today My Heart consoles you again, encourages you to walk in the absolute faith and in full trust in the plans of God.

My children, as Mother today I am truly contemplating the needs and the supplications of your hearts; I tell you to pray with Me so that the offer of the sacred prayer may touch, with love, the Doors of Heavens and thus the Father of Love may respond to your call.

For this, beloved children, today the Queen of Peace comes again to remind you that in My Peace it is the consolation, in My Peace you will find the great pacification of Christ, My Son, in My Peace the doubts will be dissolved and your hearts will be relieved from any inner disturbance. Trust in My Peace in order to be able to discover the source of the Mercy of Christ, which is close, very close to your lives.

Continue praying ardently every day and today, in the name of the plans of My Peace for the world, My Heart opens the Places of Prayer in Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina (She refers to the Marian Centers) so that more children of Mine may enter the universe of prayer.

Now all the groups of prayer will receive with love the new praying pilgrims in the Marian Centers, as you, in the same way will receive My Son in His second glorious coming from Heaven.

Let us pray for the intentions of the Sacred Hearts.

I thank you, dear children!

Mary, Queen of Peace.



Saturday, January 12 of 2013

Weekly messages

Little children of the whole world:

I want, week after week, to begin a new cycle in your hearts because we are no longer in normal times and your hearts must mature more quickly. I want to see all of My little children together with Me, with the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph and with the Sacred Heart of the Child Jesus, so that this archetype may expand itself throughout the world and each of your hearts may become part of this Holy Family, as favorite children of My Heart.

Today I want that you may understand the miracle of prayer in your lives so that when carrying out the sacred act of praying, your beings will know what they are doing. For this I bring you the attributes of a true and merciful prayer so that you may be able to meditate and to exercise the daily prayer with more consciousness.

A sincere prayer, empty of expectations attracts the Spirit of God not only to your beings, but to the whole world.

A prayer for the nations cleans the heart of the consciousnesses, relieves the united heart of a people and frees from hell the souls that suffer between life and death.

The prayer made in honor of the Marian Centers allows each Sanctuary to keep itself as a true temple of My Presence, where My Heart pulses day and night receiving the souls that from there come close to them.

Prayer with devotion, realized so that the Most Beloved Saint Joseph may accomplish the Mission that was given to Him by God, allows that many souls that do not know the Sacred that exists in Heaven to come closer to this Gift. Because the Heart of Saint Joseph is the one that will teach you Reverence and Fidelity towards the Heart of God.

The reparative prayer to relieve the Heart of Jesus allows that the pain of many souls may be liberated in the Heart of Christ; it allows that those who are today in the darkness find Forgiveness and Mercy.

A prayer in offer to the Holy Spirit, a call to this Holy Spirit, will allow that the souls from this world continue receiving Graces in the time of Justice that will prolong the time of Mercy and to live in Peace in times of probation.

A prayer that is born from the heart with the simple purpose of Loving God, will bring purity to your hearts and will keep, for many, a place at My side in Paradise.

For this, pray My children, and trust in My words so that My promises may become Life in your beings.

I thank you.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity and Lady of all Graces.



Saturday, January 5 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children of My Father:

Today I come from Heaven so that together and under the Grace of God we will celebrate in prayer one more year of messages for the heart.

My children, the Lord has sent me to tell you that by the Law of Mercy your hearts will also receive the Consolation and Love of the Redeemer because My Son is arriving to each one of your hearts so that the flocks of the New Time will be unite themselves and follow him in the path of Paradise and of Redemption.

Dear children, after receiving so many Graces today My Heart declares for to your lives a maternal and immense gratitude that My Heart of Mother feels for the merciful gift that My children have offered me through the canticles that honor and praise the Immaculate and Universal Heart of the Divine Mother.

For this reason in the Heaven, in the greatest Heights of the Universe, the canticles were Heard by the angelic ears in the Thrones of God, and for this donated and abnegate answer of your hearts you will receive a powerful and victorious Grace from My  Beloved Son, Jesus the Redeemer.

When the souls sing, the hearts can radiate the fountain of spiritual love, a singing love that allows the opening of the Doors of Heaven, because these hearts in the service of the Plan of the Father  become for an instant, angelical hearts that touch with love and reverence the great Heart of God.

This is, My little singers, what was received by the Kingdom of the Father, because in the good melodies and in the canticles offered to the Lord many lonely and unsupported hearts became restored and redeemed.

Dear children, as the Queen of the Consoling and the Mother of Grace I come to proclaim to you a Good News that will be irradiated by the humble and loving Heart of My Son Jesus.  For this, on this day of bliss and of joy, a Saturday of immense and unceasing mercy, your souls must be prepared to receive the Redeeming Love of My Son. Through the canticles, the prayers, the charity and donation, your consciousnesses will open a new cycle of the Return of My Son. First, Jesus will visit the gentle hearts and after will visit the peaceful hearts, and last the hearts that do not believe in the God of Love and of Piety.

As the Daughter of the Divine Piety, dear children, I invite you to contemplate the new time as something possible for your lives, a time of hope and of peace for all My children of the entire world.  In you My little ones, must be born the prayer of love so that God may contémplate the constant effort of the New Humanity.

My children, for all these Graces that are coming from Heaven today I thank you all for donating to me the beautiful canticles of love and forgiveness.

Thank you for listening to My call in this New Year!

Maria, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity



Saturday, January 5 of 2013

Weekly messages

My dear children,

I come on this day to renew in the heart of each one of you the commitment that you have with Me.  This is the time in which your hearts must make a permanent effort in order to be unified with Me, because in this time, My children, in which your hearts can receive Graces that never were never imagined to be possible, also the enemy has permission to tempt you and at every moment seek to put out the flame that I have lit in your hearts.

My Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of Christ search, at each moment, to maintain your hearts as close as possible to Us.  We seek to keep your little beings, each day, in Our arms of Forgiveness and Mercy, but this must also be a decision of each one of permanent union with Us.

My children, this is the time of great tests, but also of great impulses.  Your hearts must choose only where they will be sustained, because God never will abandon you. My Heart sends in this time infinite Graces, which never before could be lived by the beings in the planet.

It is in this way, My dears, that your hearts must search the support, the food, and the sustenance of your being in these Graces.

Take a look in the depths of My eyes and find there the key to transcend each test, to find the Will of God in each happening in life, and in order to discern when an impulse comes from My Heart to transform you and when it comes from the enemy to knock you down.

I love each one of My children and if you trust in this love you will find the force to accomplish everything that I have asked you for in My Messages and in the inner of each one.  The only thing that today I ask you, My dears, is that you be persistent and trust, that you pray with Love, so that God may hear your prayers and may answer to the appeal of your beings.

My Heart wishes to be each time more close to you, as also wishes My Son, and for this it is necessary that My words do not become a routine in your lives.  Believe in My maternal presence and trust in My Call of Peace because through My intermediary you will find My Son, and through Him you will arrive to the Father.

I thank you for answering to My Call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

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