In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today I bring you the Reliquary of My Heart, a spiritual and divine Reliquary that contains within itself the path that I have trodden since I emerged as an essence from the Heart of God.

May this Sacred Reliquary be like a door for you, an entryway to the Celestial Kingdom through humility, yielding, surrender and, above all, children, renunciation, a gift that elevates you and brings you close to God, as it drew My Heart close throughout the course of time.

Today, contemplate within yourselves, the Reliquary of My Heart, not just to look at it, but also to enter into it, to discover what is held beyond this humble Heart that comes to the world, simply to be a bridge.

Close your eyes and see in front of you a Heart that beats within a Reliquary of wood, which signifies the humility of the one that was molded by the Creator throughout the course of time.

See how this Heart opens into a great light that embraces you, envelopes you and carries you into a new reality. Cross this light and, beyond it, find infinity.

Just for an instant, allow yourselves to live as essences, and not as human beings; let your essences feel and live this experience.

Let your body dissolve, for an instant, into the infinity of this celestial universe; here, contemplate the stars, the galaxies, the suns, the universes, and allow yourselves to go beyond.

There is a great Light, there is a perfect Source that, like a magnet, calls for you to return. Feel yourselves drawn to it and enter into it; feel this white brilliant Light that pulsates in a deep silence, that envelopes all Creation, a silence more powerful than all words and all sounds. From this silence comes sound, from this Source emerges the Word. Allow yourselves to be in the Heart of God.

Within this great Light, contemplate an altar. Perceive the angels, the archangels and the choirs of the blessed, that with their spirits sing a sound, which can be heard with the spirit.

The angels, prostrate before the altar, adore Creation, finding in it all types of life that manifest on this planet and manifests in other worlds, beyond the Earth, in other universes, in other evolutions.

Feel yourselves as small as nothing and, at the same time, children, experience being alive in everything. Feel the Kingdom of God. Let each cell, each atom, experience this Kingdom, and discover it within itself.

Now begin to feel how this Kingdom expands from the inside out. As if within your hearts there were a great explosion of light taking place. And that Light, which you contemplate in infinity, manifests within you. In it exists all attributes, all gifts, all virtues. In it is all of Creation.

Feel, children, how God manifests within and outside of you. Feel all of life in your essence, each creature, each being, each essence.

That which you manifest as a group is like a great infinity, in which each consciousness is represented through the particles of light that live within your atoms. Understand unity in this way.

The Celestial Church, children, is not a construction that floats in infinity, in the Celestial Universe. The Celestial Church is this inner temple, where Creation is recreated, time after time.

The Celestial Church is what I reveal to you today: this Kingdom that dwells within you and which is called "Temple", so that you may understand that which is Sacred.

What I bring you today must not be understood with the mind, it must not be felt with your emotions, but rather experienced by your essences.

In this Kingdom is held all of life. Within you is held all of life. For this reason, understand that in this same way, My Heart beats in your hearts, and your hearts beat in Mine.

The time has come for humanity to understand the unity that justifies their existence, that reveals their purpose, and that is not only life on Earth, but a unity with all life.

I have already told you all these things many times; in many ways, I have brought you this Kingdom. But today, children, I place you within It. I reveal to you that this Kingdom lives within you so that you may remain in it, in Its revelation, all the time.

Many seek universal realities and many cling to the reality of Earth. Many aspire to a higher knowledge and want to know more, want to meet the life that manifests in the universe, like in the interior of the Earth and upon all the planets. And others cling to what they know about the Earth, they believe that the Kingdom of God is just this life.

And ignorance manifests in those two ways, because universal life goes beyond everything that you understand, in the same way as life on Earth.

The time has come to transcend matter, the matter that dwells in the universe, like this that dwells on Earth, because otherwise, you will not be able to manifest the Kingdom of God, live It or be It, because that is your spiritual mission, for this you were created, for more than a dialogue with God. Your mission is not just to listen to the Voice of the Creator, but to live It, recreate His Creation, experiencing His Presence within you.

The time is already arriving, when all the illusion experienced by humanity will fall apart. And it will be in that moment, children, that the memory of My words must emerge within you, must transcend the human condition, the mind, the understanding, the feelings; it must dissolve them in the revelation of the Divine Presence.

What dwells within you, not even the angels and archangels can live, this is why you must not cling to the things of the world, not cling to everything you lived in the universe before coming to the world, because everything was a lesson so that you could get here.



I do not want to diminish existence with what I tell you today, but I want to lead you into a profound spiritual experience, so that you can experience something that goes beyond, something that you have not lived at any moment in your evolution, but that time will arrive to be experienced, and that time is not far away.

In this time of the planet, these two realities confront one another. The human condition seems to be more real than ever and beings experience that battle, many times without understanding it.

The Universe of God, His Celestial Kingdom, pushes from the inside out and aspires to manifest, and your human condition resists and tries not to break, and affirms itself in all the spaces of the consciousness that it can reach: in matter, in mind, in feelings, the body, the consciousness and the subconscious.

As much as that has strength, it has no power. Power comes from spirit, a spirit that shouts and expands within you. Listen, children, this crying comes from the essence. Let this force that recreates Creation reveal itself, manifest itself.

Everything that I am telling you is achieved through three keys, which in truth are one: humility, renunciation and surrender.

Through humility, all doors will be opened for you, so that you not only understand all the sciences and be knowledgeable about all life, but you will also be able to go beyond that and live the revelation of the Divine Presence, of the human purpose.

Through renunciation, you will be free of yourselves, of all human concepts, of all your wills and aspirations, and your most spiritual goals; empty of all that which you believe you know, of all that which you believe you have gained as experience.

Through surrender, everything will be accomplished, because you will be like that essence suspended in infinity, like in the infinity within yourself. You will love the nothing and you will discover everything in the Heart of your Creator. Everything I tell you today, I can say, because I experienced this, little by little, step by step, throughout My evolution.

Your challenge today is to live it intensely, in this end of times, in an accelerated way, intense, and you are ready for that.

Just like all of life, My Heart will beat within you, all My instructions will resonate in this great silence that holds, not only all sound, but also all wisdom. For this reason, children, look for that within yourselves, in prayer, whenever you need it.

When you feel that matter is struggling against the spirit, and your human condition seems to have more strength than your essences, simply become silent and look within yourselves for that source of life. Place your forehead upon the ground and cry out to God so that He may manifest from the inside out, and from the outside inward, encompassing all the spaces, defeating all battles, revealing His triumph within your lives.

Do not seek to understand what I tell you, but experience it. Contemplating the Reliquary of My Heart, you will always find this doorway that will allow you to remember everything I told you so that you may experience it.

The Reliquary of My Heart is not an object that you will contemplate without understanding. The Reliquary of My Heart is simply a symbol that allows your matter to remember spiritual life through the senses.

Through your eyes, you will open a window so that your essences may again find God, contemplating the Reliquary of My Heart. It is a profound science, which is not explained with the mind, but you will be able to experience it each time that you open your heart. For this reason, when you are before the Reliquary, simply remain in silence. Feel that, through your eyes, your essences can contemplate a path and journey with it.

I could be by your side, all day, telling you about all the things I have learned, but I want you to learn to find Me within you, in the same way with Christ, with the Virgin Mary, with God Himself and all His creatures.

The time has come for a more profound cycle and I warn you that, in the same way that this cycle is profound, your battles will also be profound and inexplicable.

Many times it will seem as if you have heard no instruction from the Hierarchy, and mundane life will express within you with all its strength. Observe this, perceive it, and return to the point of meeting with God within yourselves until, little by little, and with a great deal of effort, that battle may be won by the Creator within you.

Understand each other's tests, understand your weaknesses, but do not justify them through the human condition.

Help each other, remind each other that spiritual life dwells within. Elevate to the Heart of God. Remember that you are preparing the return of His Son to the world. Place your consciousness in that.

With My presence and My words, I bless all these elements on the Altar and I tell you that, in the same way that the Divine Messengers bless each sacred object, the priests also have the authority to do this.

All the gifts and promises that manifest in these objects, as a divine gift for souls, will manifest in the same way when the priests unite Heaven and Earth to bless you from the heart. For this reason, trust that all the medallions and all the sacred objects that will manifest over time will be carriers of Grace and of the divine promise, for all souls.

Bring the altar here with the elements for the Consecration of the Eucharist.

Friar Zeferias. 

Consecrating this Eucharist in My Presence, pray for all the priests of the world, so that the Kingdom of God in them may manifest always.

Friar Zeferias: On that night, when Our Lord celebrated the Last Supper with His disciples and apostles, He took the bread and elevated it to the Heavens, giving thanks to God for the sacrifice He would live for all of us, and the Eternal Father blessed the bread, transforming it into the Body of Christ. Jesus then broke the bread and gave it to His disciples, saying to them: "Take and all eat of it, for this is My Body, which will be given up for you."

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You. Amen.

In the same way, Jesus took the Chalice in His Hands and raised it to the Heavens, and then passed it on to His disciples, saying to them: "Take and all drink of it, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the new and eternal Covenant, which will be poured out for you, for your salvation, redemption and remission of all faults. Do this in remembrance of Me until the end of times, when I am to return to this world."

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You. Amen.

Let us all together speak the prayer that the Lord taught us, uniting with this holy Communion with His Body and His Blood.

Our Father (in Portuguese)

Behold, here is the Body and the Blood of Christ, the Lamb of God, that removes the sins from the world.

Blessed are they who are part of this Supper of the Lord, because death will no longer touch them and they will know eternal life. Amen.

May the Peace and the Mercy of Christ descend to Earth!

Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof,
but only say the word and I shall be healed.

We sound the bell three times, announcing the spiritual Communion of all souls with Christ.

Let the Eucharist be your sustenance and remind you, every day, of the true reason for your existence. In this way, children, the triumph of God will manifest in your lives.

Remember My words and all I have told you throughout the course of these years, and remember to find Me within you. I will be with you all the time. Receive My blessing and My peace, which will resonate within you throughout the centuries and into eternity.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

And to bid farewell, you will sing a song that will remind you that you must continue to sow love and the good within humanity.

Do not forget that I once requested that you never remain with resentment in your hearts, but that you forgive each other, be reconciled with each other, serve one another and let the world know the freedom that lies within asking for forgiveness, and loving one another as God loves you, so that peace may reign in all nations, so that good may reign in all families, and so that the Heart of God may triumph in all His children.

You will end this day by celebrating and sowing love in all of humanity, in all the Kingdoms and in the whole planet. I thank you.


Sister Lucía de Jesús: Let us sing in Spanish, "Sowing Love in Humanity."

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Light of the powerful White Mountain will congregate and gather all the Masters of the past, all those who have participated in the Conclave of the Hierarchy throughout times.

Their Presence will be visible, but the majority will not be able to reach Them, because They will be under a certain mission and task, under a certain purpose and request for the Creator.

And, thus, the treasuries of the inner Retreats of the Earth will open, and not only will the light of each one of them be seen, but so will the most sacred relics from when this planet began, as a creation, and as a genetic project. From them, a stronger and more powerful light will arrive, because the great sign of the White Light of the Mountain will bring with it many revelations and the mysteries will be unveiled.

Everything will become visible to all, but no one will be able to violate these treasures and relics, because a powerful and invisible energy will protect them.

In this way, the Masters will come from very far places of the planet. Some will descend from the Himalayas, others will come from the Andes, and some will come from here, and silence will show the truth.

The Heart of God will be touched at this moment, because the Masters of the past, the Masters of Light, the instructors of the planet and of humanity will prepare the Return of Christ, and this will be the great compensation and inner sustenance for My Church.

All that is written in the Universe throughout the stars will be shown. And that which is written in the Universe will descend to the planet, like something very similar to the comets, to the shooting stars that illuminate the firmament at night.

Those who aspired for so long to ascend to the mountains to find their inner world will find it after having struggled for many centuries against themselves, to transmute their desires, their temptations, their duality, their imperfection.

In this hour the Sacred Chalice, the Holy Grail, will emerge, just as it was once here, in this Sacred White Mountain.

Again, the table of redemption will be prepared.

The tribes will also arrive, just as Israel arrived after it was liberated from the slavery of Egypt. But the people of Israel, the ancient people, will no longer take 40 years to find me, to find the Second Person of God, the Son, but rather they will know the path because the Masters will be their very stars that will indicate upon the firmament, just as it was in Bethlehem, the coming of the Messiah, the Savior and Redeemer.

There will no longer be any consciousness upon the Surface of the Earth, a nation, any human power or any person that can hide from what will happen because all this movement and this event will be through the greater impulse of Cosmic Love, which has created you in the image and likeness of the Father to be able to fulfill, in this material and spiritual plane, His Designs and Wills.

The winter will pass, the dark night will end, because the powerful light of the inner Retreats will bring the new, that which no one has been able to see since this planet and this genetic project began.

And, at last, before the Son of God arrives, the Confraternity will gather. From their essences will shine the great stars of their origins.

The faces of the just will no longer cry for lamentations and guilt, but rather they will rejoice. The cry will be of joy, of rejoicing and bliss, because the Holy Grail will be there, resplendent, on top of the White Mountain.

And the synthesis and the legacy of all the love lived by Christ, your Master and Lord, will open the great portal between Heaven and Earth, for the glorious and victorious descent of the Son of God.

The great Light of the White Mountain will be the one that will open the door to the new time. But, afterward, many signs will be shown, even though the planet and its humanity may be touched, stirred or disturbed.

Those who were assigned to fulfill a task and a mission in these times will be consciously called and the Eternal Father will no longer have to wait until His children awaken and become aware of the truth.

Just as I speak to you today, from the top of the White Mountain, so will that event be, but even more striking and revealing.

The Masters of the mountains who will descend from the Himalayas, from the Andes, and who will emerge from the inner Retreats of the planet, will bring with them their entire legacy and all learnings, and, above all, the experience of Christic Love, lived as great universal and cosmic consciousnesses.

No one will be able to say that this will not be true, because God needs it this way and determines it for the construction and the advent of the new race, which will no longer violate nor outrage the laws, the principles or the attributes that are a part of a Higher Will and a Design that comes to the world and to your consciousnesses in order to elevate them toward the Higher Purpose.

Meanwhile, and when all this happens, the Woman Clothed with the Sun will also come after Her Son, and those who did not believe in Her will see Her in glory, just as She ascended to the Heavens, surrounded by angels and stars.

Her great Universes will be shown, Her Faces will be revealed, and in the end She will show the last path along which to return to the Father, to be in communion with His Spirit and with His Consciousness, for all eternity.

Suffering will no longer be the cause of all evils and anguishes, of so many sorrows and tests, because in this hour, My enemy will be defeated, and his head will be under My Feet.

I, Myself, and the Archangel Gabriel will redeem him, and all his fallen armies that sentenced all the civilizations and peoples of the planet and of the Universe throughout the times. And, thus, Creation will be recreated and everything will again have a meaning for God.

A great many, indeed many souls will recognize their mistakes. But the Light of Divine Mercy will come as the last lifeline at the moment of the great universal Judgment. 

At that hour, all will be defined. This is why I prepare you with these announcements and words, because you must not forget them. There will no longer be another moment when I can repeat and announce them, as I do today, on this day.

Because when all this happens, you, as a part of the extension of My Will and of My Work upon the planet, will understand the meaning of all that you have done, of all that you have lived and experienced, of all I have asked you to faithfully fulfill.

In this way all will begin again, and souls will rejoice, they will no longer lose the path nor the meaning of their existences because, when the King returns through the powerful Light of the White Mountain, at that moment, all will be accomplished, and the new scriptures will be fulfilled.

The Bible will be renewed and restored from the outrage that humans have made towards it, because a new history will be written, not only in the Heart of the Father, but also in the heart of His children.

The cycles will close when the inner Retreats become visible, and, everything, absolutely everything, without much time left, will begin from scratch.

Be ready for this moment, be conscious of what I tell you.

Spread My Words throughout the world, because as they are the last, they are the most revealing.  There is a part of these signs that you must understand for yourselves, in attunement and love with Me. In this way, you will keep growing in love and truth, in justice and in service for all those who do not do so, and who, someday, in the next time and in the next world, must do so.

God created His children for them to serve one another, to love one another, to grow together and in unity.

Keep praying for your Master to be able to continue speaking and announcing the Word, which is no longer His own, but is the Word of God, which comes from His Source, and, above all, from His Love.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.




The Light of the Return will come from the heights of the White Mountain, and the Americas will be blessed by a Grace of liberation and peace.

That Light will then descend from the White Mountain, but it will remain within it for three days until the majority of people will have seen it and recognized it.

They will give it many names and causes, but only a few will recognize what it is.

Nobody will be able to draw close to that Light, because it will be so strong that it will dazzle the curious and the opponents.

It will bring Grace and wellbeing to the oppressed and many, indeed many will recognize their infidelity to God too late.

Those who repent in time will be touched by the Grace and wisdom of that Light, and everything will begin again.

Nobody will be able to hide that Light which will come from the Mountain, for it will not be material, although everybody will see it with their physical eyes, it will be a more impactful and revealing Light than the Star of Bethlehem. It will shine more than the Sacred Mantle of the Virgin of Guadalupe. It will have more power than all nations, which believe themselves to be powerful.

That Light will come for the just, for those who asked for Mercy, for the unfortunate, for those who cry out for peace and freedom.

And, at last, that Light will descend, and everything will be revealed. The White Mountain will be the witness of this entire occurrence.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

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