The Blessings of the Virgin Mary

The Blessings of the Virgin Mary


On  November 17, 2012, the Divine Mother transmitted Her Celestial Beatitudes to us so that we may contemplate and preserve them as the aspiration of Her Heart of Mother for all humanity. She said:

"Dear children,

With you full of joy and happiness, without you losing hope and the joy of being within My Immaculate Heart, today I announce to you that God will send Me, to be among all souls, to bless them and prepare them in the name of My Son Jesus, for the times that will come.

Therefore, dear children, may your beings not tire of praying from the heart, of praying for the conversion of the world.  As in Medjugorje, My Immaculate Heart reaches you in order to demonstrate the Love of God and the Power of His Divine Mercy, so necessary for the life of all My children in the world.

This request of the Most Highest has a spiritual and universal goal.  Therefore, dear children, may your consciousness know that they will be before My Celestial Blessings, those which today, in the name of the Love of God, I will deliver to you today so that you may contemplate them as an aspiration of My Heart of a Mother for all of humanity; a humanity that is tired, debilitated and with little faith.

If, in the name of all My children, you contemplate these intentions of My Immaculate Heart, you will help in the conversion and in the redemption of humanity."

The Blessings of the Virgin Mary

  • First blessing of the Virgin Mary.  “To be peacemakers on Earth, as are the angels in Heaven."
  • Second blessing of the Virgin Mary.  “To live and preach the Kingdom of Peace from the heart."
  • Third blessing of the Virgin Mary.  “To let yourselves be invaded by the Fount of the Holy Spirit, through prayer."
  • Fourth blessing of the Virgin Mary.  “To raise your arms towards Christ Jesus through the Maternal Heart of Mary”
  • Fifth blessing of the Virgin Mary.  “To spread the manifestation of the new flocks of Christ through groups of prayer."
  • Sixth blessing of the Virgin Mary. “To love the enemy by means of prayer so that Peace will be reached throughout all of humanity”
  • Seventh blessing of the Virgin Mary. “To allow the soul to spring up as a fount of Eternal Life."

Dear children, the task to meditate on and contemplate these maternal principles is left for your hearts.  In My arms, I bring you towards the meeting with Christ Jesus." 

I thank you for responding to My call on this day!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


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