Wednesday, February 5 of 2020

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

It is in the silence of God where are kept the greatest and most precious treasures of Creation. Witnesses of all these treasures are the trees, in their diversity and manifestation, in their expression and beauty.

Trees are the temples that bring to Earth the Principles of God. They attract from the Universe the greater energies that humanity needs, to elevate its consciousness and be healed.

Today you are in a place where I have expected you to come for many years, one of the most important places in the world for God.

Here lies not only the witnesses of the Creation of the Father, since millions of years ago, but even more, present here are the guardians of the original legacy of humanity which, through the sacred White Mountain, are the ones that guard and protect this sacred knowledge that comes from the Brotherhood.

Northern California is the inner receptacle of the original legacy of humanity, something that today the minds do not know, and they now hear it for the first time.

The great custodians of the Plant Kingdom are present here, fulfilling a task since millions of years ago, since before humanity existed on the surface as consciousnesses and as beings.

I have brought you all here, in the inner planes, so that you can remember and participate in the Origin of your origins as humanity of the surface, as consciousnesses that must evolve and attain the degrees of love through Me, as well as through the Kingdoms of Nature.

These great trees are witnesses of the errors of the different civilizations of humanity, of the events that happened and marked Creation, not only within this planet, but also outside of it, in the Universe, in the Existence.

They feel all that humanity of the surface has done, all that humanity has generated since the first moment in which it existed upon the surface of the Earth, up until today.

This suffering is transmuted by the great trees of Northern California, as well as by another part of the Kingdoms, and humanity has still not become aware that this happens.

The trees of Northern California are a great mystery for humanity of the surface. It is time for humanity to discover the value they have and the spirituality they bear as a soul group of the Plant Kingdom.

They are also the great guardians and custodians of the inner Retreats of the planet. They are present throughout the Andes, each species and each tree, fulfilling a main function, essential for God.

They are temples that hold the one thousand portals to which humanity needs to access through the true and only time that surrounds them in the Universe and in the Solar System.

Through the great trees, you will find access to superior reality, and you will be able to experience all that this superior reality holds, which comes to meet those who seek the Peace and Love of the Universe.

Trees have experienced the suffering that the planet has lived and all that humanity has generated toward it. Even so, they are present here, sustaining that which the humanity of today cannot sustain, donating that which humanity of today cannot donate and give to the Eternal Father.

Their silence and immobility make them great and strong to sustain the axis of the Earth and the heart of this planet.

But now is the moment for all this to come to light, for no one to be ignorant any longer, for nothing to be imperceptible nor hidden any longer.

They need the love of humanity of the Earth in order to keep fulfilling their spiritual and inner task.

They were also witnesses of what happened to your Master and Lord, since before your Master and Lord existed among this humanity, by means of the incarnation in the humble manger of Bethlehem.

The great Archangels of God were who helped and gave Their knowledge for creation and for the manifestation of this expression and beauty of God, through the devas and the minor angels. Because the trees beat and vibrate in a most important melody that humanity of today does not know.

By simply approaching them, it is possible to recognize and feel them, and know that the great trees kept in Northern California are the old ancestors that did not want to leave the planet in order to help it in its process of evolution and healing.

The great ancestors of the Indigenous peoples of North America are here. Their wisdom, their humility and their love have allowed them to express this grand manifestation of the Creation of the Plant Kingdom, which surpasses the limits of human consciousness, not only mentally but also visually.

The great trees have a lot to give to the humanity of the Earth. They only need to be recognized so that their essences can open and be shown, just as today they are shown to you, in profound and unconditional simplicity.

Their offering and surrender were so grand, that they gave of themselves, by means of the wood of the Cross, to be able to help humanity through the surrender of the Son of God. This is why they are the great witnesses of yesteryear and are the ones that bring to humanity the sacred knowledge of Creation.

The trees are a life not yet understood, and they have, in their composition, that which the human being needs in order to evolve and awaken, each day more.

In these sacred spaces of the plant universe, the sacred Hierarchy also retreats in order to be able to think and meditate upon the next steps of this humanity and this planet, just as of the whole Universe.

God is found in the simplest places, where He is visible in His different manifestations.

I want you to know that the great trees of the planet will keep being the witnesses but, in this cycle they will be the witnesses of the final time.

Humanity has damaged, outraged and wounded them, and the blood of their sap has a price for the whole human race. The lack of connection with the Heights and with the Universe is the reason for so many psychological and psychiatric imbalances.

They also lived their passion, so similar to that of your Master and Lord. Therefore, the reconciliation and forgiveness of humanity are indispensable for these times, so that this chain of damage and destruction of the Plant Kingdom may be cut.

Rejoice, because you are conscious of all this knowledge and, above all, of what they have wanted to say for millions of years and no one has heard them. Today is the first time that this happens, because your Master and Lord offered  that all this might take place, according to the Will of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

When human beings of the surface understand why each Kingdom exists, humanity will evolve and no longer become lost in sufferings and tests.

This is why these great trees are in the North of this planet. They are the great absorbers of the divine principle and energy for humanity. They have been fulfilling this and doing this for millions of years. It is an eternal service of love for souls and for all planes of consciousness.

Now tell the world that this is the moment to rebuild the planet and heal the Kingdoms of Nature, to plant trees and to regenerate life, the soil and, above all, the consciousnesses that have never been attentive to Creation and are here to serve it, to make it grow and awaken.

The inner Retreats offer these keys for all human beings, regardless of their spiritual, mental or material condition; because the great trees of North-America are present and exist so that the men and women of the Earth never forget to return to the Origin of their essence, which is love, harmony and inner and spiritual balance.

Although the world is in turmoil, in the silence of the Temple of Trees, of the one thousand portals, the planes of the One Divinity open so that all can receive and welcome the donation that they give, in their silence and firmness, so that healing may regenerate the consciousnesses, and the consciousnesses may find the path to enter into communion with Creation.

In silence, listen to the soul group of trees, of the great witnesses and guardians of North America and the world.

May humanity react and no longer self-destroy nor destroy its lower brothers and sisters, in this case, the Plant Kingdom, nor its elementals, devas and angels which, in their quietude and silence, watch over and protect their evolution as a race and as consciousnesses.

Be touched by this powerful light that comes from the great trees of North America and, from the coronary to the South of the planet, may all be transmuted, transubstantiated and elevated under the unconditional love of the Creation and of its great rulers of the Universe.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



Tuesday, February 4 of 2020

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Light of the powerful White Mountain will congregate and gather all the Masters of the past, all those who have participated in the Conclave of the Hierarchy throughout times.

Their Presence will be visible, but the majority will not be able to reach Them, because They will be under a certain mission and task, under a certain purpose and request for the Creator.

And thus, the treasuries of the inner Retreats of the Earth will open, and not only will the light of each one of them be seen, but also will the most sacred relics from when this planet began, as a creation and as a genetic project. From them a stronger and more powerful light will arrive, because the great sign of the White Light of the Mountain will bring with it many revelations and the mysteries will be unveiled.

Everything will become visible to all, but no one will be able to violate these treasures and relics, because a powerful and invisible energy will protect them.

In this way, the Masters will come from very far places of the planet. Some will descend from the Himalayas, others will come from the Andes and some will come from here, and silence will show the truth.

The Heart of God will be touched at this moment, because the Masters of the past, the Masters of Light, the instructors of the planet and of humanity will prepare the Return of Christ, and this will be the great compensation and inner sustenance for My Church.

All that is written in the Universe throughout the stars will be shown. And that which is written in the Universe will descend to the planet, like something very similar to the comets, to the shooting stars that illuminate the firmament at night.

Those who aspired for so long to ascend to the mountains to find their inner world will find it after having struggled for many centuries against themselves, to transmute their desires, their temptations, their duality, their imperfection.

In this hour the Sacred Chalice, the Holy Grail, will emerge, just as it was once here, in this Sacred White Mountain.

Again the table of redemption will be prepared.

The tribes will also arrive, just as Israel arrived after it was liberated from the slavery of Egypt. But the people of Israel, the ancient people, will no longer take 40 years to find me, to find the Second Person of God, the Son, but rather they will know the path, because the Masters will be their very stars that will indicate, in the firmament, just as it was in Bethlehem, the coming of the Messiah, the Savior and Redeemer.

There will no longer be any consciousness upon the Surface of the Earth, a nation, any human power or any person that can hide from what will happen, because all this movement and this event will be through the greater impulse of Cosmic Love, which has created you in the image and likeness of the Father, to be able to fulfill, in this material and spiritual plane, His Designs and Wills.

The winter will pass, the dark night will end, because the powerful light of the inner Retreats will bring the new, what no one has been able to see since this planet and this genetic project began.

And at last, before the Son of God arrives, the Confraternity will gather. From their essences, will shine the great stars of their origins.

The faces of the just will no longer cry for lamentations and guilt, but rather that will rejoice. The cry will be of joy, of rejoicing and bliss, because the Holy Grail will be there, resplendent, on top of the White Mountain.

And the synthesis and the legacy of all the love lived by Christ, your Master and Lord, will open the great portal between Heaven and Earth, for the glorious and victorious descent of the Son of God.

The great Light of the White Mountain will be the one that will open the door to the new time. But afterward, many signs will be shown, even though the planet and its humanity are touched, stirred or disturbed.

Those who were assigned to fulfill a task and a misision in these times will be consciously called and the Eternal Father will no longer have to wait until His children awaken and become aware of the truth.

Just as I speak to you today, from the top of the White Mountain, so will that event be, but even more striking and revealing.

The Masters of the mountains who will descend from the Himalayas, from the Andes, and who will emerge from the inner Retreats of the planet, will bring with them all their legacy and learning and, above all, the experience of Christic Love lived as great universal and cosmic consciousnesses.

No one will be able to say that this will not be true, because God needs it this way and determines it for the construction and the advent of the new race, which will no longer violate nor outrage the laws, the principles or the attributes that are a part of a Greater Will and of a Design that comes to the world and to your consciousnesses in order to elevate them toward the Greater Purpose.

Meanwhile, and when all this happens, the Woman Clothed with the Sun will also come after Her Son, and those who did not believe in Her will see Her in glory, just as She ascended to the Heavens, surrounded by angels and stars.

Her great Universes will be shown, Her Faces will be revealed and in the end She will show the last path along which to return to the Father, to be in communion with His Spirit and with His Consciousness, for all eternity.

Suffering will no longer be the cause of all evils and anguishes, of so many sorrows and tests, because in this hour My enemy will be defeated and his head will be under My Feet.

I Myself and the Archangel Gabriel will redeem him, and all his fallen armies that sentenced, throughout the times, all civilizations and peoples of the planet and of the Universe. And thus, the Creation will be recreated and everything will again have a meaning for God.

A great many, indeed a great many souls will recognize their errors. But the Light of Divine Mercy will come as the last lifeline at the moment of the great universal Judgment. 

In this hour all will be defined. This is why I prepare you with these announcements and words, because you must not forget them. There will no longer be another moment when I can repeat and announce them, as I do today, on this day.

Because when all this happens, you, as a part of the extension of My Will and of My Work upon the planet, will understand the meaning of all that you have done, of all that you have lived and experienced, of all I have asked you to faithfully fulfill.

In this way all will begin again and souls will rejoice; they will no longer lose the path nor the meaning of their existences because, when the King returns through the powerful Light of the White Mountain, at that moment all will be accomplished and the new scriptures will be fulfilled.

The Bible will be renewed and restored from the outrage that humans have made to it, because a new history will be written, not only in the Heart of the Father, but also in the heart of His children.

The cycles will close when the inner Retreats become visible, and everything, absolutely everything, without much time left, will begin from scratch.

Be ready for this moment, be conscious of what I tell you.

Spread My Words throughout the world, because as they are the last, they are the most revealing.  There is a part of these signs that you must understand by yourselves, in attunement and love with Me. In this way, you will keep growing in love and in truth, in justice and in service for all those who do not do it and who someday, in the next time and in the next world, must do it.

God created His children for them to serve one another, to love one another, to grow together and in unity.

Keep praying for your Master to be able to continue speaking and announcing the Word, which is no longer His own, but is the Word of God, which comes from His Fount and, above all, from His Love.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.



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