The Mediating Prayer

The Mediating Prayer



A spiritual prayer exercise, carried out by the most Holy Virgin Mary during Her public Apparition on November 25, 2012, in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

During the Apparition, the Divine Mother requested those present to pray for the souls in purgatory and for the souls of humanity so that She could perform an intervention from the Heights towards the Earth, from the universe towards the planet.

For this She asked everybody to stand up and She said:

"Today I will teach you the Mediating Prayer, I will teach you how to truly dialogue with God.  Now, dear sons and daughters, I ask you to feel the beating of your hearts.  To feel the Light that My Heart is radiating towards your hearts; look without fear.

Feel the presence of God inside you, see the thread of light that rises from inside you.

Where is this thread of light going?

Where is it going and who is it meeting?

Direct this thread of light towards the Heights, you can count on the intervention of My Immaculate Heart.

At this moment, tell God what you expect most.

Allow for My rays to enter into your hearts.

Enter, at this moment, into the universe of My Peace.

At this moment, unite this Marian Center with the Center of Medjugorje, Fatima and Lourdes.

See now how I am in all these places, I am here with you and also with My sons and daughters of this humanity.  My Heart contemplates all the realities of this world.

Step into My Omnipresent Heart, look at God as something real in your lives.

Feel how My Peace is intervening for you, empty your hearts of all the past, allow My Light to fill you completely.

Follow this exercise of My Immaculate Heart, step by step, leaving your mind empty.

Deliver your thoughts to My Heart, allow in this moment that your souls come close in order to start to pray like mediators of Peace.

This will be an important exercise for the end of time, a teaching that can be transmitted to those who suffer.

Now, dear children, contemplate the angels that accompany Me.  Do not try to look at them, try to feel them, feel their peace and purity, feel God present within them.

Contemplate with Me: the Universe is getting closer to Earth, the Celestial Heavens are present at this moment.

Now you are inside of My Kingdom, do not come out of it, remain in the peacefulness of My Spirit.

Open your interior essence to this moment, look for the purity that God planted in you since your creation, because, in this way, you will encounter My Purity.

Now, renewed in spirit and forgiven, by the intervention of the Holy Spirit, pray united with My Maternal Heart".

For the light poured out by Your Immaculate Heart,
that converted the hearts of the world,
Divine Lady, pray for us.


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